Discipline & Flow, Purpose


So I’m driving to the gym this morning, pumping Eminem “Till I Collapse”, which is by the way my favourite song EVER, of ALL time, and I listen to it as much as 10x a day on repeat … I’m listening to it right now, as I sit here writing from the Mercedes Benz dealership cafe while my car gets VIFPd up … anyway this morning I’m just cruising along thinking about my workout and the day ahead, and all of a sudden it HIT me!

Holy shit!


THIS is why you’re not making the MONEY you should be yet!

And it was so obvious, so perfect, so OMFG YES that I nearly had to pull over right then and there and livestream about it, except, well, my legs and abs needed to get their asses worked out, and besides which it was kind of a main road and it wouldn’t have been safe to just stop suddenly.

Fast forward 3 hours and several espresso shots later, not to mention a 2-hour long 8-figure biz VISIONING call with my right-hand, my brother and COO Ash, and the PRESSING NEED to talk about this is still with me. So I guess we’d better talk about it!!

But first, truth talk.

ONCE A-FUCKING-GAIN I’ve had to acknowledge that I’ve not been being completely honest with you about what I’m here to do, and how I can most help.

Which is to say that ONCE A-FUCKING-GAIN I’ve had to look MYSELF in the metaphorical eye (or even the actual one … both of ’em!) and acknowledge that I’ve not been being completely honest with ME about what I’m here to do and how I can most help.

Never mind woman-ing up and DOING it …!

And look.
I know.
For me.
AND for you.
That the process of OWNING our true work and then also doing it is a never-fucking ending one.

It’s not like we DELIBERATELY play small or hide out or shirk from pursuing our TRUE purpose work, or the way we’re supposed to do it. God knows I certainly get some shit DONE, and have certainly DONE it from alignment and purpose and it’s all (I believe, always) been exactly as it was always MEANT to be.

So it’s not that I did anything WRONG …

And nor am I suggesting that you have EITHER.

It’s just that, well, you know –

As soon as you DO know you’re meant to be doing something bigger, something bolder, something deeper, something SCARIER, something more OMFG yes, then, well –

You kinda have to admit it.
And then?
You kinda have to do it.

I know! God damn it! If only we could just fucking GET there, and be DONE … get the whole freakin’ thing just set up and working and then go, well –


Chill somewhere for the rest of our lives? I DON’T THINK SO!! That was never the end goal ANYWAY … we were BORN to create, to strive, to push, to want more, to chase it, to go get it, to LIVE it.

We were BORN for the PUSH and the EXCRUCIATINGLY BEAUTIFUL experience of being CONTINUALLY human and living like we actually mean it.

Which is to say?

You’ll never be done.
(Me either).
Just when you think you’ve figured it out, and you’re on the right path, and it’s all coming together JUST so, if you’re ACTUALLY a tuned-in fucking being who knows what it means to BE a creator and to press play, then the floor will drop away beneath you, a whole new world will be opened to you, and once again, there you’ll be.

Teetering on the edge.

Wondering if you DARE to leap.

(Of course you’ll fucking leap!)

So the whole HOLY SHIT thing, the ‘breakthrough fucking moment’, the REVELATION I had this morning where I truly felt like oh my GOD, how have I not realised this before, for me OR you, was, whilst certainly VERY FUCKING RELEVANT and on POINT, also, really –

Nothing new.

Of COURSE there are deeper levels of truth to go to. Of COURSE we’re still not all in. Of COURSE there’s areas where we are playing small.

And so on.
And so forth.
And so it GOES, and always WILL.

But still.

(And here is where I finally get to the point).


Just maybe.

YOU ALREADY FUCKING KNOW that you’re not owning your true power and gifts and work you’re meant to DO.



You’ve been walking ’round for a while now. KNOWING that there’s a so much deeper level to go to. Knowing you’re AVOIDING the content or the message or the mode of delivery or the entire freaking point of the entire freaking thing.

And maybe.


The REASON you haven’t been able to make the MO-NEY you want yet has jack.fucking.shit. to whether or not you’re ‘showing up’, putting the work in, DOING things, and instead it has EVERY fucking thing to do with the fact that you’re not showing up for the REAL STUFF.

You’re hiding from your true message.
Or your true talent.
You’re showing people a SHADOW version of you, of your truth, of your gifts, or else you’re just flat out not giving yourself permission to create the success you actually DESIRE.

On your terms.
The way your heart CRAVES.
The way you really really REALLY want, where it would be so damn good you wouldn’t even BELIEVE life could BE this could, but just IMAGINE!

But, well –

Just imagine.
Imagine if you actually admitted what you really want your business and life and ‘brand you’ to be about.

Just imagine!
Imagine if you actually faced into the REAL vision which is inside!
For your fame.
Your fortune.
Your calling.
And even –
(Scariest of now)
Your life.

Wanna know the holy shit moment?

It’s when you realise that you already know the next level of the vision of YOU, but you realise you’re still tryna press play on the old one.


You’ll never make the money you want – OR the real difference or impact –
If you believe in a purpose-driven life, and that WHATEVER you dream of can become true
But yet you’re giving your time and energy to something that is NOT that true vision.

Here’s what they don’t TELL you, when you first set out to build a business, hit your goals, get known, or get paid:

The ground never stops falling away beneath you.
YOU’LL NEVER BE DONE, because if you’re DOING it – life! – right then there should always BE a next level to go to.

All you gotta do …?

Put on your tunes, be God damn honest with yourself about what you see inside of you, and then do what it TAKES.

And I know –

“‘Cause sometimes you just feel tired.
You feel weak.
And when you feel weak.
You feel like you wanna just –
Give up.
But you gotta search the new you.

Gotta find that inner strength, and just pull that shit outta you.

And get that motivation to NOT give up, and NOT be a quitter, no matter how bad you just wanna fall on your face.

And collapse”.