Discipline & Flow


How did you grow up learning about money?

I grew up like many people I know, learning how to save and budget, how to put money aside for things like gifts, clothes, ‘fun’ spending, also of course tithe, and savings and so on.

As I got older, I was given greater allocations of pocket money so that I could learn how to divvy up where money went to things just beyond my own personal spendings and givings and so on, and assign extra money my parents gave me towards things like school supplies. I think this was a great thing my Mum and Dad did for me, as it taught me to think about the different areas of where money goes, it also instilled in me from a young age the importance of tithing, and, through the ‘divvying up’ process, I learned that if you put money aside towards something it adds up over time often faster than what you would ever realise! I would call this the Envelope System now, and it’s a system I still use to this day! I have ‘envelopes’ (in the form of online bank accounts now haha) for all sorts of different things I am allowing funds to come in for!

I’ve done this for YEARS, and it works. So much so that it never stops blowing my mind how when I make space for something to show up in my life (financial space or otherwise), it DOES.

It has to.

It can’t not.

– I went location free with my then-husband and my children in 2014 within months of starting an account which I titled ‘Munich May 2014’, and set an automatic weekly transfer to. When it came time to buy the tickets, there was exactly $20 more than what the total 4 tickets round the world cost! And we left in June 2014, only a month after what I’d stated. The thing is, when I made that account I was living in hospital pregnant with a very serious, potentially life-threatening pregnancy complication, and I was in over my head with tax debt! I had no financial or ‘life’ reason to think we could be leaving Australia to live the out of a suitcase life so soon! And yet we did. For 18 months+ afterwards.

– When I never had ANY money to spare for nice things for myself, I made an account called ‘Kat Fun Spending’, and started putting $20 a week in to it. I kinda forgot about it! Fast forward some time later, and I saw this beautiful bikini I LOVED. It was about $160. I was SO used to, for years prior to that, NEVER feeling able to afford nice things for myself, that I instantly shrank, and left the store. Then it hit me – that account! I logged in and there was $850 or so, which felt like FREE MONEY. I’ll never forget that feeling, the magic of deciding something, locking it in, handing it over and then having it show up for you! I still have that account! I put $500 a week in. It’s funny, because if I want something I just buy it anyway, I don’t pull money out of that account. It just keeps building, lol. I like the ‘making space’ vibes.

– Way back before that, I started a savings habit I’d (despite my upbringing) deviated from wildly in my adult life for years, with only $5 per week. It felt like SUCH a stretch. I titled the account ‘One Million Dollars Saved’. Bit by bit I increased the weekly transfer to $11 … then $20 .. and so on. Now? MILLIONS of dollars total have gone through that account.

– 2 years ago, I decided I would buy a 2.61 million dollar dream house on the beach here on the Gold Coast. I’d just put all my then-savings into a nearly million $ investment property in my hometown of Melbourne! But – soul said: say yes to the house. It was TERRIFYING. I had to come up with 900k for the deposit, within a couple months. Despite having had a consistent multi 6-figure per month MONTHLY income (usually 300k+) for years now, I also have high expenses in my business and more so relevant to my other investments and wealth. Coming up with that much extra cash was the biggest thing I would ever have had to claim in my life! (Aside from not dying during pregnancy).

But: I claimed it.

I decided.

I knew that how my life WORKS is when I say yes to something, hand it over, and THEN.MAKE.SPACE. it shows up for me, ALWAYS. Often to where it feels IMPOSSIBLE, too. Like – how did that even happen?!

So, I made the account. ‘Kat’s Multi-Million Dollar Beach Dream Home’.

Guess what happened?? (She says as she writes in a cafe a few minutes up the road from said HOME home).

I’ve done the named accounts thing for SO many things. Even for stuff like having another baby!

It’s not that having ‘envelopes’ is a magic trick. It definitely works for me, because I LIKE it and it feels good. For me it’s a clear reflection that I am ‘making space’, ‘giving that money a home’, and I find that it allows me to just hand the situation and TRUST that those accounts will just fill and overflow, WITHOUT IT AT ALL FEELING LIKE IT COST ME IN OTHER AREAS.

Which is PRECISELY how it works.

But here’s the thing, and what you might not have considered, especially if you like me have an upbringing of being taught to ‘put money aside’.

Oftentimes when people put money aside, or budget (I hate that word, lol, and nowadays I do NOT budget at all. I allocate and allow), they do so with a scarcity vibe.

– Gotta be careful

– Gotta stretch a penny

– Gotta ‘work towards’

– Gotta not ‘go over your limits’




Let me be crystal fucking clear:

I do not do working towards vibes.

And this is a MINDSET shift, and a choice. It’s ‘which lens do you wanna look through’. And? It’s motherfucking important, because if your lens is the above stuff (careful, and stretching, and working towards), then that will always be your reality.

If your lens however is ABUNDANCE, and FLOW, and RECEIVING, and ‘when I decide, then things just show up for me’, then that is what it will FEEL like.

Yes. Obviously, in a practical sense, I do ‘put money aside’. But lemme tell you – the ENERGETICS of this are freaking amazing. I literally don’t adjust any other area of my life to do that. IT SHOWS UP AS AN E.X.T.R.A. BECAUSE I MAKE SPACE FOR IT.

You can even ask my company COO, my brother Ash, who is a solid numbers guy, about this, and he’ll tell you – if we want or need more money we just gotta commit to it, and then make space, and NOT WORRY ABOUT HOW.

We don’t do how.

We don’t do figuring out.

We don’t do working towards!

We do DECIDING, handing over, surrendering, receiving.

For me, I love the accounts thing as it feels logical based on, well – when I HAVE the thing (i.e. a house), I’m probably gonna be making payments on it, so I might as well START NOW. Whether or not I feel ready. Have the money. Etc.

The thing with how life works, is simple:

Whatever you decide is reality.

For me, I decided that I don’t work towards things a long time ago. I decide them. I hand them over. I then continue on my merry way, largely forgetting about it to be honest, and they show up!

This in turn allows me to be doing MY job, which is certainly not to be in worry or how, my job of just being me.

Being in my dance, my creativity, my flow, my yes.

Funny enough, the more I’m in that place the more the goodies like MO-NEY show up.

With ease and bells on and shit.


y’know –

There’s that.

Just something to think about!