>> You already know <<

Here is what all of this comes down to.

You already know.

You know everything that you are meant to do, moment by moment, and indeed you have the entire path within you RIGHT FREAKING NOW.

You were born with the blueprint.

The answer to EVERYTHING, in a nutshell, is alignment to sell and soul, and action from that place.

Soul certainty is – realising you already know, and connecting in and then acting on that feeling. Repeat repeat repeat.

How to do this?

It’s pretty simple … just give your life for it 😉

In a practical sense, what I mean by that is:

Have it at the core of you. Have the very foundation of how you’re doing business and life be God | soul | higher self | you. Or some sort of mix of that. But never – no NEVER – ‘following the rules’, of business, of your industry, of your competition, or indeed of any area of life’.

The basis HAS to be your own inner guidance, and the policy, the ‘rules’ of how YOU do, have to be based on following that inner guidance, and using it as your filter, jumping off point, compass!

How to do THAT?

Well, the great news is that once it is underway, once you have a habit of it, it really does become part of who you are. It becomes automatic, that you follow that inner guidance. You don’t even think about it, you just naturally connect in to soul and then follow it!

That’s the sweet spot. The place in which it feels EXCEPTIONALLY rare to ‘not know’, or to have to think about it or take time to tune in and ‘get’ the answer, and where you can just move effortlessly through your day and life doing what you are guided to do and trusting that it’s gonna get you to where you’re meant to go and where you decided to go!

The GETTING there, is, like anything, a practice.

It starts with a decision, which I hope you’ve already made many times over in reading this book and perhaps can make now ‘once and for all’, that you will live this way.

That, even though you can’t see the ‘how’ or know all or even nearly all or even half or maybe even a quarter of all the answers, that it MAKES SENSE TO YOU DEEP DOWN TO DO LIFE THIS WAY.

That you’ve done it another way – the NOT flow / not you way – for so long now, and that, whilst you’ve achieved a certain level of something, THIS WAS NOT WHAT LIFE WAS MEANT TO BE ABOUT.

And you’re done.

You’re done with the pushing the trying the fighting the one daying the when will I the how can I the why don’t I the FUCK THE WHOLE WORLD I JUST NEED TO BE ME.

So, you decide to leap.

You decide to take a deep breath and leap towards the life you see and feel inside of you, in all of it’s wondrous mystical scary amazing exciting glory.

And you decide to GIVE YOUR LIFE FOR THE PURSUIT OF WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT, ALIGNED, FUCK YES, YOU … even if you don’t know what ‘it’ is!

The thing is … the game-changer … it’s about deciding to do all of this for its own sake. Because you know you must. Because you can’t not. Because it is TIME. Because you are no longer willing to live a life in which you create based on anything other than what you see and feel and are being shown inside of you. However messy it may be.

DO YOU GET IT? You have to do it for its own sake. And the sake is … the living of your life.

The fact that it actual makes perfect logical sense that living this way will provide and reveal to you and also help you along the pathway to the EVERYTHING ‘tangible’ or measurable you see and decide inside of you is … a bonus.

The cherry on top.

‘Cool’ or ‘nice to have’.

Essential? Well, the old you used to think so. The old you did not understand that for as long as she strived and strived and strived to get to something she thought she had to have by operating or acting OUTSIDE OF HER she would, by definition, never be able to be there.




Amen, good night, good luck!

And that in the place of dropping deeper in to that she will, along the way, almost accidentally just wake up and ‘have the things’ she one day wanted and needed so desperately. They will be … nice to have! Fabulous, in fact! But really, nothing to do with anything as far as whether or not they are NEEDED.

Because all that was ever needed, and ever could be needed, was always about what’s inside. About deepest truth. And living in accordance to that.

So, with all of this in mind –

What OUTCOMES do you need to release, or hand over?

What do you need to commit to for life, and for its own sake?

What is it time to admit you ALREADY FREAKIN’ KNOW?

What is it time to walk away from, turn your back on?

And also, what daily practices do you perhaps need to kick your own butt around for just a little bit, in order to make all of this automatic, and inherent to who you are?

My recommendation:

Keep it as simple and as powerful as this:

Start your damn day right.

Make the foundation of your EVERYTHING, that you first connect in to God, to soul, to higher self, to inner guidance. To that intangible something which you can feel but can’t quite put your finger on. Feel whatever comes through. Sit with some thoughts. Write down others. And then choose one thing, just one, that is a practical / tangible action you can take, which ‘follows on’ from what you found by connecting in.

One thing which, as best as what you can tell right there in that moment, is an example of you following SOUL CERTAIN guidance.

Go do it.

Even if it feels messy.


Not relevant, or makes no sense.

And / or you’re not sure if you are ‘really’ hearing that.


Ask what next.

Go do that.



Of COURSE you are going to keep learning, and adding knowledge, value, wisdom, insight, experience, and more, along the way.

Of course.


You still have to be here now.

You have to be ON THE FIELD TODAY. Pressing play. And then dealing OFF the field with the things which will help you to go deeper into you, and create your business and life from that place, SEPARATELY.

You know?

You know 😉

So –

Is it time to get on the field?

Is it time to get on the damn field of your life NOW? To press play on the ‘can’t quite figure it out / don’t really know yet / what about this / what about that’ stuff that your thinking mind thinks it HAS TO KNOW AND PREPARE AND POLISH AND PRETTY UP?

Or you gon’ keep on trying to do this thing by attempting to turn to every other place but fully backing the one inside of you?

Just something to think about,