How to Find Your Purpose and Turn it Into Big-Ass Profit


It’s like this constantly hanging over you THING, isn’t it?

The idea that if only you knew EXACTLY and PRECISELY what your true PURPOSE is, that everything would just WORK.

You totally get, believe in, subscribe to the idea of alignment, authenticity, doing your best work. You’re willing, you’re ready, and you’ll do what it takes! But right now?

You feel stuck, frustrated, and pretty damn certain that the stuff you’re working so hard to put out there is just … not … right.

Would you like to know what the real message is that YOU need to know right now?

Firstly. It’s all going to be okay. BELIEVE it.

And secondly. There is only one way for you to find your true purpose, your calling, to know the LEGACY that you were born to leave, and that is this –

You gotta just go ahead and start anyway.

This sitting around, wishing, waiting, expecting some sort of divine angelic intervention where you’re handed a scroll from above with the beautiful big calligraphic letters mapping out the words “Your Purpose” on the outside and who knows WHAT magic awaiting you inside?

It’s not going to happen.

YOU have to go and figure it out.

And figuring something out? It kinda depends on, well, doing some figuring.

I have to tell you, that the stuff you’re spending your time on right now? That’s not figuring. That’s keeping busy. And YES it can “grow” your business and move you toward success in the same way that doggedly doing hour after hour of cardio exercise that tears and breaks your body down CAN lead to improved fitness and MAYBE weight loss but if you just got off the freaking treadmill and picked up some weights you could change your entire body in 20 minutes a day, inside AND out.

And FEEL great doing it.

Building a business hand over fist, by pushing to continually take just one more step, by FORCING the growth you want to your list, your income, it’s the marathon running of the business world.

You’ll get there eventually, but at what cost and DID YOU ENJOY THE RIDE?


But when you’re in flow, on purpose, doing your VERY best work, it’s like you’re effortlessly SPRINTING down that hill and then just FLYING over the finish line. It’s just so … damn … PERFECT. And you KNOW.

Of course the question you need answered right now, and believe me I get it, I was there not so long ago, is well how do you GET there? HOW do you know when it’s right?

The answer is simple my lovely.

Do more of what’s wrong.

This means actually putting YOU out there.

I’m talking about CREATING.

I’m talking about taking that focus off of marketing and strategy and lead gen and advertising and planning and blogging and building sales pages and watching what others are doing that oh my God you better run and do or you’ll have NO chance!

Just stop all of that.

Allocate it 10-20% of your available business time, and just make it FIT.

And in your remaining 80% or so?

You have one task and one task alone.

Get to work on figuring out what being YOU really means. Write, speak, lead, coach, teach, doesn’t matter. CREATE. HELP. SHOW others the way. SHARE your own challenges, wins, the things that you’ve learnt along the way. Give give GIVE of your knowledge, your skill, your ability to help people but MOST of all be willing to give that TRUE deeper message which is bubbling up from within.

It’s the one you’re used to ignoring.

Because it doesn’t seem important …

It “won’t make you money” …

It’s kind of SILLY

Or embarrassing …

Or puts you in a real vulnerable light …

Or it’s really just not relevant and not what people WANT

Of course one way you MIGHT want to consider looking at this is who the hell are YOU to decide what people want and need from you? I can tell you that they definitely don’t want the carefully polished PG version of how you can help them.

And yes. There are more than a gazillion ways that you COULD help people, and be damn good at it too. So that writing, speaking, leading, coaching, teaching, creating you’re doing? The REAL task you are doing with all of that is constant testing.

Write something, that you feel you could or should write, and then ask yourself, was that real? REALLY real?

When you speak, or coach, or teach, run it ALWAYS through the filter of “was that real, authentic, me being my BEST me, me taking off so fast that I just start to FLY, or was it me trying to make money, trying to stand out, trying to make a difference, trying to be known, trying to PUSH my way to success?”

That’s all.

And, of course, this –

Did you love it and was it awesome?

Seriously? You doing your best work means you feel like you are flying, you love it and it’s awesome and you JUST KNOW.

[pq] I can’t tell you how you know but I CAN tell you that YOU ALREADY KNOW WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW. [/pq]

But the only way to GET to that KNOWING is to keep doing, as I said, more of the NOT KNOWING.

You’re not going to work out what you’re meant to be speaking about, teaching about, writing about, helping people with by getting caught up in business building strategy. This is why you need to spend 80% of your time on actually creating and reaching out. And everything you do, you run it through that filter and if it’s NOT freaking really real? You simply stop doing it, you let go, in your NEXT piece of writing or speaking or coaching or leading you just aim a little more towards what’s really inside of you.

This is not an overnight process and it’s also not ever a FINISHED process!

So stop trying to just figure it all out once and for all NOW. You have to let it flow, and it will flow, but only when you stop trying so hard to know.

And you listen.

Every day.

You pay attention.

To the truths that jump out at you, even if they make no sense.

To the things that people respond to, that you didn’t see coming.

And you let your confidence build, day by day. You realise that that mysterious PURPOSE you’re looking for is, when all is said and done, simply you speaking out daily whatever truth is inside of you and speaking it in a way that is based on who you REALLY are, at your core, and what you truly THINK, at your core.

And once you realise this, and you decide that you’re ALLOWED to build a business and a LIFE around being this person, this you, even if it makes NO sense and breaks ALL the rules, then all you need to do to turn it into PROFIT is start asking for money in exchange for helping people with it.

It’s overly simplistic and not fancy and doesn’t seem like it could be the magic bullet answer you’re looking for and YET IT IS nonetheless.

And I can tell you that if you brush this off, think it can’t be THAT much of a big deal, that there are MORE important things for you to worry about and you go back to your strategy and your goddamn LIST, well –

I’ll see you back again in a year or so, maybe more, maybe less, feeling more frustrated and more TORN about the way you’re living your life, the way you’re trying so damn hard to build a business that just doesn’t want to be built.

You have to stop gorgeous.

Stop trying to follow the goddamn rules.

Stop trying to work out what will SELL.

Work out what you’re MESSAGE is, chip away every day to get deeper to that truth, to peel back the layers and then SELL THAT MESSAGE.

And you can start now, by the way. You don’t have to wait until you get to the final layer. You doing your best work means you do your best NOW, with whatever you HAVE now, and however you CAN now.

Every day, a little better.

Every day, a little more you.

Every day, being more HONEST.

You do have a purpose. You have a calling. You have a message, a legacy, a TRUTH that you WERE BORN TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD and now must DO so.

It’s okay to not know fully what that is yet, and perhaps none of us will EVER know “fully”.

But you have to start now, anyway. You have to be okay with not knowing and with taking action anyway. You have to stop being so goddamn SCARED. You have to stop filling your time with busy work and “trying to grow a business”. And you just have to speak your message.

Today’s message.


So go. For real. NOW beautiful, I mean it.

Say something. Do something. Write something. FEEL something.

Be you.

Be raw.

Be goddamn REAL, and refuse to go back again.


2 responses to “How to Find Your Purpose and Turn it Into Big-Ass Profit”

  1. Georgia says:

    Love it! Just what I needed to read today! Going to stop procrastinating right now because I don’t know the right way and just do it. Thank you!