“Why do I keep feeling like I should sell low end? Like – super low end. It’s triggering me!”

I was mid discussion with my COO Ash, actually not only mid discussion but also mid writing up my brand new offer, for Expansion. I could already feel the bubble, the tingle, the certainty, the YES – this is it, and this work MUST come out into the world, so run run run run RUN and let it forth now!

I’d barely even begun to stream from me the overview of what Expansion was to be about. I had the title, the tagline (10 Days of Live Soul Transmissions, to Help You Find and Follow the Messages Within), and also what each of those 10 days would dive into, as well as a KILLER bonus and pre-work, the offer was writing itself OBVIOUSLY. That’s just how it works when you’re responding to soul, when you’ve taken the time to WAIT on soul.

But my human mind? She was gettin’ a little fear-guided for a second there. And so I paused the transmission for a moment, and jumped on WhatsApp to Ash.

“I have a new offer coming through finally. But why do I keep feeling like I should sell low end? Like – super low end. It’s so triggering!”

I was shitty because for months now I’ve felt like I don’t QUITE have the download of anything higher level to sell. Look, my elite private mentoring runs into the tens of thousands, and I regularly sell higher-ticket intensives and sell ’em OUT at anywhere from 5-14k; I’ve done this for years! It is NOT as though I don’t know how to sell high-end. Damn, my High-Ticket Sales Workshop should be required learning for ALL entrepreneurs, it is THAT good AND it works.

But here’s the thing, and where sometimes my knowledge of just HOW I get such killer money AND flow results annoys me a lil. When I let it 

ALL of this only works when you’re true to the reasons WHY it works.

Ash’s answer was, of course, exactly what I needed to hear and certainly could have been delivered directly from MY higher self!

Why do I feel like I’m only having super low-end stuff coming through lately, which my mind has decided could cause a cashflow problem?


Following intuition, making quick decisions, removing distractions, creating urgency (pushing the button) …

Maybe you enjoy those courses more? Plus if it’s mindset stuff it still bring in the right crowd (as opposed to strategy which brings in biz-opp crowd). Also you are good at separating from the need to make money from your art (even if you do get dragged back in on occasion)”

He went on:

In the end we always get into alignment and do what’s right for us and what’s in flow for us, and if that’s a $99 program then it’s a $99 program and that’s fine. We know there will be other programs that come along in the future that are at 5x that, 10x that and beyond.

I also don’t think this will be any different when you hit a million dollars a month because, you know, it’s been the same for example from when you were making $50,000 a month all the way to where you’re now consistently making up to $500,000 a month, and where we’ve tried to make it about money is where it always doesn’t WORK.”

I was walking through the mall listening to this last bit on audio, and I came to a complete stop.

Could there BE anything more true than what he had just said?

Not the bit that in the end we ALWAYS do what’s aligned, fuck the so called logic of it – that’s certainly true, but I mean the bit about when I was making 50k a month –

And now making up to 500k a month –


Back then I sold mainly low-end.

I STILL sell mainly low-end.

But I’m not saying THAT’S the magic strategy! I’m saying that following SOUL is, ’cause THAT is the true ‘thing’ we were doing back then which we still do now.

Logically, you’d think that you can’t sustain making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month when all your offers are low … how can THAT work? And yet it does! Want me to explain it, I CAN’T, at least not unless you consider Quantum Fucking Magic to be enough of an explanation! I know I do 

When I was doing 50k months, I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE to go to 100k (for example) without drastically fancying up, gettin’ strategic and organised with, or CHANGING the overall price structure and biz model. But, I didn’t. I just never got around to it.

And yet, as my BELIEF and EXPECTATION and VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY changed, expanded, shifted to being that of a woman who ALWAYS (duh) makes 100k+ per month, it HAPPENED.

At that point I then decided there was no way I could get to 200k like that … and then THAT happened (after about 9 months of doing my own head in first TRYING to figure out how to get there, which was a fabulous exercise in being forced to eventually remember who I am!).

And so on,

And so forth.

All the way up to nearly half a mil a month, on repeat, for AGES.

And I was thinking about this earlier today, as I smiled at myself when I thought about how I’d been WORRIED for a second there, that my offers aren’t coming through ‘good enough’ to support my business requirements, or my desires for those money and other outcomes!

It was funny to think about, because I have known since VERY early on in this game that the ONLY way to be granted access to leave this level and go to the next is to follow the CORRECT FUCKING INSTRUCTIONS.

NOT fall into the snares and traps of could or should or so-called logic.

But always, and only, to do what your soul leads you to, NO MATTER WHAT.

This would seem very scary, and confronting, unless you had a high amount of faith and trust. Faith that backing yourself can NOT fail, and trust in the process and the gradual aligned unfolding, which doesn’t always take place on your suggested timeline!

Well, the good news is that faith and trust are both things you choose; not earn.

I choose to PRACTICE them daily, and when I get side-tracked on occasion I tend to catch it pretty quickly. Even without my amazing brother there to remind me who I am, at this stage in the game and for years now I just WOULDN’T make something up to try and sell, no matter how much my fear-mind may try to demand it.

I know the consequences of that, and I’ve paid the price more times than I care to already!

I’ve learned to wait on soul.

I’ve learned to be okay with the void.

I have learned to PRACTICE patience, even when – especially when – I REALLY don’t wanna!

And I have learned that when I believe in magic it happens, when I show that I TRUST letting my art be the art and the message be the message and simply ASKING for and vibrating at the level of the money I desire, then it all works.

It HAS to.

It’s an energetic resonance which simply REQUIRES certain outcomes to eventuate accordingly.

THAT is what it means to let the art be the art, and just let the money show up.

You may think it’s all well and good for me to say now, I have a multi-million dollar business and – as Ash did also helpfully remind me earlier this week – no cashflow concerns to worry about. (Even though my mind definitely still often goes there!).

Well, I’m not telling you what I do now that I AM here, I’m telling you what I did TO get here.

And now, since it worked so damn well, and I’d like things to continue working and flowing, I continue doing it.

Seems like a smart choice 

But way back when –

When I was over 145k in debt –

When I couldn’t even buy COFFEE for months on end, and often barely food –

When everything was dollar by dollar, and spent 18 ways before I even received said dollar –

When it felt relentless, and as though it would never end –

This is when I learned to trust.

I was so broken.
So exhausted.
So just DONE with the never-endingness of it all.
And despite my VERY best efforts to work 24 hours a day and make.it.happen, it was SO painfully slow in moving forward.

It felt like even if I DID make any money it had come at a cost which was increasingly feeling like too great of a price to pay. The cost of my SOUL.

And so I made a decision –

I decided to let go.

I looked to the future, actually I received a clear vision from God, and it showed that if I kept holding on SO damn tightly, I would eventually land at rock bottom and have no momentum to get back up again.

In the vision I was on a rollercoaster, gripping the sides in fear, terrified of letting go.

I was shown in NO uncertain terms that this would result in me ending up at the downward bit and unable to fly back up.

And in that moment –

As the vision passed through me –

My eyes flew wide open and I threw my hands in the air and I SHOUTED at God –

“WELL BRING IT ON THEN! If I’m gonna go down let me go ALL the way down because FUCK.THIS.SHIT, and by the way I am DONE – 

Done with saying or doing or selling a SINGLE ‘nother fucking thing that is not EXACTLY JUST WHAT’S COMING OUT OF ME”

And I went to my husband, and told him –

“I’m just going to do what I want now. And if people don’t like it they can all fuck off. And if in 3 months I’m not making money I’ll just go personal train again for money. And if I don’t make another CENT in my LIFE doing this work I will DO it for the REST.OF.MY.LIFE”

When I said this, I MEANT it.

And then I DID it.

From that day forward, I’ve been true to the soul contract I made.

I let go FULLY of the attachment to making money from my art.

And I wonder –

Have you ever actually done that, and meant it, and do you now live by it, and fully? ‘Cause if you don’t … I’m not surprised it’s so hard going for you.

My brother, (The Katrina Ruth Show COO, one and the same!), Ash, gave me one of the best compliments ever in our conversation. I don’t know if you saw it?

“You are good at separating the need to make money from the art”

Let me tell you – this is not something to just feel proud of being GOOD at. This is something FUNDAMENTAL TO EVER MAKING IT AS AN ARTIST.

Unless by artist you mean puppet-monkey who gives the peoples what they want in exchange for pennies and scraps until they eventually either metaphorically or literally blow their brains out because they can NOT bear for another SECOND paying the TERRIBLE price of not being who they really are.

And I know you don’t mean that.

So here is what you do –

If you’re not where you wanna be and you are SO tired and it’s taking SO long and you don’t know if you can bear it –

You make a SOUL COMMITMENT to your work.

You MEAN it.

And with it, you decide that you WILL bear it, no matter what –


Because there are always ways to make money.

But there is only one true work you’re here to do.


The good news is – and I am proof, so are countless of my private clients and online community members – you CAN have it all.

But you want it all, you know it’s divined, you believe you’re meant to be RICH, and impact millions?

Then damn well get your shit together and become the version of you who IS that. And be willing to pay whatever price needed until the physical meets the energetic.

That’s how it works.

It’s the only way it’s ever worked.

Stop wasting your life trying to make it work in a way it never has, never will, and never can.

And go do your real work.

Always knowing –



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