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Hold your fucking horses okay, before you come at me about what a bitch I am and how I don’t get YOUR situation, and first up read and really freakin’ ABSORB what I’m going to say to you today.

I was on a Tai Lopez livestream for the past hour or so (what?! I know! The AUDACITY! But really … he is SO good to learn from, on performing, showing up, positioning, more) and I observed a thing or two which really got me revved up and thinking.

A thing or two about business, about creativity, about being an artist, for sure, but wanna know what the main thing I noticed was?

Well, I’m going to tell you anyway

I noticed how freaking STUPID most people are.

I stayed on the live for the entire hour or so it went for, and there were around 400 people there most of the time, and I think I saw less than 10 positive and somewhat INTELLIGENT comments come through. Less than 10 people who GOT what he was saying and that he was literally given powerful educative advice and inspiration, for free.

Instead the comments were filled with people who were just saying random stupid shit or troll-y shit, and people who were saying he is basically scamming people for talking up online education as being what the world is ABOUT now, rather than college.

Say what you want about Tai, but HELLO – does anybody here actually think that traditional education has a leg to stand on anymore? Even if there IS still ‘a’ place for it (and I’m not disputing that) then is it or should it be THE place?

You’d have to be a complete moron …

In fact, to paraphrase what HE said, when talking about just how many ideas are readily and ALWAYS available for making money online, and how ridiculous people are if they actually think somebody would want to steal their idea … never-mind the fact that all good ideas ARE stolen / modeled, I’m gonna say this:

If you’re not making money online yet, you’re either stupid or you just flat out don’t WANT it.

Oh, what’s that now? You thought I was going to lead into some sort of compassionate excuse-making thing for you if you’re one of those NOT making money online, when I said ‘hold your horses’ at the start of this blog?!

Sorry …

Can’t help you there!

My hardass-if-you-wanna-call-it-that-but-really-just-FACTUAL viewpoint is just what the title said.

I have SO many freaking programs I wish I had the time to launch right NOW. I have 20 online course ideas ready to go NOW … minimum! And don’t even get me started on all the OTHER things.

In fact, the only thing HARD about coming up with ideas to monetise and then in fact MAKING money from them is having to choose which of your ideas to kill, or at least delay, and which ones you get to act on!

Man, I feel like I’m going at 5% speed launching only one new course every few weeks.

And sure, sure, of course the longer you’ve been doing this sort of stuff the easier it gets to HAVE the ideas. Your ideas muscle … it gets stronger and more creative the more you use it. Sometimes I feel ideas bubbling out of me so fast it’s almost painful, never mind super freakin’ distracting as I’m going about my day.

So yes – the longer you’ve been in the game the easier it might be to HAVE ideas, and also of course the easier it gets to know how to bring them to life, which ones will more likely work, etc.

But you’re not going to very well get to that point if you don’t jump in and get your feet wet at SOME point, are you …?

And too often what those who CALL themselves entrepreneurs, yet apparently don’t get that for that to be true you DO in fact needa be selling something and making MONEY, as well as filling a need, are DOING is tentatively and apologetically and with ZERO freaking conviction putting something out there, oh –

Once every blue moon!

If that.

And then, like a scaredy-kitten who dipped its toes in the cold ocean for the first time, running screaming back to the shore where the NON-entrepreneurs are.

“It didn’t work!”

“It was too hard!”

“It was scary!”

Then instead of picking themselves up RIGHT away and swinging again, going into paralysis analysis or endless CONSUMPTION rather than creation.

At some point you’re going to have to REALLY understand that to get to where your shit WORKS and you’re making MONEY, you do first gotta show up and get yourself out there, on repeat, UNTIL it works.


Show me a SINGLE person who bemoans that they aren’t making money online yet who has gone all in EVERY SINGLE DAY, fully all in, and really consistently given their ALL to achieving that goal, the inner and the outer side of it, and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t EXIST.

And if you say it’s you, you’re either lying, or you’re literally tarring yourself as being someone who doesn’t actually believe their dreams are possible, and doesn’t make them non-negotiable.

Either way –
You’re not for THIS tribe, that’s for sure …

Here’s the thing:

Those who make the big $$, those who make a big difference, those who CREATE something that maybe even changes the world a little bit? They are NOT people who got lucky and became a millionaire just because they believed they were born for it.

They did the work.
Day in.
Day out.
Till it worked.
And they also made it NON-NEGOTIABLE.

For me, it was never an OPTION to not get rich.
So I did.
I could tell you all the steps along the way, and I certainly DO share that stuff day in and day out, but the truth is that none of it matters.

I’m here because I decided to be here. Then I learned the fucking game, fell on my face a gazillion times, adjusted course continually, figured it OUT, did the work, on repeat, every day, performed, created, showed up, etc, and STILL KEEP GOING.

The learning and the application NEVER stops …

Tai Lopez is who he is because he decided to be, then he learned the fucking game, did the work, performed, created, showed up, etcetera, and STILL KEEPS GOING. Learning every day. Applying every day. Performing. Creating. Repeat.

You can twist it any which way you like, and come up with a million and one reasons why YOU are the exception and the world should bend over backwards and deliver for you when you didn’t make it HAPPEN, but you’re still missing the point.

If you’re not making money online yet, you’re either a moron who should be hanging out in the comments bitching about how hard life is and how people who make money online big time are scammers or fake or stupid or whatever –

Or you just don’t want it.

Wanna know something cool?

If you know you’re not the first … and I’m guessing you’re NOT, or it’s unlikely you’d be reading MY stuff, except for maybe ’cause I trigger you … in which case GOOD … if you’re not the first, then the faster you admit you’re in the second category and just OWN it, the faster you can also fix that shit.


Life is Now. Press Play.


PS NOT stupid and also actually want it??

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You will quite literally learn my BEST MONEY-MAKING STUFF. The stuff which is SO damn good I even forget I know it most of the time; it’s so ingrained in who I AM, and that’s how I’m able to just DO it with ease.

EVERYTHING you need to sell like a millionaire – and beyond – forever!

PLUS you’ll have me there by your side the entire way through, live in the Facebook group, daily. And lifetime access to the whole thing!

OH, and of course you’ll have LIVE coaching time with me in the group, INCLUDING the opportunity to bring your sales questions or dilemmas or case studies to a LIVE hot-seat with me each week.

And for the first 30 people to scream YES and buy, I’ll do a personalised review of your sales page. Which of course I’ll be teaching you how to do 🙂

**only a few of these are left!**

YES that includes some scripts – and also how to use certain languaging or wording or phrases in a way that is authentic and flow to YOU.

YES it includes getting people sold on YOU and on whatever it is you WILL then sell them, long before you actually remotely ask for the sale.

YES it includes my best SPECIFIC stuff on how to close – including how to close before you ask for the close!

YES it includes knowing exactly how to choose your pricing comparisons or different ‘options’ for people so that they always opt for the choice YOU know is aligned.

YES it includes stuff I normally would NOT talk about because I don’t want it to be used for manipulation – it’s actually that powerful!! But I know that it’s not right of me to not trust YOU with it; that’s crazy! I only use this stuff for good and I know you will also.

YES it includes assumptive sales processes which just make it SO easy.

YES it includes how to overcome objections WHEN IT IS RIGHT TO DO SO, but how to do so without sounding like a sales robot moron.

YES it includes having people practically beg you to sell to them, and want to throw money at you!

YES it includes positioning yourself as THE go-to person to buy from in your industry … town … field … internet!!

YES it includes so.damn.much.more, and I’ll probably tell you more of the *exact* stuff we’re doing as I continue to make this available to you over the coming days.

But right now, let’s make this simple for you.

My 7-Figure Sales Secrets is hands down THE #1 sales training for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders who damn STRAIGHT wanna make millions and know they CAN, but hell NO won’t do it by selling in a way that doesn’t feel FUCK yes.

You CAN have the best of all worlds you know – you CAN be a selling machine with the highest of integrity, purpose, soul! You CAN do it totally from ‘within’, but I gotta tell you –

If right now you feel you could sell BETTER then it might just be that you DO get to learn, apply, feed knowledge and skills which align for you IN, so that it can then start to automatically just flow OUT.

I’ve been selling for 35 years now. I was born for it, as I know you were. AND I have also spent years … hundreds of thousands of dollars … and UNIMAGINABLE hours … actively learning HOW to sell.

And for the first 30 people to scream YES and buy, I’ll do a personalised review of your sales page. Which of course I’ll be teaching you how to do 🙂

*** Just a few remain of that!

What are you waiting for gorgeous?

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But make no mistake: you ARE gonna need to want it badly enough to show up consistently, AND? You’re gonna need to not be stupid.


My Advanced High-Level Manifestation Intensive is about to kick off, and I’d love to invite you in!

4 Weeks of Hardcore Alignment & Asskickery to Kick Fear to the Curb and Live Your Every Dream in 2019!

What this is about? You finally doing what you say you’re going to do, basically! In business, of course. But also in life, and every part of who you are.

And it’s time to stop.

Stop making it so damned HARD.

Stop letting your blocks, your inner barriers, your fear, the self-worth bullshit RULE you.

Stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off and no real direction!

And for the love of God stop telling yourself the answer is outside of you when it was always within!


Well, isn’t it obvious?

Say yes to you.

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