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A True Story of What it Took to Build a 7-Figure Online Business and Live the “Laptop Freedom Life” {Part 1: Stop MYSTIFYING High Income Goals!}

The stories are real.

Want the million dollar plus biz living on the beach with a hot body hot life and doing what you love while making an incredible impact?

You can have it.

Let’s talk how …

Out of everything I’ve learned about success, about making money online, about what is worth investing your time, your energy, your funds, your emotion into when it comes to learning and growth, one thing stands out above ALL.

This is the ‘one thing’ that, if you were to ask me, I’d say is the ‘secret’, the ‘key’, yes even the magic silver BULLET that will GUARANTEE you get to where you want to go.

Whether your goal is to reach that elusive 6, multi-6, 7 or perhaps even multi-7 figure income mark…

Whether it’s to be famous in your industry and truly DOMINATE via your brand …

Whether it’s to be able to sit naked on a Parisian rooftop while strumming a ukulele and being paid to upload those sweet tunes for your followers to enjoy …

Whatever your dream is and no matter how far away or ‘impossible’ it may right now seem, if you just do THIS?

It’ll come to life.

So what’s the one thing, what’s the secret, what’s the ONLY thing I would at all concern myself with if I were to have it all stripped away and have to start again right now?

Before I can explain that properly I need to give you a little context. A little story, a true story, of what it took me to build a 7-figure online business and live MY dream life which is the freedom-based laptop life, currently location free and traveling non-stop in fairly fine style and all the while having a rolling good time doing what I love, making great money from it but better still being able to have an incredible IMPACT from doing so.

And as with any good true story? This one got really messy before it got really good. In fact I’d say it’s probably only BECAUSE of the mess that I was able to learn what it actually took to reach my dreams, and am now able to understand what it CONTINUES to take.

Oh yeah … in case I forget to mention this later, just so you know even though I’ve in many ways reached my previous dreams the pursuit of, well, pursuit if nothing else, never ends. You’re never there and that’s okay!

One more thing I want to say before I really begin here:

The reason I’m writing this today is I’m noticing a trend of up and coming entrepreneurs and even some established ones who are actively talking DOWN those of us who are public about making 6 or 7-figures and also public about wanting to help others reach their financial dreams and desires.

This has to stop, of course it won’t stop, but if I can in any way contribute to people getting-the-fuck-over it being somehow ‘wrong’ to share what you’ve achieved and how you want to help others achieve their dreams, then I will.

Because here’s the thing that we all need to wake up and realise about ‘having it all’, or indeed about reaching any sort of so-called pinnacle of success:

Whether it’s making a certain amount of money …

Getting to a particularly HOT physical level of fitness …

Finding your dream relationship where you really do feel so blessed …

Living location free and doing the laptop on the beach thing …

Or whatever it is that YOU would consider an incredible accomplishment and indicative of ‘living your dreams’ –

It’s just a goal.

You set goals all the time.

We all do.

And whatever your or my big lofty ‘impossible’ dream might be, no matter how ludicrously over the top it might seem right now, that dream, that OH so far away dream is somebody else’s normal.

It’s just how they live, who they are, what they have and what they CONTINUE to have because it IS normal for them and therefore expected and therefore why would they NOT have it?

People who are long-time fitness people EXPECT to maintain a certain level of fitness and so they do.

People who have a certain standard of living EXPECT to maintain or better that standard and so they do – not because they’re full of themselves or because they look down on others who maintain a lower standard but just because it’s what, at some point, they decided was right for them.

And those who are making vast amounts of money online – or off – while of course they’ve gone through the trials and tribulations necessary to reach those heights, and while perhaps for a while it really did feel ‘too good to be true’, after a while it just became the base standard they expect, and also a standard they expect to IMPROVE upon and so therefore usually do.

It’s time we stop making this sort of stuff such a big deal.

Making 7-figures is no different to making 5-figures. It’s just a goal. Just a number. Either way you have to cultivate the necessary mindset to get there, and you have to do the work to get there, whilst dealing with the inevitable ups and downs you’ll face along the way.

We need to stop making it so MAGICAL, because when we carry on and make a big deal about making a certain amount of money (or reaching any ‘big’ dream), or when we point fingers at others who are out and proud about having achieved those dreams and about feeling they’ve learned things in doing so that can help others, it’s like we’re saying that reaching these goals is a BIG FUCKING DEAL and maybe not POSSIBLE.

And while I totally agree that reaching ANY goal is a big fucking deal … a big numbers goal is no bigger or fancier a goal than any other goal in life.

So let’s take the magic and the mystic out of it.

Let’s stop assuming that people who publicise their income or their hot body or their awesome relationship are in some way saying their life is better or in any way implying it wasn’t hard fucking work to get there.

Let’s ADMIT that we all have goals and dreams we’ve not yet achieved, that other people maybe just maybe HAVE achieved those dreams and that maybe they have some stuff we can learn from them.

Sure, there’s probably some smoke and mirrors out there, but in my experience there’s very little of that. I’ve not really come across it at all.

What I have come across via mentors I’ve paid, friends I’ve made, events I’ve attended and connections forged is a lot of genuine ‘real’ people who’ve achieved incredible success at an array of VERY cool stuff.

Are they walking around saying it was ‘easy’ and just happened by magic? Hell no. But does this mean they’re NOT going to talk about how fucking cool it is to have achieved that stuff, and not going to share the ways they found to MAKE it actually happen, perhaps even to do so from alignment, flow and yes even ‘doing what you love’?

Of COURSE not!

And would we really want to NOT hear those stories of inspiration and hope and success?

I LOVE hearing that stuff!

Of course I get triggered sometimes seeing what others are doing …

Of course I at times question if it’s all as good as it looks … but anyone with half a brain cell in their head knows that the getting of such success in ANY area of life required a LOT of struggle.

A lot of lessons hard learned and the rewards once earned were absolutely earned via blood sweat and tears.

What I see when I look at inspiring stories of success is people who have achieved something INCREDIBLE highlghting what IS incredible about it, because heck you get what you focus on so I know for me I’m going to focus on what I LOVE, what comes easy, what I’ve learned about creating success ‘on my terms’.

But when you speak to any of these people or you dive into their content what you learn is not only the positives about getting there but you do learn the hard fucking lessons learned. People who’ve succeeded at something, overcome something, they want to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT TOO and they want to inspire you to pick up your own baton and start taking action to do so.

They’re not going to pretend it’s easy …

They’re not going to tell you it won’t hurt …

But they’re also not going to HIDE THE AWESOME about getting there, because they’re able to look back to a time in their own life when it wasn’t working, they weren’t there, it felt so far away, and somebody someone inspired them with the POSSIBILITY of all that they could create if only they put their minds to it.

So when you look at that fit chick who flaunts her body on Facebook and judge her for doing so, just ask yourself if you actually know what she did, what it took, what’s going on in her life and if perhaps her INTENTIONS are not just to show herself off and have people pay her for being hot … maybe just maybe she has something she can share. Maybe just maybe she FOUGHT A FUCKING BATTLE and wants you to know it was WORTH it and that if she did it then so too can you.

And when you look at the 6 and 7-figure marketers who show their cool lifestyle shit off and say if I did it then so can you, then maybe take a moment and ask yourself if it’s true that these people are ‘just marketers’ who want all your money and have nothing to teach you in return.

Maybe just maybe these people have learned a thing or two …

Maybe just maybe they are still on their own race but they are in THIS particular goal area further along than you …

Maybe just maybe they are REAL FUCKING PEOPLE who if you met them at an event you’d be inspired by …

And maybe just maybe they use terms like ‘get to 6 or 7-figures’ because that is what inspired THEM once upon a time and compelled them to keep on keeping on when the going gets tough …

And maybe just maybe we can stop taking these sort of ‘big dream’ goals and ideals and building them up into something so MASSIVE that heck if somebody says they live like that they must be lying or fudging!

Maybe –

It’s actually possible –

That you could experience a NEW kind of normal in your own life –

And maybe –

It’s actually possible –

That people who are living awesome lives and have achieved awesome things are actually living awesome lives and have achieved awesome things and MAYBE they can help you …

If you let them …

And maybe we can all just take a breath (I know I need to!) and realise that any goal no matter how vast is just a goal –

It’s just a choice –

You’ll get whatever you decide to get –

And whilst it IS very cool to reach your dreams it’s also just, how it should be. It’s not fucking rocket science. Decide what you want. Set your mind to it. Do the work. Correct course along the way, ad infinitum, until you get there.

I have no idea what it will take for you to reach YOUR ultimate goals but one thing I do know for sure:

Assuming other people are making shit up about their big dream goals is not a great use of your own energy and emotion and worse than that?

It turns those big dreams into mystical made-up fantasy dreams, and it turns people who TALK about having achieved such success into ‘evil or bad people’, and why on earth would YOU ever be able to get there if you look down upon those who are proudly living there or if you view the goal itself as being such a big fucking impossible deal?


I do digress.

As I do.

I do have a story I want to share with you. To DEMYSTIFY the 7-figure dream and help you to see, as I’ve had to learn myself, that if you make it into an impossible ‘only the chosen few get there’ dream then it will always be that, but if you find a way to make it your normal?

It’ll be your normal.

So tomorrow in Part 2 I want to tell you that story.

My story, of building my business, my once was a hobby little blog to a now 7-figure and growing online company aka brand me.

Not a pretty story, no. But a pretty fucking awesome one nonetheless. And one that ultimately? You can take what you will with and use to CHOOSE what it is you want to create in your life.

And yes, I will share that ‘one main thing’ I mentioned knowing I would give my ALL to if I had to start over again.