Success/Success Mindset


The problem is, you’re trying to succeed by doing, not just doing in a general sense, but doing it right, getting it right, building it right, doing a good JOB.

It makes sense, right?

If you were the ‘good girl or boy’ at school, and you grew up striving to do the most, be the best, get it RIGHT, then you’re simply following that pattern.

“If I do a good job and get it right I’ll get a gold star and an A+ and everybody will love me!”

If on the other hand you grew up flaking the fuck out or perhaps simply not able to GET the ways of the world and fit in, then there’s that unconscious part of you now which wants to GET ITS SHIT TOGETHER, and finally prove something:

“I CAN do a good job, I AM an organised and responsible and worthy person, just wait, I’ll show you!”

Regardless of which side you veer more into, and for me, actually I’ve been both, depending on the age or the situation, either way you’re missing one vital thing, something which they just didn’t really TELL us growing up, and which they still don’t NOW.

The way to get it right, do it right, get the best outcome and also to BE the best (you) is to follow your HEART.

Of course that’s actually completely fucking inaccurate, isn’t it?

At least, as far as how to succeed in SCHOOL; the way most of us went through it, and then also as far as how to succeed in the workplace, or college, or even, for the VERY most part, as an entrepreneur!

Just look around …

The way of the world, yes even THIS world, where people talk of ‘life on your terms’, and ‘doing it your way’, and ‘fuck yes or nothing!’, is STILL based on the premise that there’s a right way –

A wrong way –

And this is how to show up if you WANT that gold star.

But perhaps you think you’ve broken free of that! You know you get to be fully you! You are ready and willing to WAGE WAR ON NORMALCY and by golly you’re DOING it. You EVEN SOMETIMES SAY SHIT THAT OTHER PEOPLE WOULD NOT LIKE!

The audACITY of it all!

Well, awesome. A beautiful start. A beautiful first STEP, into the world of YOU GET TO DO WHAT YOU FUCKING WANT –


And always!

An initial FORAY into living according to the truth, and the truth of course is this:

When you say yes to your soul?

Life says yes to you.

But let me ask you a question, or maybe 20 of them, we’ll just see what comes OUT – !

And I ask because I know this was me, for so long, still is, at times, for sure, and the EXHAUSTION of it … not to mention that it doesn’t fucking WORK … is just horrific.

Do you or do you not still believe that there is a way you need to DO things in order to sell?
How about launch?
What about build a FUNNEL, hmm?
How ’bout if you want to get featured in big-time media?
What about finding great staff, and also managing them?
How about how you have to interact with clients, or what you need to offer or deliver, either in your 1:1 or your group programs?
How about for tech stuff, and your online presence in general?

What about in LIFE?

Do you or do you not still believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to interact with the opposite sex, so that you get attention, get heard, CATCH one?
How about to take care of your health and fitness?
What about to be a good parent?
How about to be supported vs have to do everything yourself in your home or just personal life admin?
What about for how family relationships should look?
How you should eat?
How to speak to people in official positions?
How to present yourself in social situations?
How to think?
How to BREATHE?!


Look, I’m not trying to go through every bit of your business and life and find holes, all I’m asking is this:

Is there or is there not any place where you are still choosing to believe that YOU HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH HOOPS IN ORDER TO GET WHAT YOU WANT?

You KNOW there is, of course there is, we all do it, yes even me! But I gotta tell you –

I have stripped that shit so far back at this point that I have to think REALLY hard to find a single area where I’m still playing by the rules.

And when I notice it and finally ACKNOWLEDGE it to myself (which can take a while, I admit, depending on how high my fear is around that thing!), well –

I stamp it the fuck OUT.

The best example is to do with how to communicate with men. GOD – I found myself ACTUALLY STARTING TO FUCKING BELIEVE I should follow things that dating and relationship coaches say on their YT videos or whatever about the CORRECT way to speak to men.

“Don’t say that, you’ll scare him off!”

“Say this, that’s what men respond to”



I almost believed it because, well, I’ve come out of two failed marriages now. I have no idea what I’m doing! I’m all messed up! I’m not connected to my feminine properly. I don’t understand men. Etc!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah SO much noise. Wanna know how I know exactly what to say, always and actually CAN’T get it wrong?

Because I have a belief system that I can’t screw up ANY area of my life, when I just follow what’s INSIDE of me; it’s just about listening in, and doing what I’m guided to, no matter what, no matter how illogical, no matter how scary.

And whatever the outcome is, it’s exactly as it was meant to be …

And even if I DO take action not from the gut (’cause, fear AF sometimes), then THAT is exactly what it’s meant to be …

But to follow a process, a plan, some rules, which doesn’t FEEL right? Well, even if I got the supposed OUTCOME, what the fuck foundation is it based on?

No no no no NO! That is NOT how I want to do any PART of life.

It’s also, incidentally, not how I do ANY part of business.

I do what I want.
In ALL of the above areas, and more besides.


Does it get messy, chaotic, do I break rules constantly, do I sometimes get knocked back for not DOING it right? Of course!

Does it ALWAYS FUCKING WORK ’cause I’m following my soul? Of course!

Does ‘it working’ sometimes look different to what I thought I wanted or needed? Of course!

And here is what all of this comes down to, REALLY –

How do you want to fucking LIVE? You wanna buy into a belief system that there’s a right and a wrong way and for your you gotta watch out for that? You wanna live in a world where what you achieve or become or have is based on you going against your own CORE?

Good fucking luck.
Best wishes to you.

Let me tell you something:

If your shit ain’t working
Ain’t selling
People ain’t listening
Don’t want you
You don’t feel HAPPY
It feels like you’re pushing shit up a hill
It’s like pulling TEETH
Even when you DO get a ‘result’ you can’t enjoy it

You’re doing it wrong

THAT is how to know

Enough with the nonsense that a single other person could know better than YOU what is right for you, your business, your body, your life.

Give in to TRUST.
Give in to FAITH.
Give in to FLOW.

Connect to your fucking HEART.

And then?

Do what it tells you.