Success follows certainty.

There’s no way around this, and you know we’re not talking about any sort of certainty outside of you.

And when it comes to business, your mindset, your expectations, and your ability to create what YOU want, in the way that feels fuck yes for YOU, the old famous (Henry Ford, I believe) quote, “whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right”, has never been more true than right now.

The online space has never been more crowded, which is not a problem at ALL if you understand that there is no competition in the niche of being YOU. Ain’t nobody out there gonna beat you at it! But just because you already won the prize of getting to live ALL of the life you see inside of you, and just because you were born with the blueprint to bring every last bit of it already printed in your soul, well –

that doesn’t mean it’s ever going to happen.

You still have to choose it, say yes to it, and then back it all the damn way home.

So when you go looking,

seeking and journeying and investigating,

into every near and far pocket of the ‘net,

for the people or things or ideas or rules that you should follow, learn from, get on board with,

because you don’t have certainty IN you and so therefore you naturally magnetize to it in somebody or something OUT of you,

understand that this means you are choosing out of your genius.

You are choosing away from your soul blueprint.

You are choosing a dialed down and greyscale version of your dream life.

Depending on how fancy your dream life is, the greyscale version may well still be pretty gee-darn amazing!

But it’s not what you came for.

The rub is –

you can’t GET what you came for without BEING the person who came for it!

You can sit and journal and research and plan all day long from a perspective of ‘I don’t know how, and I’m not sure, so therefore I must impregnate myself with someone else’s ideas and certainty’, you can then go and ACT on it, all day long like the driven badass you are, but the truth is that ALL of it could be overridden in one fell swoop if you just decided –

to be certain.

If you leaned in to statements like –

I trust in my own delusion.

I trust in the way I am lead to do it.

Whatever I DECIDE is enough is enough.

Whatever I DECIDE is done is done.

I ALWAYS get my outcomes and what I choose.

I know exactly what to sell and how to sell it.

I back my offers and my way of doing business fully.

I expect continual money flow.

I am in permission and trust with my own soul and self.




Others would scorn, or shake their heads in woe at these feel-good fluffy statements which are somehow supposed to lead you, get you places?!

THAT’S THE WHOLE MOFO POINT, ISN’T IT NOW? Since when did THEY rock out a killer job of creating YOUR dream life, and living YOUR purpose, not just the material outcomes of it but the energy and inner YES of it?!

They did never.

And these feel-good fluffy statements, well. It’s not about the words. It’s about the CHARGE.

It’s about what it does to you on a soul level. The way it flicks that energetic switch for you. And shoves you firmly back to WHERE YOU ARE MEANT TO BE.

In the damn drivers seat of being all of you. In the place where you create your LIFE from being all of you.

And that’s what it comes down to in the end, isn’t it?

Do you trust yourself to be left alone with your own life?

Do you trust that your DELUSIONS,

are your WAY?

Or will you continue to keep following rules and plans outside of you,

hoping that that will somehow mathematically add up to you being you?

A little bit of NOT you + a little bit more of NOT you, does not = all you.

It just doesn’t work that way.

Stop doing bad math with your life.

And give TF in to your delusions, LIKE YOU KNOW THEY ARE HEAVEN-SENT GOLD.

What, were you actually planning on playing your whole life external to your own soul?