Happy Place is the Signpost


Your happy place is the signpost.

The thing that you’re doing when you forget to worry or wonder how is the way.

The work which takes over you, pours forth in a moment or for an hour when you draw breath and stop telling it what to do or how it has to be?

That is the work of your soul.

There are some who are called to make money by following a careful strategy, checking their list twice, adjusting every dot point along the way, bit by bit until it works.

Perhaps this can be a game, a fun sort of puzzle to engage with, a form of art itself, and if so – more power to them. I myself have at times enjoyed the ‘game’ of playing around with various elements of my marketing, and sales. But even in doing so, when it does in fact work –

it’s because something grander than me took over me, and made itself King.

Because in the end it’s very simple. I’m not one of them. I’m not one who can or will separate what needs to come out of her from what should make the money, make the point, or even – make a difference.

You too? I thought so.

There are some of us who are called, quite simply, to step TF out of the way and let what is in them unfurl. Unleash. And unapologetically pour forth at the world.

When we do …

magic ensues. The heavens may open. The floodgates fling wide. The force of life itself carry us along screaming YES, girl YES. This is what was meant to come out!

From this place, money can run like rivers towards us and through us and all around us. Soulmate people show up. Puzzle parts click into place. Things which felt complex, drawn out, too hard – just figure themselves out. We are riding that flow ave and it’s OH,

so good.

The beautiful torment of the thing though, is that just as easily, when we pour forth what’s in us,

nothing might happen. No angels singing. No peoples loving. No money suddenly springing out of its hiding place. Nothing at all.

And so you wonder –

is this really for me? This artist life? This can’t stop won’t stop life? This being so INSISTENT upon following the WORK? Maybe I should ____ (insert whatever thing you are right now most insecure about, and have made in your mind ‘the gateway’).

And then maybe you do. You stuff down what’s in you. You make it take a back seat. You seek to be more organised. Proper. Amen.

Except –

not Amen, not-at-fucking-all, because that shit SUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKSSSS, and on top of it? Even when you go ‘all in’ at the whole make money and build a business NOT from soul and truth and what’s IN you thang,

it doesn’t really work. Despite that you DID ALL THE THINGS!

It’s bullshit.

Except –

not bullshit, not-at-fucking-all, because the truth of the matter is there is NO way, no way, no way at all, not EVER,

that you would submit to such a regime. You may pretend otherwise for a moment, but you were ALWAYS the one who would create from THAT place.

You know –

the other place.

The flow place.

The place you go to, when you forget to worry or forget to make your work perform like a puppet, for pennies, on the street.

When even if it were BILLIONS of pennies … the reality is you’d never stick to it. You’d burn the thing to the ground. Goodnight. AMEN.

So, what to do?

If you know what it really means to be YOU, but it at times seems so inconvenient to where you want to go, and what you want to achieve?

Well, it’s simple:

Opt out of the nonsense that says you can’t have exactly what you want and see inside of you whilst also being fully you.

Realise that whether or not it’s worked up til now it IS the gateway.

And maybe you haven’t actually surrendered to the work, to doing it for its OWN sake, you’ve still been doing it for an outcome … thus limiting its magic and also pushing AWAY said outcome, because outcomes arrive when we decide,

not when we pimp out our soul work for them.

Or maybe you didn’t stay the course long enough yet.

Or maybe you didn’t DECIDE to get those outcomes, and decide you get to be paid, receive, have or be ‘whatever’, just … BECAUSE. Maybe some part of you still thinks you have to earn it, work for it, ‘make’ it happen, when all it ever was was – choose and keep on choosing.

Is all of this to say DON’T think about your marketing, your brand, your sales? OF COURSE NOT.

But don’t get it all interwoven with your art. The work that is the beat of your art. In the end, the reason you got there was simple, and you knew it all along:

I let the art be the mofo art.

I let everything else follow that.

I refused to be anything except for unapologetically and fully me.

And then I kicked my damn butt back to soul and truth to INSIST on making the money, growing the audience, gettin’ those next level goals, whatever.

As for what I DID, for that? Exactly what I was guided to do. But never what I just ‘should’.

Stop overcomplicating it. Yes it takes work, of course it takes work. But look back from the future you already know, and ask –

what is the actual truth of that work?

Then do it.