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Success Mindset


This year I’ve decided to rev shit up, turn up the dial to MAX, go harder and faster and deeper, more AUDACIOUSLY than ever before, and essentially blast past every possible level I encounter, but you know what?

I’m also gonna have it be easier than ever before.

There’s so much I’ve noticed even in the past week or two, since deciding this, where I was making it SO hard. Me! The superflow and ease Queen! I know what you’re thinking –

OUTRAGEOUS. How dare she?!

Well, that’s what I’m thinking … I’m thinking about how outrageous it is that I’ve still had so many areas of biz and money-makin’ where I’ve been copping a 2D join the dots approach to getting shit done, when I damn straight KNOW that success is a simple game of SOUL shifting. How dare I be so selfish as to limit the reach of my message, to slow down the unleashment of truth, to put a cork in the receiving of ever more millions of dollars made never mind the impacting of millions of life.

I won’t stand for it, not a moment longer.

Maybe some people would think what’s OUTRAGEOUS here is that I can’t already be content with making this much money with the level of ease and flow and support I currently do have … that I should learn to accept that not EVERYTHING gets to be on my terms … in fact just the other day somebody said this directly to my face! He said it with love, like stating something matter of fact, informing me as to how the world works.

Equally as matter of fact, I paused mid-keystroke, turned to him, and said quite calmly –

“I disagree. I ALWAYS get to have exactly what I want, on my terms. It works because I decide it’s gonna work”

Bear in mind this conversation was not with ONE OF US, and so my statement left him (from what I could observe) somewhere between befuddled and unable to process how THAT is a thing while simultaneously feeling sorry for the poor deluded child I obviously am.

Yeah … the one who has manifested buying her dream beaachside multi-million dollar home … not just the money for but never-mind that the sort of house I bought in the area I bought in is considered impossible to find …

Dream car …

Endless first class travel both alone and with her kidlets …

Literally NEVER ever considering (or usually even looking at) at how much something costs, whether it’s the latest Chanel, or said house, or near-to-daily blowout appointments, or ALL the deep dive inner work shizniz, any and all day to day things, etc etc etc!

The girl with her head in the clouds who decided she could build a multi-million dollar business –

All online, and location free –

Based ONLY on doing her purpose work, what she loves, what she can’t NOT –

But also in the WAY she wants to do and deliver it, not a single bit of the marketing, packaging, launching, delivering, selling, coaching, ETC based on any sort of ‘how it’s done’, but instead based just on what feels good for HER; what her soul WANTS it to be –

Who wanted to mentor the leaders of the leaders, and knew she SHOULD; is meant to, even though she was the one looking up to THEM –

Who literally currently has private clients who used to be the actual exact people SHE looked up to and aspired to be like –




Which she actually decides to do, and who indeed even manifested an entire house disappearing just a couple weeks ago …

Yeah … that me! It’s amusing to me when I try to explain my mindset to people who are not us, and watch them write me off as living in a fantasy world, or they laugh because they think I’m being silly … it’s not hard to continue choosing the fantasy world, you know? Since it works so well for me and all!

So when I think about it being EVEN easier,

And at first I wonder why THAT idea is popping in to my head, because really – how could it possibly be easier than THIS, I already literally only follow the flow all day, just merrily unleashing shit from my soul in haphazard and chaotic fashion, making it up as I go, throwing it via blogs and live videos and stories and programs and courses and rants, oh my, at the internet …

And am INSANELY well supported by my amazing soul-called-in team of #KatNinjas …

I ALREADY don’t do anything I don’t wanna do, so what could be easier?!

Well, I’m glad you asked. Because I think this is super relevant to YOU, as well.

That bit about how I don’t do shit I don’t wanna do?? That bit is where the letdown is.

I don’t do shit I don’t wanna do.

As a result of this, while I am a content creating MACHINE, who loves to write and speak and unleash in the MOMENT each day, and whose empire is built on that exact foundation … in fact it IS the very way I not only create, but also build my audience, launch, market, sell, etc – it’s all just my on the fly content … what has NOT been happening is growth in repurposing and leveraging of content.

The book side of my business, the funnel side, the improvement upon automated sales emails and processes.

Because, I’ve separated it in my head and made it ‘something I had to do’ (so didn’t, ’cause I never do stuff I ‘have’ to do), as opposed to ‘something I ALREADY automatically do’.

People think it’s hard, or time-consuming, or would be, to do what I do to be so successful.

For me it is EASY and feels like it takes no time. It’s like breathing. It’s just an extension of me, it IS me.

So, how do I make it easier?

To grow specific arms of my business, like the book side, podcasts, also articles and features in the media, automated emails, etc, all the things I never get around to ’cause I don’t wanna DO things?

Simple – just make it part of what I’m already doing.

Grab random bits of blogs, for example, and make them on the fly into my latest sales or funnel email, or include them in a book, or send them off for PR purposes. Grab clips out of livestreams and use for a podcast. Just DECIDE it’s easy to do ALL the things you WANT done, but don’t want to HAVE to do.

(Of course I get I could have ninjas doing above things for me. With my content, I’ve found this doesn’t feel good for me, even if it’s repurposing my stuff. I want to put my own ‘live’ energy into my different platforms, it feels good and it works WAY better).

But really what this conversation is, is one about mindset.

I DECIDED that this year I will do all the things.

Bring SO many ‘extras’ for growth of audience, income, and spreading of message to life.

But NOT have to add more time, energy or structure to my life. No way!

So, because I decided it could be easy, my mind gave me options, and voila – I have to wonder how I ever made it feel hard.

Just like I wonder how people ever think it could be hard to write and speak and create all day err’ day, and launch all the time, with ease, make millions, just by not even thinking and waking up and being you!

What you EXPECT to be easy, will be.

It’s how it works, it’s how it ALL works.

And I want you to understand –

This applies to everything.

Because of how I chose to think a long time ago, I’ve not only achieved all the physical things I mentioned above, but I see every part of my life impacted.

‘Impossible’ situations resolved or figured out, because I refuse to accept that they HAVE to be bad or not work.

Impossible dreams of body, lifestyle, EVERY part of biz, life, brought to life.


When I decide.

And get out of my own way, stop looking for the how, and just wait for the pathway to be shown to me.

Today, as we gear up for another ‘best year ever!’, let’s just decide that this is how it works yeah?


What else would you even wanna know?!


Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


✨✨ Success Frequencies.

Let’s talk about them. Breathe them in. ALLOW them in. And then dial them TF in.

Are you ready?

There are certain ways of being, of operating, of thinking, and perhaps most in particular of expecting which are currently dictating your outcomes in every area of life.

You are, quite literally, coded. Programmed. Running on a frequency of … X.

With X being, well – whatever you see around you most days. Whatever you experience. Feel. Know to be true. Receive and hold onto. Receive and do not hold on to. Or do not receive at all.

There are certain things in your life which right now you can click your fingers and command to replicate, on repeat, and they do.

And there are other things which SHOULD be in your life, which you yearn to have in your life, which sometimes you get a glimpse or a taste of or even an entire mouthful, and then they’re gone, into the night, maybe never to return again, shrouded in mystery and frustration but yet at the same time that deeper part of you knows –

it’s not supposed to be like this.

It shouldn’t be.

I don’t accept it!

And I WILL move past.

You look into the future you see inside of you and you know that it is ALL real, ALL available, ALL true, ALL there for the taking. A virtual sushi train of wondrous life options, every one of ’em just a choice you can pluck off as it rolls on by! Don’t see what you want, not exactly? All you gotta do is ASK, and it’ll be freshly made for you!

Your belief around the impossible is OFF THE CHARTS.

And it always has been.

Your PROOF, of CREATING and ALLOWING the impossible is also pretty darn off the charts, if you do say so yourself. Which you don’t have to, because others do it for you!

It’s ALWAYS been this way for you, you’ve ALWAYS been able to dance between realities and choose the one you wanna keep.

But yet –

it feels, so much of the time, as though you’re teetering.

Teetering on the edge of will I / won’t I let myself FULLY go and receive, create, allow, BE –

or will I fall back into normal, into rules, into worries, into shoulds, into the dreaded dreaded fear that it’ll somehow all just stop working and I’ll find out there was never anything special about me at all, never anything wondrous about what I could do, and that I just somehow … fluked things for a bit.

Sometimes you’re CERTAIN which way you’re going to topple.

And other times you’re terrified you have no idea at all, and if you did you wouldn’t want to know.

But what you do know is this:

When things are working.

When things are flowing to and through and from you in the precise ways they should be.

When things are OH so yes.

When it’s all just coming together, the different areas of your business your money your life and YOU just rolling PERFECTLY, like a beautiful and impossible to replicate orchestra, pure MAGIC –

it’s not because of what you did.

It is not because of how you planned, followed the plan, did it right.

It’s not a list you ticked off that made it that you got to then GET.

It’s not because you followed RULES for success.

Or really anything at all.

It’s because you were playing life on a certain frequency. You were tapped in, dialled in, LEANING all the way in to something you can’t even fully describe but you KNOW when you’re in it.

You were, not to be too corny or cliche about it but we’ll say it anyway ’cause it’s true – one with life itself. Dancing the most beautiful dance of BEING FULLY YOU with the wind beneath your wings nothing other than God and truth and the very fabric of the universe, what else could it be?!

Put simply:

you had those Success Frequencies switched on to high AF, and you were using ’em.

Want to know how to do that more, in fact any time you choose, in fact with complete calm understanding of what it is you ARE doing and how to tap in and BE in that energy, that place, that receiving, at will?

It’s always been available.

It’s ALWAYS been right there for the taking.

EVERYTHING you’ve suspected this whole time is true.

And now?
We’re gonna get you understanding it (every last bit).

Living it (as naturally as breathing).

And UTILISING it to let life unwind to the places you’ve been waiting to be (the way it’s meant for you).


Success Frequencies with Katrina Ruth, beginning February 1st.

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12 homework worksheets designed to break you open, wake and shake you into the place your inner self is already meant to be playing in, and lead you to specific steps YOU get to take in order to see drastic life elevation … aka RESULTS, the ones you want and are waiting on … in every area of your life.

24 days in total to revolutionise your life, how you see yourself, and how the world shows up for you in return.


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Here’s what it comes down to:

You’ve always known that the work is about so much more than the work. AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. There’s not a single extra second you will one day be relieved you waited to go all in on that.