The old paradigm of Christianity is out, and in actual fact was never the original thing anyway. Cowering in shame, worry, anxiety, fear of not being perfect, or an idea that you have to prove yourself to God in order to be good enough, accepted –

These things are out.

Good bye. Good luck. Thank you. Amen.

Indeed, these things never WERE the thing. The ORIGINAL paradigm was love, God’s desire of friendship and fellowship with you, his grace, granted in sending His son to the earth, and yet STILL (Romans 8:32) offering us MORE STILL THAN THAT.

What do you think is actually too much to ask of God?


It was man, not God, who who bit by bit, taught other man – and perhaps you – that God wants you to only live in shame, in blame, in an idea that if you can’t be PERFECT, then no, you don’t get access to the Throne Room, His, nor to heaven, which was always yours, ALWAYS.

Don’t blame man. Don’t blame the church or institution or religion which hurt you.

How does it serve you to blame? Will it help you to heal, forget, move on? NO, it’s not okay that so many lies are told, so much hurt is instilled, so much FEAR LED FALSE CHRISTIANITY is passed down.

It’s an abomination, it’s heart-breaking, and it’s plain bad marketing, too.


it is also what it is.

That’s all it is.

And right now YOU have the power of choice to come to God in a new way, in a you way, in the way He always wanted you to.

And right now, in this moment, take a breath, and know this:

God is unchanging.

He always was.

Always will be.

What MAN has tried to change Him into has nothing to do with anything as far as WHAT IS AVAILABLE TO YOU.

And that is, quite simply –

God supplies (if you let him, and ask) what you lack.

He does what you can’t.

And when he says he is WITH you, no that does not mean you’re to serve God from a place of woe and shame and damnation and blame from Him or yourself for all your wrongs.

He means:

He is PARTNERED with you, fully.

^^ not more or less based on what category of Christian you are.


The moment you accept Him, accept Jesus.

And here is part of the responsibility of THAT:

You and I are the only Jesus most people are EVER GOING TO GET TO SEE.

Put that in your drink and stir it, and then wake up in fervent shock as you realise what a responsibility it is, to let His light shine fully. To show, rather than TELL. And to pass the precious and infinite, available to all, gift you’ve been given, on.

As a Christian, you should EXPECT God’s partnership!

It is not:

– if you are a good enough Christian
– if you measure up
– if you perform
– if you prove yourself

It is JUST.
and ONLY.
He is WITH us.

Our weakness does not destroy God’s desire to fellowship and friend us, to partner with and help us, IN FACT IT DRAWS HIM CLOSER.

As it would a father –

to a child.

He is with us no matter what.

No matter what.


Which means that now would perhaps be the very best time of all to decide, once and FOR all, “I am God’s child”.

Not when you’ve repented.
Not when you’ve perfected.
Not when you’ve proven.


Christianity is NOT just serving God.

It is accessing the supernatural through Him, the quantum, the infinite, the great beyond! HE PROMISED US WE WOULD BE ABLE TO PERFORM SUPERNATURAL FEATS EVEN BEYOND THOSE OF JESUS!

PS this includes to move forward in business, in money, in relationships, in flow, in life! You’re really doing it the silly hard way without Him, and will never ever reach the heights in store for you.

WHAT is too much to ask Him?




do you ask?
are you open to hear?
will you TRUST in what you hear?!

You have the option to have the full power of God, and all his resources, on your side. Jesus as your best friend. The Holy Spirit walking beside you, having a chat, and helping you out on ANYTHING, and all things!

It is next level crazy not to draw on this!

If you understood what it really means to be Christian –

you would be shocked, SHOCKED, at how misled you’ve perhaps been.

and shocked, SHOCKED –

at just how damn good it is.


it’s up to you to do your own God-ing. Learning about Him, researching, seeking, and LISTENING TO WHAT YOU FEEL INSIDE OF YOU when somebody tells you something that you know at your CORE is not truth.

God is not waiting for you to prove yourself to Him.

He wants to prove Himself to YOU.

Will you let Him?

Will you let Him?

Will you let Him?




I mean today.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 



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