{Daily Asskickery for December 22, 2015}

Can you imagine how much simpler and more AWESOME your life would be if, anytime you knew you REALLY wanted something you just made it happen that DAY?

Imagine if, the day you really decided you wanted to be in fucking amazing shape you started working out and eating like a shit hot fit person … and then you just kept going every day after that, whilst also cultivating the mindset of “I AM in great shape”, until practical reality caught up with you.

Imagine if, the day you decided you wanted to be an author, you started writing (regardless of whether you felt like it or felt like your writing was good or even felt like you knew HOW!) and then every day after that you kept writing, and then you also published and let people know about your writing …

Imagine if, the day you had that idea for your membership or online program, you took a deep breath, squeezed your eyes tightly shut, and ANNOUNCED that sucker and then also followed through and launched it …

Imagine if, the day you realised that relationship was so not right and no you could NOT ‘make it work’, you left …

Imagine if, the day you had that idea for that product –

That thing –

That LIFE you really wanted to live –

You got off your FINE but let’s face it somewhat scaredy-cat ass

And you did it.




You do realise, don’t you, that it’s POSSIBLE to live that way? And it’s actually EASIER as well! Oh sure, it might feel FUCKING TERRIFYING the first few times you leap before looking or preparing, but then it becomes normal … just how you ‘do’ things … automatic … and you get to a point where you don’t even think about it all, in fact you wonder with genuine curiosity WHY on earth other people spend so much time thinking –

And wishing –

And wondering –

And getting ready for a readiness that never comes and therefore a LIFE they never actually ever get to live.

In fact, the more you DO think about it the more you realise how WEIRD it is that you wasted so much time like this! Why on earth would you NOT just do stuff as soon as the idea or the KNOWINGNESS of it came to you? We have one life to live, after all! One life, in which:

Anything we set our minds to we can achieve.
People are going to judge or dislike you no matter which path you choose.
YOU get to make your own rules.
You have a true purpose and calling of AWESOME.
You can make shit happen SO much faster than you realise possible.
MOST things can be brought to life with a click of your fingers; the time and the effort WASTED is from thinking about it and trying to figure out (aka be God) in advance all of the what ifs WHICH YOU CAN NEVER FIGURE OUT NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRY.

One life which, if you’re like the very most people out there, yes even most entrepreneurs, you are currently –

Letting –

Slip –


And all of this busyness you claim so proudly as a badge of honour why simultaneously wondering WHEN you’re going to be free to do what you REALLY want, why it can’t just FLOW easier, why you can’t seem to just DO things, and what it is you need to ADD to yourself in order to get to where you want to go …

Will mean nothing.

The truth is, it means nothing already.

It doesn’t MATTER how busy you are.
It doesn’t MATTER how much of the WRONG FUCKING STUFF you’re getting done.
It doesn’t MATTER how you used to show up.

It matters what you did today, and DID THAT MATTER TO YOU.

The best life to live, really, is the one that matters to you.

Don’t you think?

So, how do you do that? How do you just GO ALL IN, right now, today?! How do you just CLICK YOUR FINGERS and become the person who actually does the fucking work, no hesitation and no holds barred?

Why it’s very simple …


There is NOTHING you need to learn or add to yourself or figure the fuck out. You WANT it then you need to go GET it, and it needs to be IMMEDIATE and you can mull it over and back and forth and run ALL the fears over and over and OVER in your mind, and do your VERY VERY BEST to clear the way forward mentally and practically but when you’ve finally done all that … IF you’re still in fact kicking and breathing which you MAY WELL BE NOT …

You’re still going to have to do the fucking work.

And I don’t mean the BULLSHIT work either.

Getting ready is not the work.
Doing research is not the work.
PLANNING is not the fucking work (don’t plan! or at least don’t FOLLOW the plan!)
Listening to what others think you should do is not the work.
Preparing is not the work.
Doing all of the sort-of related ‘sub-things’ (things like getting your website fixed up before you launch something … or getting a photo-shoot or logo … or restocking your pantry or learning about stretching before sweating your butt off …) is not the work.
The WORK is the work.

And when you ACTUALLY DO THE FUCKING WORK, by the way, a REALLY sweet bonus is that you mostly will not EVER AGAIN need to do all of the bullshit busy ‘pretend you were doing the work’ work.

Doing the REAL work is a fantastic fucking time saver!

This means that if you want to get in shape:

– You pick up your butt and move it and SWEAT it today.
– You start smashing greens and lean protein and good fats TODAY.
– You increase your water intake TODAY.
– You start affirming I AM FUCKING HOT AND LEAN TODAY.

YES you can hire a PT … learn about nutrition … actively seek the system for you! But you do all that shit after or WHILST doing the work ALREADY.

No excuses.

No BS.


That’s fitness.

On business and creating what you were born to create doing the real work TODAY means that:

– When you have an idea you FEEL the energy and truth of you create it TODAY.

– When you know what your next launch will be (even if it’s your first!) you announce, write it up, map it out, lock it in and possibly even LAUNCH it TODAY. YOU STOP FUCKING KIDDING YOURSELF THAT YOU NEED ANYTHING TO LAUNCH SOMETHING! You can launch to your FRIEND list and deliver over FACEBOOK group. You don’t need anything EXTRA. Do you WANT it? Maybe. Do you NEED it? No. Ultimately it’s about who you want to be, someone who makes shit happen regardless of being ready and therefore learns the fuck how to DAILY be ready and has to hustle fast to get their shit in order, or someone who waits –


Waiting for a day by the way is the SAME AS WAITING FOREVER. If you don’t believe me just look back at all the fucking time you’ve wasted this year, decade, LIFE.

It also means:

That if you decide you want to be an author you start writing today, you keep writing daily, you publish right away.
That if you decide you want to be more visible you start posting yourself and promoting yourself round the net TODAY.
That if you decide you want to add a new income stream or product line to your biz you begin work on it today.

And so on.

And so forth.

In life. If you want to be someone who actually HAS THE RESULTS, it means:

– That you stop doing shit you hate TODAY.
– That you spend actively engaged time in your important relationships TODAY.
– That you book and maybe even TAKE the fucking trip TODAY.
– That you let go of EVERYTHING you know is not serving you TODAY.

And so on.

And so forth.

Like I said … this will feel SCARY and not possible at first. YOU’LL GET USED TO IT. And when you do you will VERY soon realise that the MONSTERS WERE ALL IN YOUR HEAD.

Some people seem to just AUTOMATICALLY be successful … get SO much shit done … make it happen FAST … rules the fucking WORLD …

Those are not magical people.

They’re just committed to doing the REAL work, TODAY and every day, rather than fucking around pretending they don’t have the power of choice to DO WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT AS SOON AS THEY WANT.

– They’ve learned to ignore the bullshit work.
– Ignore the expectations of others or rules of Society.
– Ignore their own fears and what ifs.
– Not base action on motivation or even knowing how.
– That practically ANYTHING can be launched in a matter of days and maybe even ONE day in this day and world.
– That success is a product of what you CHOOSE not what’s ‘possible’.
– That typical results are for typical people and THEY ARE A SUPERHUMAN who makes change happen FAST because they choose to.
– That waiting for a MOMENT is the same as waiting for a lifetime.
– That you have to go ALL IN or not even bother.
– And that it has to be NOW or it’ll be never.

They’ve also learned that they are the 1% within the 1%, that no matter what they say or how openly they demonstrate just how SIMPLE success can be, or how keenly they try to inspire others to take hold of and create the life THEY want, that most will never get it.

Don’t really want to.

And will spend their entire life fucking around, waiting to be ready to live it.

1% –

Within 1% –

Reading this –

Will be different.

And will JOIN me in pressing the fuck play, today, ALL the way.

If it’s not you … keep on scrolling your way through life. There’s PLENTY to busy yourself with.