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Success Mindset


Next time you find yourself freaking out about HOW you’re going to accomplish something, whether you’re good enough or what if you don’t figure out the right STEPS, just stop for a second and remind yourself of something:

EVERYTHING you’ve just ‘decided’ you’ll have or create over your life has come true.



I’m not talking about your half-assed goal-setting or dream-lining where you whimsically talk about wanting something but never really commit, never get determined, never get mother-fucking focused, like a child who wants a pony and has decided with all their energetic might it WILL happen, as opposed to one who says “I want a pony!” randomly every year or so when they see one on TV or read a Saddle Club book or something.

And it’s actually astonishing when you really acknowledge the power of a focused mind! The BIGGEST of mountains can be moved and the impossible somehow just HAPPENS.

So, if you don’t have what you want yet or if you feel like your greatest desires are continually out of reach or ‘not for you’, then wake up:

ALL you have to do is get better at asking. But when you ask:

Fucking MEAN it baby. Like a kid who has made up her mind:

I’m HAVING that fucking pony. And it’s almost as though every cell in her body then starts LEANING IN to make that happen.


Have you ever heard the concept of WILLING something to happen? Well … that!! And actually it’s only how EVERYTHING happens, really.

It happens because you want it badly enough.
It happens because you turn towards it, face it full on, stare it in the eye and say MINE!
It happens because you BE the person who deserves to get it and meets the requirements, so to speak. Prove you WANT it badly enough, prove you understand what you’re getting into, show you’re willing to do the work!
It happens because you promise to take care of it, to honour and respect the brought to life version of your dream. Brush your damn pony!!
It happens because you are willing to foresake many other things along the way, things you maybe would have wanted, things that are quite nice, things that are NOT however THE thing.
It happens because no matter what life keeps offering you INSTEAD, almost like a test, maybe even something REALLY REALLY CLOSE to the real thing (pony rides every weekend? Your own fake life-size looks-nearly-real pony?) you firmly shake your head, set your expression, keep your mind focused on the REAL thing and refuse to accept anything LESS than.
It happens because you doodle about it dream about it write about it talk to everyone about it. Because you claim it 1000 times over, 10,000 if needed, never swaying, never backing down, DAILY saying this is what’s going to happen. You cut out pictures. Or your write it out over and over like a mantra. You see it think it feel it in your head constantly. You don’t let GO of it, it’s so much part of your thoughts that it starts to become part of YOU.
It happens because you do this No matter what. It’s like it’s ALL you can think about. Your very DNA is pointing towards it, and ACTUALLY what is happening is that you’re literally creating it IN your energy, your mind, your cells, your DNA. You’re making it REAL inside of you. So when it then HAPPENS, in real life, when the freshly cooked little pony turns up with a bow on it’s tail of course it’s damn EXCITING but it’s also –

Of course.

Of COURSE this showed up.


And with a nod of your head and a smile on your face you’ll climb on for that first ride, the one you’ve imagined in your head so many times that you’re not sure where imagining left off –

And reality began.

Which is KIND OF the entire fucking point, isn’t it?!

Reality begins WHERE imagining leaves off, but where most people screw it up is that they think that all the CAN imagine about is current reality.

And instead of getting crystal fucking clear on what they want and then asking for it and pointing their ENERGY to it on repeat until it shows up, they instead get trapped in a spiderweb of fear, doubt, uncertainty, or just trying to keep up with the now. And then wondering why the now never changes! Well, how can it, when you just KEEP ON REPEATING IT in your head!

If you want something different, you have to DREAM about it.

If you want the impossible, you have to start to FEEL it.

If you want your wildest fantasies to come to life, you need to simply be able to describe them, and then DECIDE.



I don’t care HOW …

I also don’t care WHEN, although sure, yesterday would be great! But I want it badly enough and know it will BE mine surely enough that I’ll keep on asking for as long as it takes … and I’ll DO what it takes!

Until it fucking takes.

And I wonder –

When did you last get that clear, hmm? When did you last decide like that? When did you last commit like that? When did you last show up on REPEAT like that? When did you last really ask PROPERLY, with FULL focus and determination, and THEN KEEP ASKING? When did you last mean it SO much, that you said a flat out firm and sharp NO, to anything even a JOT ‘less than’?

Because what I see … what I SEE, when I look at you …

Is a child whose head pops up when a pony appears on the TV and says “I want a pony!”

But who then accepts “okay”, when Mummy says no, or don’t be silly, or “a pony! Where would you keep that and what would you do with it and who would look after it?!”

While the girl next door has all the answers and a full freaking dossier to explain it for ALL those questions, and every other one besides.

And you, when you then get presented with a TOY pony, and BOOKS about ponies, and even an online membership to the Pony Club For Those Who Will Never Ride, ACCEPTS it, is mollified, accepts that that’s fair enough.

Well – !

What if you STOPPED ACCEPTING FAIR ENOUGH in your life?

What if you became furiously unrealistic about your goals and dreams?

What if you set your jaw and squared your shoulders and gritted your teeth and HELD THE FUCK OUT, hmm?

What if you just refused to take on ANYTHING that wasn’t your actual dream and desire? And that’s the really scary part, isn’t it? It’s easy to say you’ll decide, commit, focus, even journal your dreams daily, but when a shadow version shows up are you saying NO, that’s not it, I’ll wait for the REAL thing, or are you taking it ‘just for now’, and ‘because what if’, and ‘it’d be silly to say no, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get the real thing one day!’?


‘Cause I can tell you:

The RELATIONSHIP you accept or take on or accidentally find yourself in or STAY in which is not the real dream is WHAT YOU’RE ACCEPTING instead of the real thing. And because you didn’t hold out – you don’t get to have. You HAVE what you accepted. And your very acceptance of something ‘less than’ shows you don’t believe in yourself or in what’s available to you enough to ever have your dream.

The BUSINESS you’re ‘stuck in’ which is really not so bad at all and you’re doing okay is what you have CHOSEN instead of one where you are crazy madly in love all day every day and just want to PINCH yourself that it gets to be this good. And you will NEVER get the ‘dream biz’ while you continue to play life in the not-quite-right one.

How you make your MONEY right now, also how much of it you’re making, this is precisely what you’re ACCEPTING. If you want MORE, or DIFFERENT, or for it to come from pure flow and purpose you HAVE to ask for it like you actually fucking mean it and then keep asking and showing up until you GET it, and ALSO – turn your back ruthlessly on anything that’s NOT what you dream of.

Same with your body.
With all your relationships.
With the house you live in.
The car you drive.
The clothes in your closet.
How you FEEL all day.
How much FUN you have.
ALL OF IT ALL OF IT ALL OF IT, don’t you GET that?!

And here is what’s really fucking next level crazy about all of this.

All that you put up on a shelf and make out to be so IMPOSSIBLE, so unheard of, so crazy amazing of a dream.

ALL you had to do was decide you really fucking mean it.
Get clear on what ‘it’ is.

Of course mathematically speaking, 99.99%+ of people reading this will nod their heads. Stare out the window and dream of what could be, what’s in their hearts, which means what SHOULD be –

And then say yes to a poor imitation of what they actually could have if only they’d just be bold enough to be the one who doesn’t quit.

Just like you’ve mostly done up ’til now, hmm?

Wake the fuck up.

You’ve ALWAYS got everything you really freakin’ asked for and meant!

Get on with it!!

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.


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