Alignment, Discipline & Flow


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I want to break down for you exactly what it will take to create multiple streams of revolutionary freaking income, doing what you love and having a HELLUVA time just being you.

Yes … I’m actually going to share ‘steps!’. Just bear in mind these are what worked for ME, and what I continue to work day in and day out. I’m happy to share openly on what works and you can take what you want from it; it doesn’t mean you won’t have to still find your own path of awesome though!!

But before I get into the steps, here’s what you need to understand about success, wealth, having it ALL, and getting to a point where all of this is ‘easy’ and automated; where even though you may well deviate back and forth from your ideal from time to time, you’ll always course correct and end up back exactly where you want to be:

It has to become who you are.

It’s not about the work you do for a little bit, the intensive hustle you knuckle down on, the last-minute stops you pull out in order to try and summon a miracle from thin air or from out of your ass.

Sure … that stuff has its place and purpose and can actually be a load of FUN.

But the real results? The business that just keeps building, the brand that keeps growing, the money that won’t stop flowing even if you WANTED it to?

That’s a simple product of the day in and day out work of simply BEING someone to whom being rich is the NORM.

You can analyse, if you like, the actions of super rich and super successful people, take notes and jot down ideas, but in the end you either need to take on the appropriate ideas, behaviours, actions into the essence of who you ARE, or you’re wasting your time.

You can make a plan, if you like, of all of the Ways You Can Get to Rich, the different income streams YOU want to kick butt at and what you’re going to do to make it all happen. But in the end you’re either going to need to BECOME someone who is a relentless creator, hustler, money maker, who lives and breathes and doesn’t QUESTION it, or you’re wasting your time and the best you can expect is some short-term result or validation before settling back to your normal.

What it’s really about IS a question of what your normal is.

If you SEE yourself as being rich … as making money while you sleep … as someone who people WANT to buy from … as KNOWN for whatever it is you truly WANT to be known for … that’s what will happen.

To a large degree, regardless of the actual actions you take.

The MINDSET and what you believe and know that you know that you KNOW to be who you are and just how things ARE is far more critical to the results you achieve and also MAINTAIN than what following even the best laid plan ever could be.

All of which is to say – if you want to create multiple streams of revolutionary freaking income, doing what you love and having a HELLUVA time just being you, then the fastest way there is to see it as real and expect nothing less.

NEVER forget this. I’m as easily distracted as anyone by the latest and greatest ideas, and there’s nothing I love more than seeing behind the scenes of what’s working for someone I respect and admire, or want to learn from, but the WORST thing you can do is to focus your energy on ‘doing the work’ if you’re not also actively DAILY doing the INNER work of believing what is necessary in order for success to be a GIVEN.

This means daily journaling, daily staking ownership of what you wish, absolute commitment to your intentions, being willing to face your fears head on, understand them as well as your blocks, and get to a point where you can do the work anyway from a place of absolute CERTAINTY that success is ALREADY yours.

This is a daily discipline not just because it needs to BE addressed daily but also because, like anything, a strong mental state requires daily training and attention.

If you do nothing else, to create the business and life and the MONEY you really want, do the internal work each day. Do it properly and the actions WILL follow.

Now, all THAT being said, here are the steps.

Here is what I think is NECESSARY in order for you to build an incredible online business based around the message you REALLY want to share, where you get to wake up each day and do what you love AND you also have money coming in from every which way.


There is ZERO point in today’s online world in trying to make a name for yourself if you don’t have a strong opinion and are unafraid to share it. About what? About whatever it is you HAVE a strong opinion about! I don’t mean you have to share all your opinions about everything, although you CAN … I’m talking about your ‘thing’. The thing YOU want to help people with, that you’re called to share, what you believe and know to be true and where you’ve created YOUR results from.

Those strong opinions you keep private, or share in a rant to a friend or your partner: you need to start sharing that stuff publicly.

You will NEVER stand out if you’re not willing to stand up and stand for what you believe in.

YES some people will dislike or even despise you for it. That’s not the point; it’s just how it is. The point is the RIGHT ones will love you, walk over hot coals for you, follow you to the ends of the earth.

But only if you let them see you.

Action: What do you ACTUALLY want to say to people? Start saying it. DAILY.


What this comes down to is you need to be okay with being UNAPOLOGETICALLY you, in all areas. There is NO area of business, the business of branding you and getting famous and RICH for BEING you, in which you can’t actually BE YOU.

It would make no sense anyway.

So let ’em see you. ALL of you. Unapologetically. The good, the bad, the crazy, the random, the ugly and messy and downright awful. The more you show the more they connect and FOLLOW.

Action: Stop caring about what people think. Let them think what they want. Your only job is to be who you actually are, or you’ll NEVER build a brand based around being you, and doing what you love.


If you want to make MONEY you need to first build a cult. A TRIBE. A clique. A BLOOD SISTER secret society. People want to belong to something. Something that reflects who they are, what they believe in, what THEY want to stand for, and the way they want to live their life and create success.

It is NOT enough to sell, or even to sell great stuff. You need to sell it to people who are already SOLD, on you, and what you stand for.

Action: create the community YOU would love to be a part of. How to create it? STATE it. Say exactly what you want to do, for exactly who, state what the beliefs and expectations and ‘rules’ are. Just lay it all out there and CALL IN YOUR TRIBE. Don’t expect people to find you if you’re not calling them out!

Once you have the community, even a TINY one, making money is easy.


I know this is mind-blowing, but if you just ask people what they want from you, they’ll tell you. If you’ve called in your true tribe, what they TELL you will also precisely reflect what you’re into. If you’re getting a big discrepency here you’re either not showing unapologetically who you actually are and what you stand for, or you’re not calling in your true tribe. Usually both.

Action: to get ideas for what to sell, ask people what they want to buy or receive from you


The previous is just one part of the process. If it’s aligned and you’re excited to create it, you can literally just create what people ask for. Bear in mind that sometimes (often!) people will ask for things you feel are ‘too basic’ or too ‘surface based’. Don’t be a diva about this: remember to honour the journey your clients are on. Often they will need things that you mastered years ago; things that ultimately got you to where you are now.


If they didn’t need these basic or ‘low-level’ things, the things you roll your eyes at and think ‘OMG that’s SO not what it’s really about!’ (because you’re SOOOOO evolved) then they’d already be where YOU are, and they wouldn’t NEED you.

So, sell them what they want so long as it’s on the PATH of what you stand for, and then also GIVE THEM WHAT THEY NEED, aka the deeper level stuff as part of it.

That being said, here is an alternative way to think of things to sell:

Sell what would get YOUR knickers in a knot.

Either a previous version of you (hint: this should match what people are ASKING for anyway!) or the ‘now’ you, as even though you’re tribe aren’t typically already where you are they ASPIRE to be and so what excites YOU now would excite THEM now.

Action: what would be unbelievably awesome for YOU to buy right now? How about a year ago? Two years? Five? There’s 4 products right there!


I’m talking purely from your online biz here; I’m not talking about income from shares or real estate or something. Within your online biz there is no reason you can’t have ENDLESS streams of income going on. I have products ranging from $9 to in the tens of thousands. I have over 100 different online products and programs, created over 8 years online.

Yes it is certainly possible to just do one thing. It’s not really relevant here as that’s not who I am, and not who my TRIBE are. We are creators, artists, visionaries, revolutionary freaking leaders who want to MAKE A LOT OF STUFF! So it makes sense to have multiple streams of income.

Here’s the breakdown I love, an outline:

0-$500: Home study programs, mini challenges, toolkits, audio or video series, stuff that solves a specific challenge or problem for your audience, something they’re actively looking for help with (ask them!!) and the offer is an instant no-brainer yes.

$500-$2000: Group based live online program, can also be evergreen (i.e. no live component), often includes live Q&A or trainings, also largely based on what people are actively seeking a fix for NOW. Always include a powerful ‘make them scream yes’ call to action, i.e. a discount or bonus or special offer too good to refuse. (Do this for every offer!!)

$2000 plus: Could still be group based training, with or without live component, will often include some level of 1:1 although doesn’t have to, certainly still based on what people WANT and are screaming for but also the higher price points will often tend to more so reflect the deeper ‘real’ work you know it’s all about. Bear in mind you STILL HAVE TO SELL WHAT PEOPLE WANT; it’s up to you to learn how to communicate with your audience so they see that what they WANT is what you’re SELLING.

Action: map out 4 offers ranging low-end to high-end, based on what we’ve discussed so far. Focus on the specific RESULT people will get when they do this work with you.


My favourite thing. ESPECIALLY as a creator. I’m talking of course about MEMBERSHIP programs. This is where you sell YOU and the COMMUNITY (cult!) and being PART of it, as well as instant and ongoing access to ALL THE AWESOME THINGS you’re creating or have created.

You can charge ANYTHING per month for this, it depends what level of YOU you’re including. Automated income from a membership site is a NO BRAINER for creatives. You never run out of things to create anyway, and really what you WANT is to express yourself and what your TRIBE wants is ongoing access, inspiration, empowerment and support from you!

This covers all bases! I charge $197 p/month for mine and the value received each month is in the THOUSANDS, and includes access to me. You can trial your first month half price at

The REAL beauty of a membership site is not just that it allows you to build automated monthly income, but that it is a SPRINGBOARD into your higher offers. A certain percentage of members will want to be the ‘VIP’ and do your more pricey and personalised stuff. Selling gets EASIER AND EASIER with a membership site.

Action: if you were to create a membership site, what would make you wet YOUR pants? What would your cult want? What price feels right for you? I like low-end prices as I WANT a big community and I want it to be an instant yes INCREDIBLE offer for my cult.

Set yourself an initial goal of what you desire in automated monthly income (i.e. 10k p/month), launch that baby, and keep telling people about it until you hit your goal. Then keep going!


The thing that REALLY makes the difference with all of this, is that you do just keep going. It’s not going to be about one program, one intensive month’s work, one special strategy.

If you want to build a business with multiple streams of income and make the sales side of it as automated and easy as possible you need to CONTINUALLY (aka daily) be:

* Doing your mindset work
* Sharing your message with free content
* Engaging on social media
* Creating from the heart
* Listening to what people want
* Asking yourself what YOU want
* Promoting yourself and your offers
* Paying attention to what works
* Automating processes along the way (i.e. build a funnel as you go)
* Coming up with new offers
* Actually launching them
* Upleveling your mindset further
* Taking care of yourself
* Looking after your current clients and community
* Offering them the next step
* Showing up. Showing up. Showing up.

Action: imagine if, starting this month, you created one new offer each month, actually launched it, promoted it daily, gave away free value daily, engaged and hung out having fun with your tribe daily, decided to just be YOU daily and not overthink it, offered your stuff for SALE daily, automated your sales processes as they worked and as you went???


Honestly, I know I could add a lot more detail here and we could talk about ALL the ins and outs and ‘what works’, but this list here? This is it. It’s just going to be now down to whether you:

a) choose to believe that YOU can get super rich, doing what you love
b) follow through and do the work, and do it CONSISTENTLY

It’s pretty simple to create multiple streams of income. You just need to keep creating ’em, keep calling in your true tribe to sell ’em too, keep selling ’em, and keep following through with epic delivery.

The only reason you’d NOT is if you allow fear, overwhelm, procrastination, lack of belief, and downright poor DISCIPLINE to stop you.

All of the other things you think you need will come WHEN you start taking action.

Isn’t it time you got out of your own way and just did what you need to do, to get to where you want to go?!