Success/Success Mindset


Your soul always knows the answers, and everything you need is accessible for you, now, yes for always, I’ll say it again, and also, in all areas.

Do you realise what this means?

Do you understand the freedom you’d already have, if you allowed this to sink in?

Can you FEEL how transformative it would be, to suddenly, all of a sudden, right now, in this very moment be able to let GO –

Forever –

And fully – !

Of the idea that there’s a single.fucking.thing you need to go and ‘figure out’, learn, understand, find, as though life is some sort of giant treasure hunt in which HOPEFULLY you win?

You may speak of learning, and growth, and being shown things, even finding things, and so too do I, but really all we’re talking about – in any and all cases where we are in alignment and truth and thus also the getting of true RESULTS – is remembering.

Remembering what we always knew, what was always written, what was divined and ALIGNED.

Allowing it to be downloaded to us, to be brought down from up above, allowing what was always OURS, to be returned to us.

This means:

That when you don’t know what to sell, you can simply ask for it to be shown to you. Set the intention that you will receive the download of what it is you’re to put out into the world today, this week, next. Thank you very much, goodnight and Amen!

And it means:

That when you’ve no idea what to write or say, what the message to come through you for today should be, that there IS no should, actually, no none at all, and there is certainly no need to go HUNTING for ideas, or – ghastly idea! – THINKING about them. Instead, you just ask (and this is how I do it, near to every day!) – what is it I am to say today?

You might add ‘Lord’ at the end if you like, or ‘dear one’ (and perhaps by that you mean your highest accessible self, or perhaps you have some mystical superbeing in mind who you like to address … for me I think of it as HER; the highest dimensional ‘me’, she is wise and knowing and profound and not a little bit of a badass of course; also quite CHEEKY), or perhaps you say ‘soul’, or perhaps you simply ask; nothing to add –

What is it I am to say today?

Show me what to put out there into the world.

Allow me to be a VESSEL for what is to come through.

And then you get out of the way, but QUICKLY, for the message, the art, once requested, WILL come, and it’s on you to not get in its way, like the awkward clumsy over THINKING oaf you know you can be at times 

Instead you must RUSH to keep up with it, for it wants out, it must out, it will POUR out, and it is most certainly not for YOU to question it, nor edit or in ANY way attempt to filter it, and for the love of God – !

Please don’t be PUTTING IT OFF.

The message, the muse, the power, it won’t wait for you; surely you know this by now? If you don’t TRUST, and allow what is coming to flow, then ON it will go – !

To another time, another place, another soul, one who is willing, to step aside, and allow the work to be done through her and from her and perHAPS in a way ‘of’ her, but not really, no not really, no not at all, for all that WE are here to do is to be the channel –

For which truth pours.

I’m doing it now, can you feel it? Of course you can! The words are tumbling out of me and I am focused like I’ve never focused before – (except for every other time!) – on being IN this state, I’m fall fall falling into superflow, into another realm, another place, I’m teetering on the edge right now, I could easily SNAP – ! Back into the physical and notice every detail of what surrounds me, the waterfall I sit in front of right now, the people milling around, the conversations, the background music, or an awareness of things to do, places to go, people to see, today.

But no, I won’t and I don’t instead I am run run running in my soul to honour the WORK, to allow myself to be used for this, for you, for now, and with it, my reward, you could say, is I get to transcend –

For a minute –
Or perhaps a hundred years; who can say – !

And off I now go, everything is muted, everything is floaty, everything is dreamy, everything is faded, I’m here –

And yet not at all.

And my soul is dancing between worlds, in the river beneath the river, in the place of which you know, but perhaps, don’t often enough go –

But yet which will never stop calling you.

And I want to ask you, as I am pulled in to the wind, into the air, into the collective, into the 5th, and I feel your SOUL, I want to ask you –

Won’t you let it be this easy?

The download is always there for you, ALL you ever have to do is ask.

For what to sell.
For what to say.
For what to let out.
For what to do.
For where to go.
For every step you make and every breath you take, there is an ANSWER, within – 

If you’re willing to hear it.

Yes, of course, to live this way takes tremendous trust! And tremendous faith! And a continual letting GO, and letting it FLOW, and also the simple decision and choice that the THINGS you want – the money, the fame, the following, the body, the business, the life, and so on – that those things GET TO JUST SHOW UP, period the end, and you’re unavailable for anything less, but as for HOW –

Don’t you DARE ask how!

Why would you DO such a thing, why would you care, and how WOULD you dare, really, to imply that it’s yours to figure out the pathway.

HORRIFIC idea, and foolish, to the nth.

It’s yours to know the vision, to see what’s inside of you, to HOLD it firm in your heart, your mind, your every cell, and then to simply BE IN THE NOW and allow the now –

To be in you.

This is how I built this empire.
This is how I allowed in millions each year.
This is how my following continues to grow with ONLY true soulmate people.
This is how I let in LOVE.
This is how I let in all of it.
And continue to do so.
It’s the only way …

So you can try try try, if you like –

To do do do, if you choose –

And to push push push, every day –

As you fail fail fail, to ever find outSIDE of you a way to have the things, do the things, and BE the damn thing.

‘Maybe if I JUST do this one little strategy over here, that will set me up so I can then ONE DAY BE ME!’

But you’re playing a fool’s game at best, and a DEATHLY one at that.

You will die –
Never having accessed soul.
Never having accessed truth.
Never having achieved the things you WANT.
And never having reached bliss, inner peace, certainty, the STATE, for which you were born for and only FROM which, you can create –

Be anything.
Do everything.
And have it all.

And don’t you see?

THAT is the truest statement of them all.

It’s not the getting of things, the accomplishment, which will land you in that state.

It’s the being in the state,

Which will get you the things.

Even though, funnily enough, once in the state,

You won’t care about the things.

And you’ll just know –

You can choose them. Like picking items off a shelf, or at a buffet, and why wouldn’t you, it looks quite delightful –

A million or two more over here –
Some massive acclaim over there –
The hot body, the hot lover, the hot life, sure sure, I’ll take one to order, please, and thank you, and goodnight, and again, amen!

It’s easy …

Because you’re in the state of needing nothing,

And having everything.

And so it is.

And so it goes.

When you simply,

Decide to trust.

Of course this is just my truth, and what do I know, I’m just a crazy chaotic mad as fuck chick with a backpack, sitting in front of a waterfall, and telling you –

You can have it all.

If you want.

And I suppose I’ve done some things.
Created some things.
Allowed in some things.
And shifted some things.

From this place.

And I suppose there’s something in that for you to ponder, in this download of mine today, from my soul to yours –

If you feel like pondering.

And if you do, why not just ask? For all that you desire and require.