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Success Mindset


If you want to raise your income, fast, and not only that but also your actual WEALTH, for real, then the most effective thing you can do?

Raise your fucking vibe.

When I look back at all the years I’ve been in business, and I think about the periods where money was coming in consistently, day by day, and also growing steadily, sure, it WAS when I was doing the work. I had my routine ON, and shit was getting done.

Message, content, value, SELL, that’s it in a nutshell! And always of course the inner work and the fitness in and around all of that.

Honestly, the things I DO haven’t really changed over the years. When I was making 3k a month and when I was making 300k a month and even now beyond that it REALLY still all just comes down to these few things on repeat.

But here’s the deal –

YES you can ‘get there’, start to make money and then pick that shit up, build a business, a brand, and even a life by consistently getting yo shit DONE, but what if there was a way to make it next level MAGICAL?

I look back and see that because of CONSISTENCY I started to consistently make money and GROW that money, but I also look back and note with interest the periods when money just seemed to FLY in, appear in absolute waves, and in large amounts that made no sense, and where I truly had the feeling that I had the Midas touch.

These are the periods which I’d describe as being in the zone … in TOTAL flow … and most of all? Where I knew that I was creating the results from IN me, and that I was IN abundance.

If you think about abundance – and I hope that you do! – then you’ll know that abundance isn’t something you DO. It’s also not something you GET. It’s something you’re either IN, or, well, not.

Think of it like jumping into a river. A big ass money river! Even if you GOT the river, like somebody appointed it to you or something, that doesn’t mean you’re in it. And you can stand near the river or talk about the river or paint the damn river all day long if you like, you still ain’t in it and you still ain’t getting wet.

If you’re not in the abundance river, you’re not IN it, and you ain’t getting paid or RECEIVING. You might be getting 1% of what’s available to you, probably a helluva lot less though. Maybe 0.001%!


lol. I got carried away. But YES – and let’s talk how:

You’ll receive, as much as you like, when you jump in, plain and simple. Get it? Got it? Good!

And then the shit that you DO – i.e. message, value, content, sell, etc, in ALIGNMENT and from flow, is what actually sets your direction and even is what CREATES the landscape of the river ahead of you in a way.

The point of all of which is to say, if you’re serious about true wealth, then you want to be addressing BOTH areas:

Be IN abundance.
And do the fucking work.

The COOL thing is, that when you’re IN abundance and in alignment with who you’re meant to BE, as a creator | messenger | leader | artist | etc, then you will AUTOMATICALLY wanna do the work, because it’s who you ARE, to create, to unleash, to show up, to message, to sell.

It just kinda HAPPENS, even though sure, you may need to learn the basics first or actively create a habit / get over resistance / etc.

But really – for me and also for anyone who was truly born to create and lead and shine, the ‘hustle’ or ‘do’ is an outcome of being who you’re meant to be. This is why I roll my eyes at people who talk against the hustle, they don’t get that hustle isn’t something you think you HAVE to do, hustle is doing what you are CALLED to do, and the purpose of doing it is NOT in fact ‘to make money’ or to achieve anything else, but instead, because it’s the best fucking thing ever to DO.

Of course you could say that DOING that stuff, consistently, as I talked about earlier, IS what gets a result, but I’d argue that that’s a product of mindset. Technically though, sure, of course – even without any sort of abundance vibe doing the do WILL still move you forward in some sort of a way.

But let’s come back to that whole abundance vibe thing, yeah? The FLOW shit, the times when something just clicks and everything works! These are the times when you truly feel UNSTOPPABLE. Your confidence is next level, and you just KNOW what to do and how to move, it’s like all of life is a dance and you’re just floating your way through it, doing what you can’t NOT, being fully you, receiving on REPEAT.

HOOOOWWWWWWW do you switch from JUST doing what you gotta do or even WANT to do each day, being consistent about how you’re showing up, to being in that flow zone where it’s just working?

And the answer is simple:


You wouldn’t ask HOW you get in a fucking river, would you? I mean, even if there was a rocky or steep cliff-face to get in there, the how is clear:

Get the fuck in.
Jump, leap, walk, whatever!

But – maybe you’re scared! Maybe it DOES look too tricky to get in! Maybe it looks fucking FREEZING! Maybe you just wanna sit on the side and tan, but you’re torn because you also want to be in! What to do what to do what to DO?

Well, long story short, you gotta find a way to make it just normal, automatic, how it IS, that you’re in the damn river every damn day, and swimming around blissfully like a happy little mermaid!

To make THIS happen, what I would be doing if I were you, is some sort of mix of the following:

1) Recognise the river is ALWAYS THERE for you. No fear, it’s not going anywhere! You can GET IN ANYTIME!

2) Surround yourself with people who regularly hang out in rivers. Their river vibe will rub off on you and before you know it you’ll be the first one in each day! You’ll stop seeing it as weird or scary, ’cause EVERYBODY’S DOING IT! Hint: you can apply this tactic to tribe growth if you like.

3) Decide and commit. Do you WANT to get in the God damn river or not? Stop being so wishy-washy about it! You wanna be a mermaid, yes or no? I may be mixing my water analogies here, but you get the point. Decide, and then COMMIT – it IS going to happen!

4) When the moment comes, at least for the first few times, you may have to psych yourself into it. Get amped up! Do a dance! ROAR! YOU CAN GET IN THE RIVER, YOU’VE GOT THIS! Psych psych psych, feel the fear, then do it anyway and JUMP! You’re now so FREE!

5) Speaking of free – and this bit is probably MOST relevant here to why people don’t allow flowy good times in the river … aka abundance … accept that you WILL have to let go. You will have to be PART of the flow. This means – you literally can’t try and hold up every particle of the environment around you AND also expect to flow. Give in to what is coming naturally WHILE also realising that ultimately you will always go wherever you’re looking and that of course you can direct the COURSE of flow.

And look, if all of this feels too much too soon, then sure, you can first hang OUT at rivers all the time, spend a lot of time talking about it or listening to other people’s stories of what it’s like, you could even paint pictures of it and hang them everywhere, like river affirmation boards, but at some point?

You are gonna have to get in if you want to be, well, in.

And if you’re wondering where the fuck the ‘actual’ river of abundance is then, because God damn it, you’re ready to jump in and if only I’d give you REAL WORLD ANALOGIES then you COULD, then shut up and listen:

It’s IN you.

And how you get in? You decide. You decide, in this moment, to be IN abundance. You state it and claim it. You repeat that DAILY, ’cause one thing with THIS river is that if it recognises you’re not acting (thinking, showing up) like you ARE in it then it’ll spit you out automatically. And then meanwhile, WHEN in, you act like you fucking know you’re in.

You consciously CHOOSE to think in abundance.
Practice that shit.
Figure it OUT.
Be COMMITTED, and consistent.
You CHOOSE your beliefs.
You reinforce them ’til you no longer have to.
And as for action, and how you actually show up?
Exactly as you would if you were in the river, had the thoughts, had the beliefs.

Still not sure how it’s gonna feel, what you’d be thinking or feeling or believing or DOING in the damn river?

Well that’s kinda my point …

Quit standing on the edge and trying to figure it out.

And then float, swim, play, BE, WHILE ACTUALLY IN.

This sidelines shit is getting old.

And sooner or later it’s gonna look like that’s where you plan on staying.

LEAP, baby.

The inner you already knows exactly what to do.


Life is Now. Press Play.



I’ve got you!


**** Places are filling FAST now! We start next week! ****

4 weeks.
You and me.
1:1 at the level of access that normally only my Inner Circle private clients have to me.

An opportunity to go deep, commit fully, get the fuck out of your own way, and BECOME THE MOTHERFUCKING NEXT LEVEL YOU now.

Every week people reach out to me about working with me in my Inner Circle. They’ve seen the success stories, the incomes that shoot into the tens of thousands per month, even 6-figures+ per month within months of working with me, and they know that they TOO are meant to play at this level.

But they’re not QUITE ready to make that longer-term commitment leap yet.

Which – contrary to what a lot of people think – I get. That teetering on the edge stage is freaking scary!!

And I want to help you leap.

So that’s why, for the first time ever, I’m opening up no-strings-attached and no holds barred, COMPLETELY tailored just-for-you 1:1 mentoring, an experience of what it’s like being in the Inner Circle, for 4 weeks of ALL IN dream life creation.

There are limited places of course …

And it HAS to be a hell yes fit for both of us, where you’re ready to hit the ground RUNNING.

Because in 4 weeks we will strip you back to the core and get clear on what’s been STOPPING you, understand and fully release it, and energetically align you to being the NEW you, the one who is DOING what she needs to be doing and SEEING RESULTS SHOW UP FASTER THAN SHE EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE.

If you’ve been waifting for your chance to work with me at this level, knowing the Inner Circle is ‘next’ but feeling like it’s a lot further away still than what you’d like, then this is your chance 🙂

What we’ll be working on together:

* Identifying and releasing your unconscious success blocks – these are the often deeply hidden reasons you just don’t get your ass in gear no matter how many promises you make to yourself. With success blocks, even when you DO notice them and they’re not so hidden (such as sabotages) you seem to not be able to stop getting stuck in them. You despair as to why you can’t seem to grow up, get sorted, or just get over yourself. Well – there is a reason. There’s ALWAYS a reason. And we will find it and we WILL release it!

* Understanding sabotage and self-destruction – speaking of success blocks! This is about getting to the core of how your sabotages and destructive behaviours serve you, protect you, keep you feeling ‘safe’. This is one of my specialty areas, and one I deeply understand! I promise you that when you understanding the WHY behind your sabotages and self-destructive behaviours or even just ‘time-suck’ habits, you’ll be able to FINALLY move on from them once and for all.

* PURPOSE and mission clarity. No more walking around feeling frustrated and stuck because you ‘can’t quite put your finger on’ exactly what you want your life to be about. I’ll show you how to RAPIDLY get clear – crystal fucking clear – on what you’re here for. What you want. What your BIG vision is. And how to bring it to life … FAST.

* Future creation in the now. Learn how to clearly see the future you desire and bring it into the NOW, simultaneously elevating your SELF into that next level you by learning to act FROM where you’re meant to be.

* Permission. We’re going to do MASSIVE work on permission, and ownership, because I’ve seen that time and again these are the two things which MOST hold powerful leaders and creators back from bringing their dream life TO life. I’ll teach you exactly how to give yourself immediate permission to live the life you know you’re meant to be living and to take ownership over even your wildest dreams, and then see them start to come to life NOW.

* Money blocks. Plain and simple we’re going to bootcamp your money mindset once and for all and get YOU into being wealthy, abundant, able to receive with ease and from flow, NOW. I was 100k in debt and drowning in an inability to hold onto money no matter how much I made because of what I didn’t understand which I NOW DO. I can’t wait to share this with you. This shit is CRITICAL!!!

* Full-life alignment. One of the things I see with my most successful clients is that they understand that every area of life relates to every area of life. This is why over 50% of my 1:1 conversations are typically NOT about business. The work I do with my clients is about total life transformation … not just because that’s awesome, but because it’s REQUIRED. All areas get to rise together, and the more we can tune in to the small things which are ‘not quite right’ (or not at all right!) the more we can shift you into BEING a person who ALWAYYYSSSS gets what she desires and needs. So yes, we’re gonna look at all the things. Biz and money, fitness and health, love and romance, all relationships, environment, fun and adventure, more. Success is about creating your entire LIFE on purpose, and loving every bit of that life. That’s where it gets to be easy … and FLOW.

* Dream biz + life design. We’re going to map out exactly what you really want. And we’re going to motherfreakin’ create it. Next level AF gorgeous. AND? Exactly what needs to go down each day for that to happen. Aka your personalised NEXT LEVEL success plan.

*** How this Will Work! ***

Weekly deep dive audio trainings covering the above topics + a ton more.
Weekly group-based hotseats with my other private clients.
Bi-weekly 1:1 call you and me, going deep into whatever YOU need.
Unlimited 1:1 audio + messenger access for daily downloads, check-ins, emergency smackdowns, alignment tune-ups, you name it!


You’ll also receive the audios from my $6000 high-level mentoring “Success Mindset Apprenticeship”. This was one of the most successful and transformative 1:1 intensives I ran in 2016 and my students were BLOWN AWAY at the content. I actually thought about running it again live as it was that freakin’ good, but I knew I got to actually create something entirely new with what we’re doing here, BUT I still wanna give you these trainings!

These are 5 full-length deep-dive audio trainings + accompanying action tasks and journaling work on:

Week 1: Life Appraisal

Week 2: Absolute Commitment


Week 4: Managing and EXPLODING Being the Best Version of You

Week 5: Simple Biz Success, + What’s It Going to Take From Here?

PLUS: My “Self-Belief” Meditation and Guidance; powerful and critical to get you into NOW being that person who does the work!

AND: “Flipping Negativity” bonus training for you for when you have a meltdown and or are just STUCK!

There will most certainly be ADDITIONAL bonuses heading your way as well … I don’t know what they are yet! They’ll be downloaded to me as we go 🙂… and based on whatever I see you need.

My intention with this is that you GO next level motherfucking you, so my commitment and promise to you is that whatever you need from me along the way, I’ll create for you and / or dive into WITH you, 1:1.

We start NEXT MONDAY October 30, and places are strictly limited, due to the high level of 1:1 time with me. So if it’s speaking to you then I encourage you to act on that. I truly love and adore and also BELIEVE IN all my clients, and if this is a fit for us then know that I can’t wait to support you to get to where you want to be. It’s so possible gorgeous!!

*** How to Apply / Investment Options ***

PM me now and tell me why this is speaking to you. Let’s GO beautiful. This is what you’ve been waiting for. And I can’t wait to work with you at this level. Let’s get you SOAKING in abundance baby! #nextlevelstyle



THIS one is gonna go down as THE most rocket-fuel-up-your-ass WAKE you up shis ever!!

SO good!

An 11 Day Immersion.

With Me, Katrina Ruth.

To Return You to The Deepest Power and Magic Of Your Soul,

From Whence You Shall TRANSFIX The World,

As You Release ALL Strategy …





The Way It Was Always Meant To Be!

Just wait till you see what THIS is about!!

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