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How’d you like over 10k a week in recurring dependable income … for starters?

During the worst and toughest times of my business, when nothing seemed to be working no matter how hard I pushed, and I basically had to sell everything I owned even down to some of the clothes off my back in order to keep my head above water, one of the greatest lessons I learned was how important it is to create some kind of dependable recurring income as an entrepreneur.

I realised that I’d built my entire business around the hustle. Which meant that even when I did have a good month, it completely wiped me out getting there and I received it with fear rather than gratitude, as I was already worrying about how long this money could last and mentally doling it out to everybody but me before I even received it!

Just a hint: fear is not a powerful emotion for creating MORE money!! In case you haven’t noticed.

After a year or three of this shall we say SLIGHTLY stressful approach to business and life, topped with eventually reaching a point where I was not only struggling to pay bills but actually genuinely not ABLE to pay them and all the while STILL watching my debts climb as I tried to figure this whole business thing out, it hit me –

I don’t have a business at all.

I’ve got a freaking job as an internet marketer!

I was pretty much the walking talking epitomy of that tongue in cheek joke about entrepreneurs:

“An entrepreneur is someone who hates the normal life and the 9-5 so much that she would rather work 80 hours a week not getting paid”

Yep! That was me to a ‘t’ … except it was no joke at all at the time.

And as I used up my every last emergency stash and back up plan and started to get seriously PROPERLY scared about ‘what would happen if’, it hit me –

I don’t have any stability.

I have CHOSEN not to have stability in my business.

I have CHOSEN to create a business that depends upon stress, burnout, and acting out of alignment in order to frantically try and keep things going.

I say it was a choice not because I felt that I was consciously choosing this stuff at the time but because I have learned that EVERYTHING we have or do not have is by choice, and there is ALWAYS a payoff. The payoff for me, perhaps, was I got to keep being this Busy and Important person who had to rush around Getting Shit Done … but never actually HAVING it done.

Actually there were a lot of payoffs, but we’ll start with that.

Side note: what’s the payoff for you? Don’t tell me there isn’t one and that you just want your money situation SORTED, now! There’s always a payoff. FIND IT IF YOU WANT TO TURN THINGS AROUND.

And: make a new choice because yes you ARE choosing what you’ve got!

Anyway, I think we all have a breaking point of sorts an ‘enough is enough’ point where something within us just cracks and we know that that is IT. For me that point came the day I couldn’t get my car out of the parking lot because I didn’t have the $17, and then later that day couldn’t afford to buy my daughter a snack or a bottle of water at the shops.

Something within me broke. And it wasn’t an angry kind of a break, but it was very very serious. Calm. And I had deadly certainty-

That’s it.

I’m done now.

There was a definite fuck this shit kinda feeling going on there too, but I’d had that before. This time I just KNEW – I’m moving on. This part of my life is over.


And I made up my mind, and informed my husband of my decision –

[pq]I was going to create a minimum of 10k a month in recurring dependable income. [/pq]My plan was certainly a lot more than that in total monthly revenue, but I wanted at least 10k that I KNEW would be coming in each week.

I wanted to have automatic transfers going out of my bank account each week for things like savings, taxes, paying off my credit cards, maybe even paying ourselves and putting some aside for fun and adventure and travel! I was tired of being only ‘able’ to pay all of these things if there was any money left … which there never was.

I set the intention and had no idea how I’d achieve it, but despite that I decided to show my commitment by opening up online savings accounts for all of the areas where I wanted to be able to save money.

I even created an account called Fun Spending for Kat, and assigned a $20 a week transfer to it. I gotta tell you – watching that $20 a week climb made me feel SO luxuriously rich! For YEARS I hadn’t allowed myself any personal spending income, and it took me a while to get used to it! So much so that when I actually forgot about it for ages – I still remember seeing a $152 bikini I thought was stunning and telling myself I didn’t need it, then remembering that account, logging in and seeing there was over $850 there. What a feeling!

And it made me realise –

Fuck. I really CAN create and hold onto money. It doesn’t have to slip through my fingers. I can SAVE MONEY and I CAN have enough for the things that are important to me or for ANYTHING I CHOOSE.

It was like this moment of complete revelation, when I had to face up to the truth that the YEARS I’d spent not having money were ENTIRELY MY CHOICE.

And the funny thing is (or not funny, as I could have done it earlier I now realise!) that within less than a month of FIRMLY setting my intention for a recurring and dependable income of 10k a month that money had showed up.

In fact I had OVER 10k a month of consistent and recurring monthly income set up to keep coming in.

And for perhaps the very first time as an online entrepreneur, or maybe ever, I felt free.

Of course you don’t need money for freedom … but in this case it WAS something that represented freedom to me. And choice. And PRIDE – the realisation that gosh! I actually could do everything I’d for so long said I would.

And wow! Maybe if I could set up a 10k a month income stream I could GROW IT.

I know you want to know how I created that 10k a month income. Well, on a practical level, it was simply setting up a membership site for my business. But here’s the thing – I’d done membership sites many times before and not created this sort of stability. It’s not like you should rush out and build a membership site and assume it will work.

Here’s what DID work for me.

*When I set that intention I was crystal clear that it WAS going to happen. I didn’t set it from a place of over excitement, or anger, or desperation. That thing that broke inside of me that day? I can’t fully explain it but it brought me to a point where making money to live the life I wanted suddenly because a MUST. And all of the reasons I hadn’t yet let it BE a must just fell away.

*I made space for that money to appear. Every week I slightly increased the automatic transfers set up to my (13) different savings accounts. Many transfers were only $10 or $20. Some were larger. I kept increasing them each week with no idea how the transfer would actually go through. I’ll say this a thousand times if I have to, as I believe it is THE most important thing when it comes to making money:


EVERY time I have made space for more money to appear, it has done so.

*I developed a ‘fuck this shit’ attitude to anything that I didn’t love in my business or life. I did this consciously. I decided that trying to ‘win’ at life and business by following the rules and pushing so hard hadn’t worked for me at ALL so fuck THAT shit, I was going to do whatever the hell I pleased. I dropped projects I was doing only for money (not that THAT was working! ha!) and I started just flinging stuff out there based on what I felt called to do.

Note: I COMPLETELY disagree with the concept of following through a program or course until it is completely leveraged if it is not also FULLY in alignment for you. Drop it like it’s hot if you don’t love it sister! Because continuing on in NOT QUITE RIGHT projects is a surefire way to not find the freaking AWESOME one that will give you your breakthrough.

*I launched a new membership site off the cuff, with not even a single day’s warning to my audience (or staff, whoops!) and just based entirely on what I thought would be cool to do.

*I started just having FUN in my business. I started saying whatever the hell I thought. Writing what I thought. Just putting it all out there and not caring what anybody else thought. I’d spent so long trying to be professional, build a profitable business, make sure everybody knew what a great coach and person I was and not only did it NOT allow me to stand out and flourish, but it was fucking tiring!

So yeah.

Fuck that shit.

If I was going to keep doing business (and of course I was!) it was now going to be COMPLETELY on my terms and I was going to act AS IF I already had the money and the life I wanted. Because hey! Waiting around to GET there sure as heck hadn’t ended up being a good plan.

Seriously – one of the smartest things you can do in your business is to just start doing YOU, COMPLETELY on your terms.

And for me, turned out that being me and acting as if was a great plan.

This morning as I walked downstairs in the 5-star luxury resort where we are currently living for a month, before we move on to more first class travel around the States, the Bahamas, and then back to Europe – we’re traveling for a year! – I realised –


I now have just under 11k of automatic weekly transfers that come out of my business account. Money shooting all over the internet into my different savings accounts for the life I am creating for myself.

I easily and effortlessly afford ALL of my living, giving, savings fun and adventure expenses JUST LIKE I DECIDED I WOULD.

That money is my AUTOMATIC and DEPENDABLE monthly income- my business makes a lot more than that total each month but that is the BASE I know I can depend upon.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to have 10k a month in recurring income?

And then 10k a WEEK?

It’s not a pipe dream.

I’ve learned a lot about money this past year or two … well, the learning goes way back.

And I’ve learned that whilst the practical action you take does MATTER, it’s the internal choices you make that truly govern your success.

So my challenge to you this week:

1. Fuck the shit you don’t love
2. Start doing business and life TRULY on your terms
3. And create a home for where you want money to go