Live Your Passion


Don’t you just love those #holyshit moments when you remember JUST how powerful you are?!

I don’t know how I forgot this or just didn’t think of it for so long, but this morning I had one of those ‘fuck me’ flashback moments which I really knew I have to share.

It’s probably as yesterday in client conversations I found myself repeatedly instructing people to take the time to write out their vision for their perfect / ideal day, and get clear on what they’d be doing NOW if already there.

Such a simple exercise, and yet hands down one of THE most powerful I’ve ever done.

Actually, now I think about it – I DO know why I forgot or put this aside. 5 or 6 years ago, I was continually asking people to write out their Perfect Day in my courses; it was one of my standard exercises we’d do, and I think I started to feel a little ashamed of it. lol! I felt embarrassed or something like, ‘oh, that’s so obvious – everybody knows / does that already!’. I felt like I wasn’t being fancy enough … or that I was just harping on and on about the same thing, and so I guess for that reason it gradually faded out of my inner work lexicon, so to speak.

But this morning I was cruising along down the highway in my dream car (black Merc C63s), on my way to the gym and thinking about my day ahead.

I have one client call, one booked livestream Q&A for one of my groups, a booked personal appointment, and, well, that’s it.

Oodles and oodles of SPACE all around … space in which, being that this is a day pretty much same as my EVERY day, what I know I will DO is, well, exactly whatever the fuck I want aka just be me. No doubt write (obvs; doing it now haha), livestream / speak in some way, talk to loads of badasses like my clients and friends, promote my latest offer #UnapologeticallyYou, probably have a massage or do something else for body connection, and just basically see where the day takes me.

Not exactly remarkable, that IS essentially how every day looks for me, and why would I NOT just do whatever I want? I created my life to be exactly like this, so I could!

The other day I saw somebody post on Facebook a question like “if you had a day to just do whatever you want, what would you do?”

I found it FLAT OUT BIZARRE that somebody would ask this. What TF did they mean, and WHO LET SUCH A PERSON ONTO MY FEED?! lol. But really … my immediate reaction, and what I nearly commented and said, but then couldn’t be bothered, was THAT’S EVERYDAY.

What ELSE would I do except for whatever the fuck I want?! After all … I DO trust myself to make good use of my time. I don’t REQUIRE rules or processes in order to know I’m being a useful and most of all PURPOSEFUL person, who is moving forward in every area of her life.

I have no rules.
I have no system of working my way through a list each day.
And I NEVER do shit because I think (or somebody said) I should. 
EVERY moment of my day is a product of ‘what do I feel like doing in this moment’. Note that this is not ‘what does my tired / reactive / emotionally driven self feel like doing’, if that’s the state I’m in … it’s about what does the SOUL me, or my higher self feel like doing.

Sometimes she feels like hustlin’ all day.

A lot of the time she likes to enjoy a lot of space and ‘nothingness’, or play and fun time, also a lot of body / fitness time.

And every day, without exception, she definitely desires to UNLEASH her message and art, and also, of course, engage in the art of selling.

This chick just KNOWS what to do to get results, and when she’s left alone and TRUSTED she does it. WITH flow and ease baby, what else would you think?!

So yeah … I guess something to understand is that if you’re gonna walk around giving yourself permission to do what you WANT each day, and have no rules or list, then you’ll need a high amount of self TRUST.


No, absolute – there are no ‘levels’ of trust, you either do or you don’t.

And I TRUST myself to make the right choices and to always get what needs to be, done.

Do you?

Just something to think about … and perhaps start imagining, a time when every day you just get to wake up, do whatever you want, and be you!

Here’s where it all started though, for me, and what came back to me this morning –

I used to write down, at LEAST once a week and in FULL, my vision for my ‘Perfect Life’. I would write my perfect life and also my perfect day.

It’s quite a popular manifestation exercise, I certainly didn’t invent it, and perhaps you’ve heard of it or done it.

But – recently? And – often? ‘Cause I gotta tell you, I got shivers this morning as I suddenly remembered that I used to write out WORD FOR WORD the life I’m living now.

How did I forget this, or not think of it for so long?!

I’m so USED to ‘this is just how my life is’, that when I see somebody on Facebook implying that doing what you WANT all day would be a special event, I actually feel confused by it. In whose world? And why? I mean, good Lord, why would you do such a thing to yourself?!

But – I used to!!

I used to have SO many rules for how I thought business and life had to be. And being the good student I always WAS, I tried DAMN hard to follow ’em, and I nearly worked myself to the bone. While somehow also simultaneously managing to procrastinate on and avoid most of it. Haha. I was busy being busy and busy TRYING to be someone who did the things, and I would dive in and out of them, but actually, mostly what I was busy with was draining my own energy and resources in a desperate and futile effort to be the person I thought I HAD to be.

Perhaps you can relate? 

In between all of THAT though, I was dreaming. A lot. And journaling. Always! And writing, most certainly, although not publishing a lot of it.

I can remember writing over and over again, when I’d write out my perfect life and day, things like the following –

‘I live right on the beach in a bright, light, white space, with floor to ceiling windows and full ocean views.

I have a black Mercedes convertible …

All I do each day is wake up, be me, do whatever I feel like and want, which is some mixture of writing, speaking, creating cool stuff, and speaking with badasses all over the world.

I am famous online.

I am an author and speaker.

What I do is inspire, motivate, educate and empower others to live according to their values and ‘press play”.

How could I forget all this? This is literally my LIFE right now! I might have forgotten in my conscious mind about writing it all down, over and OVER, but the blueprint was written INTO me, and now look –


I would get hella specific as well.

I remember writing about how in my perfect life I’d wake up each day naturally, feeling amazing and energised for the day ahead, look out over the ocean … go to one of my favourite cafes … have amazing coffee and then journal and then write something that lit me up … be in incredible shape no matter my age … etc etc.


Every bit of it!

I also wrote a lot about traveling continually, and about having favourite writing and work out places all over the world.

Guess what? I have about 10-12 gym and yoga memberships I pay, all around the world, and I have NUMEROUS cities in which I have ‘my’ cafe and writing place.

I’ve been so busy LIVING my perfect life that I haven’t thought about how I’m ONLY living what I wrote down and SAID I would!!

It’s pretty freaking cool. And it’s also HUMBLING, don’t you think? Our minds are SO powerful. I think I sometimes get scared almost, at just how powerful, like – am I allowed to do this? Am I supposed to have this much magic in me? Was this authorised? This is crazy, I can literally do ANYTHING WITH THIS SHIT! Mu-haha.

And, it’s true for you as well.

Do you REALISE how powerful you are? Do you realise how much magic you have in you? Do you know that you can LITERALLY DO ANYTHING?!

Life is a DIRECT reflection of what we envisage it being, that’s just how it IS.

And you’re either creating it deliberately, and consciously, through visualising, journaling, meditation. ‘tuning in’ and seeing and also OWNING what’s inside of you, even when it feels like it would be ‘too good to be true’, or too good for YOU … taking the time to see and perhaps even write OUT your perfect life and day and ‘call it in’ … or, well –

You’re not.

If you’re NOT, then likely what your life and also your SELF is a product of, is EVERY OTHER FUCKERS thoughts and ideals and rules. Eek! Now THAT is some scary shit!!


Here’s what I want you to do –

Firstly, GET A FUCKING GRIP. Running around DOING shit you think you have to do so that one day you can live the life you want will NEVER.PAY.OFF. You have to throw the BRAKES on, acknowledge you’re creating the wrong damn LIFE, and pause and take stock.

Next – take the damn time to write out and SEE the vision. What do you want? Every bit of it! Don’t get caught up in a bullshit lie that it’s too much, and so it’s safer not to ask! No matter how unrealistic or out there it seems, I PROMISE you, if you write out and CLAIM the life you want, and just release the fear and ‘what if’, and keep ON claiming it, it will come true.

Finally – aligned motherfucking action, baby. Your only JOB each day, to bring all of this TO life, is to tune in and ask ‘what would I be doing in this moment right here’, if it all already WERE true.

And then?

You do that.


One day, years later, maybe you’ll be cruisin’ down the highway, top down in your dream car, singing along somewhat embarassingly to Bye Bye Bye, and suddenly a shiver will run down your spine –

Fuck me.

I did it.

I forgot that I even ASKED for it so specifically, but yet here I am, completely at EASE and taking for granted (with gratitude!) the DREAM life I once thought was ‘too much’ or just unrealistic to ask for.

There IS no limit.

What you see inside of you is ALWAYS real.

Only thing you gotta do?

Freakin’ claim it girl.

That’s all ..