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The very second you start to think about the best strategy to grow your following and be better seen, I believe you change the focus, making it impossible not only to reach the goal but also effectively shooting yourself in the foot so far as your ability to be true to YOU.

It’s the same as trying to make money, trying to figure out the best system, what’s gonna work, how do I optimise, what’s the best way to get my funnel working, my ads, my launches, my sales pages and emails, the whole damn thing, please?!

The SECOND you start asking this stuff, you literally switch off your ability to receive with ease and also to effectively CREATE, create the real work of your soul which is in you! This in turn FURTHER dials down your ability to receive money and soul aligned followers, never mind fulfilment or happiness or anything like that!

Of course a lot of people would probably disagree with me on this …

We call them the ‘straight up Internet Market-y people’ … or perhaps (better said) the stepfordpreneurs, the zombiepreneurs, the ones who believe it’s about FIRSTLY following the rules and joining the dots to get it working and then MAYBE after that you get to do what you love and feel passionate about.

Not too much, mind! That might stop things WORKING. Gots to give the peoples what they wanna buy!


I have some thoughts about this.

Just a few! 😉

Firstly, how many of said rule-touting marketers do you know who are actually making significant money? I personally know and know of a VERY small handful who are at the top, so to speak, and I also happen to know a couple of things which deeply horrify me. Such as –

To make money that way often requires 60-80% or MORE of total revenue to be spent on FB or other ads. At The Katrina Ruth Show we spend about 0.5% of total gross monthly revenue – which is consistently well into the multiple 6-figures by the way – on ads. While we do desire to scale that, it could NEVER even get to 60-80%+ of gross, ’cause we convert too damn well for that!


We actually don’t put strategy ANYWHERE, is the truth of the matter. The strategy demonstrates itself to us by virtue of honouring soul, every single time we try to map out a strategy we waste time, team resources, money, and eventually wake the fuck up and remember who we are, then go back to doing what WORKS, aka –


More on that in a sec.

Secondly – without exception – and I’m sure there ARE exceptions, but I’ve not encountered them, and I happen to know a LOT of people at the top – the ones who are ‘making it’ by not following soul are MISERABLE AS FUCK BEHIND THE SCENES.

Not all the time, no. Not in every area of life, no. More just in a general … ‘is this all there is?’ sort of sense. An underlying vibe of sadness, frustration, and, well, let’s call it what it is:

Soul fucking emptiness.

Not a big deal … just a life devoid of true deep connection to purpose and self!


There’s that.

But really, what the fuck does any of that matter to YOU?! Here is what matters, plain and simple:

Even if it worked.
Even if you were the exception who DIDN’T have to inject most of every dollar you made back into ads to make said dollars doing it that way.
Even if you seemed to ‘get away with’ building a basic-bitch-business-in-a-box business, and ignoring the deep yet NEVER-FUCKING-ENDING voice of your soul –


I think not.


There’s THAT!

But let’s talk about what I meant by focusing on audience growth or money makin’ strategy STOPS you from being able to achieve that.

It MIGHT work for the rare person here and there as mentioned above (but obviously not actually work) …

However the VERY vast majority of the time, and also without fail what I’ve seen every born ARTIST | MESSENGER | CREATOR | PURPOSE AND SOUL-DRIVEN LEADER experiences …

And what I myself also experienced every time I forgot who I was and did this …

And also EVERY single one of my high-end clients every time they did …


You’re either SOUL driven and led, or you’re numbers and ROI / revenue driven and led.

Can’t be both.

Results flow accordingly.

And if you believe, deep within you, when you put aside all that you’ve learned and been told, all that has been conditioned and drummed in to you, that SUCCESS WILL COME WHEN YOU JUST BE YOU –

By following soul and putting the message and the art first ALWAYS

(As I SURELY know you do!)

– then it means it’s literally IMPOSSIBLE to get results from NOT following soul, message, art, you.



You can’t have it both ways, you either believe your true success, fame, fortune will come from being you, OR you believe it will come from being lucky or persistent enough to happen upon the magic fucking stairway to heaven and then climbing it properly with all the other lemmings, till you fall off the side ’cause actually it NEVER LED ANYWHERE.

Left, right, left, right, left, DEAD!

I know you don’t believe that the right way is the way outside of you, or to be like the others, or that the way life works is that if you don’t find the perfect proper approach you CAN’T LIVE YOUR DESTINY.

But yet you continue to live like you do believe it.

You continue to react to every bright or shiny or loud voice on the internet, jumping up and down about their wonderful special system.

You continue to ignore the fact that deep down you know most of them are full of shit anyway, trying to stay JUST ahead of their own audience, making their money by telling people how they made their money … never mind they’re literally making said money by saying if you PAY me said money I’ll tell you how I made it! Uh … ’cause you paid me to tell you that you paid me?

Okay …

And you continue to ignore the fact that even for those who ARE ‘killing it’ …

Who DO have an admirable online presence …

The truth of the matter is that if you imagine having to do what they do – 

Having to show up like that – 

Having to left, and right, and yes and ma’am your way to the top – 

Having to repeatedly say no to what’s inside of you in order to better master a system that signs people up – 


It doesn’t bear thinking about.


You don’t think about it, do you?

You just continue on, day by day, that burning deep within you, your soul pulling at you and sometimes screaming, you occasionally letting the TRUTH bubble out and over; sometimes it just takes charge and for a SECOND you feel free!

But as far as what you’re trying to build your business on –

Make money with –

‘Systemise’ for recurring and automated income –

Get people to click on, follow for, pay you for –

It’s flat out bullshit.

And you know it.

It will never actually work anyway.

And you know that.

It bores you silly.

And EVERYBODY knows that, they can feel it, this is also why they’re never gonna really buy it; duh.

You’re living from fear.

And you know THAT.

And the thing which makes you different –
The thing which will get you paid like WOAH –
The thing which will build your audience to the millions with ease, to where everyone then tries to figure out YOUR strategy –

Is and always has been JUST LET YOUR DAMN VOICE OUT.

What if there were never any internet market-y rules in the first place, huh?

What if there was nobody ahead of you, nobody to try and model, nobody paving the way?

What if you had to completely figure it out yourself?

Guess what? There aren’t, there isn’t, and you do.

It’s called being on your own fucking path.

Might wanna try it sometime. Or else stop wondering why you’re never getting to the destination that EXISTS ONLY ON YOUR PATH.

You’re not an IDIOT, are you?

Might be time to stop acting like one then.

📷 Badass Inner Circle Mandy Perry and I at our recent retreat… so proud of how this woman has stayed the course to do biz from soul!

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