100 Ways to Make Your Dreams Reality!

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Here’s the thing beautiful. I totally believe that you are not only allowed but that you are DESIGNED to live your dream life. To have your dream business, your dream lifestyle, even the body and relationship. The works. There is no earthly reason why not. But sometimes, it gets a little tough, doesn’t it? Trying to stay aligned, motivated, and on track? This post will help. Enjoy x

1. You have to start now. There is no tomorrow, not even a next moment. Now is all that you have, and choosing to be afraid; to pause the creation of your dream life because of ‘what if’ will only guarantee you remain stuck and unhappy.

2. It really just comes down to belief. Whatever you believe you can have, will be yours. Another way to say it is – you will see it when you believe it.

3. You really can create whatever you set your mind to. The power of your subconscious mind is such that whatever you tell it over and over is true, it will believe. And what it believes, it will create.

4. There is no should. YOU get to choose. Every damn thing in your life is your choice. EVERYTHING. Don’t fall into the trap of believing even for a second that what others or the world tell you to be true, is for you if you don’t want it.

5. True happiness will be yours when you accept the idea that life is now. You cannot hinge your happiness on having, being or doing anything in the future. Choose to embrace who are are and what you have as of now, and choose to take responsability for where you will go next, but understand that until you are content in THIS moment you will never reach a time when everything is ideal.

6. Writing out your goals and dreams really does work. Even if you don’t ever refer back to what you write, the very act of regularly thinking about what you want to create and of welcoming it into your life now will move you ever closer to living your dream life. It will also train your mind to think on the positive more often.

7. You have to write your goals and dreams in the present tense though. If you tell your mind ‘I will’ or ‘I can’, you delay (indefinitely) the achievement of your goals and dreams. Instead, state emphatically ‘I am’ when you write or talk about your goals.

8. What if you don’t know what you really want in your life? A lot of people have no idea about their perfect business or life because they don’t make space for their dreams. Get off the wheel at least once a day and take a minimum of 20-30 minutes just for you, to focus simply on BEING you. Use this time at first to walk or journal or meditate. Be open to what comes into your mind. Listen. You’ll start to be inspired with ideas and possibility, with hopes and dreams. Write it down. Your subconscious knows what you really want; stop ignoring it by filling your life with busywork.

9. This is your one shot. Your ONE shot. Don’t you get that? If not now, when? The answer for many people, sadly, is never.

10. I believe that you really can live your every dream. But YOU have to also believe it’s possible, for you. How to believe? Simply decide. Which reminds me –

11. Changing your beliefs doesn’t have to be hard work. That in itself is a belief, isn’t it? Choose right now what you want for your life. Decide on the beliefs you’ll need to achieve those goals. Adopt the beliefs – poof! Just like that.

12. Everytime you say ‘yes’ to something you are not aligned to, a part of your soul dies a little. You don’t have to answer to anybody but yourself. Start treating your life like the precious gift it is; recognise that you have the power to be, do and have anything you desire and that if you don’t do so you are wasting the most valuable thing you’ll ever have.

13. Throw everything at your goals. Affirmations and manifesting work, when they are combined with taking consistent action. Taking action works, when it is combined with choosing your beliefs and thought patterns. Do EVERYTHING to create your goals and dreams as completed in your subconscious and you will see them complete in the conscious world.

14. Prioritise. You can’t do everything. You will never complete that list. You will DIE and the list will still be unfinished. So get over it. Decide what’s important. Focus on that. Forget the rest.


15. How to prioritise? Write a list of 10-15 things you will enjoy when your life is just right. Choose the top 3-5 items; the ones that would make your life just amazing, like a dream. Every week, set yourself 3 ‘major tasks’ for the week based on moving you closer to those top 3-5. Every day, set yourself the 3 ‘major tasks’ for the day based on your weekly tasks. Do them first. Do them only, if necessary.

16. Stop making excuses. No time, not enough money, not the right skill-set, too old, too young, wrong gender, wrong culture, wrong connections, not ‘whatever’ enough – it’s all an excuse. Somebody is worse off than you, and THEY are still living an extraordinary life. The truth is really ‘too unwilling’. Are you really prepared to continue through life being UNWILLING to live it on your terms?

17. Nobody else can tell you what to do. So don’t accept it if they are. Whoever they are. YOU get to decide what’s right for you. Take a stand for God’s sake. Life is now. Act like you know it.

18. This is true in every element of your life. In business, for example – just because ‘everybody’ is doing something to get ahead doesn’t mean your success has to depend on it. Somebody, somewhere, is changing the face of your industry right now by doing things their way. Why can’t you do the same?

19. Exercise your idea muscle. You wouldn’t complain that you don’t have strong legs if you never worked them out, so don’t complain that you never have any good ideas if you don’t practice coming up with them. A trick I learned from James Altucher is to write down 10 ideas every day, no matter how terrible many of them are – just get them out. The gold will eventually be found.

20. Create a vision board. It takes ages but it’s one of the most empowering and exciting things to look at once done. And simply amazing in its effectiveness. The more you surround yourself with words, images and actions related to what you want to achieve, the more quickly you will do so. Put your vision board on your computer as the desktop picture. What an inspiring way to start the day!

21. Another trick for creating your most important goal is to make your password your goal. As in ‘I make over $XXXX today’. Start typing that into every device multiple times each day and you’ll be astounded at the results.

22. Hang with the cool kids. The cool kids are the ones who give you permission to be you, who applaud you for wanting to live an extraordinary life and who support the belief that you CAN. Eliminate from your environment anybody who is not like that.

23. Just start. One of the most ridiculous reasons people delay creating their dream business and life is that they don’t feel ready. It’s the chicken and the egg; you’ll never be ready until you begin.

24. Another killer – perfection. This is not high school. You don’t have to get good marks. You’re not even being graded, except by yourself. Get it done, get it out there, correct later if needed. Life is passing you by while you’re busy getting things just right.

25. Forget the details. Do you tell yourself that you’re being productive and effective because you’re so busy each day. Busy taking care of what? Of making your dreams reality, or of staying on top of things that other people and yourself have at some point deemed important?

26. You don’t have to explain yourself to anybody. Want a cleaner? Get one. Want an at-home PA? Get one. If something is going to free up your LIFE so that you can live it the way you’re meant to be, that’s the very best investment you can make.

27. Step off the ledge. You don’t have to know what’s beneath. But if you know that where you are right now is not enough then it’s time to fly. Truly – you’ll be okay.

28. The one thing that can guarantee your success is refusal to give up. Just. Keep. Going. No matter what.

29. Similarly, the one thing that can guarantee your failure is choosing to give up. You want something bad enough you do NOT stop until you get it.


30. You really are a product of your environment. Who are you spending your time with, but also – what are you filling your mind with? Do you want to be the product of a blend of Big Brother mixed with Desperate Housewives of whatever County and The Bachelor? Or do you want to be the product of filling your mind with books, audios and other teachings from business and life leaders who are living their dreams and telling you that you can do the same?

31. You don’t need qualifications. Unless we’re talking for being a doctor or lawyer or something. But seriously – most of the people caught up in studying for whatever ‘credibility’ or really just not willing to start living their dreams now. It’s just another form of ‘when I’m ready’. By all means study if there’s soemthing you want to study, but start living your dream life at the same time.

32. Be grateful for where you are right now. You are already enough. You have enough. Start to focus on every small and large thing to be thank ful for, and watch the list of things to acknolwedge expand. Remember –

33. What you focus on, expands. Where your attention goes, energy flows. You get what you think about, most of the time. And all of those sayings πŸ™‚

34. This means – be happy RIGHT NOW with your financial situation. Your home. Your business. Your body. Every freaking part of your life. Be grateful. Be gracious. Choose to be enough. Believe that things are getting better right now but recognise that you ALREADY have so much to give thanks for. You will not receive more if you’re not a wise steward of what you already have.

35. You can afford to start saving now. $1 a week is a start. So start. Create the habits you want to have in your dream life. It’s the habit that matters, not the amount.

36. The same is true with paying off debt, decluttering your home, ‘becoming’ a writer or artist, starting your dream business. As long as you keep waiting until you can afford to give it the ‘ideal’ amount of attention … you’ll always be waiting. Get that boll rolling.

37. People will judge you. The more you move away from the crowd, the more you’ll be judged, mocked, criticised, even hated upon if you have a public figure presence of any kind. So what? How could anybody else’s judgment ever be worse than the stark horrible reality of one day looking back and having to judge yourself for never having done what you really wanted.

38. Whatever you think you can’t do, remember this. Somebody else is doing it. It’s not about who has the knowledge, the smarts, the right connections. It’s about who gets started and then keeps going.

39. Look forward at the life you’re creating, but don’t forget to look back once in a while as well. Look how far you’ve come! Acknowledge your efforts, your belief and attitude changes, your behavioural changes. Reward yourself. You’re doing a good job!

40. It’s not for other people. It’s okay to be chasing your dreams purely for selfish reasons, whatever that means. It’s okay to go after something just because. Speaking of which –

41. You don’t have to be only about the spiritual in order to be both successful and worthy in business and in life. Want the rockstar penthouse apartment? Go get it! Add it to your goal list, your dream board, write about living in it, open an account in which you deposit money into weekly for it. Want a Maserati, a Bally handbag, to write only with $1000 pens. Good for you! Wanting material things doesn’t make you a bad person.

42. Here’s what does – pretending that other people’s (or the world’s) goals for you are your own.

43. Rename your bank accounts to match what you are creating. My last remaining credit card debt, the account when I logon online says Reduce Debt Every Week. My personal spending account is named Lots of Money to Spend! My book keeper probably thinks it’s funny πŸ™‚ but who cares – it’s very motivating to see when I login.

44. One of the most empowering habits is to pay your bills and debts on time. But the most empowering and IMPORTANT habit is to pay yourself first. For every dollar that comes in, choose a percentage that you will save, a percentage that is just for you, for ‘spending’ money, a percentage to give (i.e. in tithes or to a charity or loved one). Set this money aside in this order, even if it’s 1% or less per item. And THEN you pay other people, expenses and so on.

45. Hint: spending money does NOT mean essentials. It means just for fun. On ANYTHING you want. I guarantee you your income will grow when you start giving yourself permission to enjoy some of it just for you.

46. Stop. It’s not about who pushes themselves the hardest, who works the most, who is ‘too busy’ to stop and smell the roses. Be okay with being lazy, with taking time out, with lying on your back and gazing at the clouds. Don’t act as though life begins when you retire.

47. Remember also, that your best ideas and also moments of clarity will come when you stop, not when you’re pushing. Give yourself that gift.

48. Do whatever it takes to free yourself of negative thoughts. If you know this is an issue for you, deal with it. Remember – you get what you think about. You CAN practice positive thinking. It can become the norm for you.

49. Whatever happens in your life, decide how YOU would like to handle it. Even when the very worst things happen, don’t let anybody tell you how it ‘has’ to be or what you ‘must’ do next or even what you must believe about it. You decide.

50. If you really want to live your dream life, start acting ‘as if’. Walk, talk, think, breathe, move and LIVE as the person you one day want to be. Before you know it, you’ll wake up as that person.


51. It’s okay to quit.

52. (It’s foolish not to, in many cases)

53. It’s also okay to do the exact opposite of what you ‘should’ and even of what you SAID you will do. You have permission to change your mind.

54. Everybody needs days of nothing. Stop imagining that you’ll only get ‘there’ by relentlessly being on. Stop and look around once in a while. Enjoy the fruits of your efforts!

55. You are worthy just for being you. You don’t have to do anything, be anything, have anything in order to be enough. You don’t have to pay any dues. Not now, not ever.

56. Just as you can choose your outcomes, so too can you choose your feelings. You can choose to be caught up in feeling down, grumpy, pissed off, jealous, resentful and so on, or you can choose to change your state right now. How? Simply decide. You remember – act ‘as if’. I promise you this works.

57. When you’re stuck, write lists. Examples – 10 ideas for your business. 10 ideas for a friend. 10 ways to improve your home. 10 things you are grateful for. 10 ways to shift your state and improve your mood. 10 things to quit. Don’t stop until you reach the number you’ve set for yourself. Then write another 10. Writing can get you out of a funk anytime, even if you’re not ‘a writer’.

58. By the way – you don’t have to be ‘an anything’ (such as a writer) in order to just – be it. Remember – no qualifications are necessary to live the life you want to live.

59. On gratitude: don’t be grateful only for what you already have. Be grateful also for what you are still welcoming into your life. Expect what you desire. Embrace it as a current reality. Be thankful NOW, and watch it appear.

60. Take time to really ‘be’ with your loved ones. This you will never regret.

61. If there are things in your life that you’re still ‘sucking up’, maybe that’s okay. But have boundaries for them. Refuse to give them any more time or attention than what you pre-determine as acceptable. Put your attention into your dreams and goals.

62. Journal! Journalling is one of the most powerful tools to figure out what you want, who you want to be. How to journal? Pick up a pen. Write. Start with ‘blah blah blah’ if necessary. Words will come. This is the perfect way to make space for your dreams.

63. Why can’t you do that thing you want to do now? What if you DID just pick up and go. What if you just began right this very moment? What if you just quit, with no warning? Why can’t you? Any reason you have is just an excuse. So if you want it – do it. Now.

64. Most people underestimate what they can achieve in a year. How about this? Instead of setting goals and giving yourself a date of 6 months or a year away to achieve them, what if you were to set a goal of making them happen starting now? What if you gave yourself 6 months instead of 12, 3 months instead of 6, a week instead of a month? What might be possible for you?

65. What might be possible? Anything! Never forget that.

66. You CAN make money doing what you love. There is a way. You simply have to choose to believe, and then keep going. Remember what we said about success and failure?

67. And – you don’t have to pay your dues first. Seriously.

68. It’s okay to be rude. Not in a deliberate way, but what I mean is – you don’t have to answer every email, message, notification or text. There’s too much vying for your attention in this world. Don’t let your own needs and questions be the ones that go unanswered because you’re too busy being polite to everybody else.

69. You can start again. Just because you once quit, gave up, f*cked up, made a fool of yourself or even if you SWORE you never would. You can still start again. And now.


70. Fortune really does favour the brave. Are you brave enough to take a stand for what you want? Are you brave enough to start now?

71. The truth about life is that the vast majority of people WILL die having never fully given it their all. And unless you do something about it NOW you will be one of them.

72. Life is not fair. Fairness is a myth anyway, as if you accept the concept itself you are also accepting the idea that you don’t fully control your own life. Start where you are, with what you have, and who you are right now. It’s all about you anyway.

73. You don’t have to prove yourself to anybody, not even yourself. Whatever your heart actually desires, is okay.

74. Want something to grow in your life? Like money, or love, or beauty, or creativity? Water it. Meaning – give it attention, track it, measure it, write about it, talk about it, believe in it. Throw everything at it.

75. A lot of what you think you need to be happy, is somebody else’s idea. Really make a conscious choice about your goals and dreams. Don’t accept anything less than your own desires.

76. In the same vein, a lot of how you think you need to GET there is also somebody else’s idea. Do you really HAVE to have a mortgage? To own a car? To have your kids go to the right schools? To rely on a job for stability? Question everything. Choose your own path.

77. Learn from your mistakes. If there are things you hate to do, stop doing them! Refuse to give in because you think you have no other choice. You always have a choice.

78. YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. On everything.

79. Visualise your one day life as being now. Ways to do this: write about your perfect day, business or life as though it already is. Tell somebody ‘I am a ________’ for the first time and even though you haven’t started yet. Be thank ful for the things you are still working toward. Create your vision board. Dream in the present tense.

80. The first hour of the day is the most powerful of all. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. Do whatever you have to do to hold that hour to ransom for yourself, and fill it with things that lift you up and energise you.

81. Anything that DOES lift you up, energise you, make you feel alive? Cannot possibly be anything but the very best use of time. So make it a priority.

82. Want more joy in your life, to feel more happy and in flow? Think back. What were the activities you used to do just for fun, that you now no longer ‘have time’ for? It’s okay to do things just for fun you know!

83. Be proud to be you. NOW. Not ‘when’.

84. When you’re really stuck on how to be happier and feel more alive, give the gift of happiness and joy to somebody else. How can you bring joy to your child, your partner, your friend? Life is all about you, but you are not an island. Sometimes the greatest joy comes from being there fully for another person.

85. Go exploring. How do you expect to get clear on creating a life different than the one you have now, if you refuse to ever step outside of it? Get outside, into nature, or just window shopping in a new location. Walk slowly, ponder. Watch. Let new things enter your subconscious, and new ideas be born as a result.

86. Speaking of nature – it energises you. Step away from the computer/iPad/phone once in a while, hmmm?

87. Stop checking in on everyone else’s life and start checking in on your own. Stand in a queue without going onto Facebook. I know – it will be freaking scary and probably painful. Do it. Get back to your own thoughts once in a while, if you want to stand any chance of ever actually figuring them out.


88. You can choose your values. What is important to you in your life? Make a list. Honesty, compassion, love, wealth, spontaneity, independence, spirituality? Make a big list of everything that is important to you right now and also of everything you WANT to make important to you.

89. Set new goals based on the values you’ve chosen for yourself. This is a great way to get out of the habit of always working on things you’re already good at πŸ™‚

90. You’re allowed to have it all. You don’t have to choose between work and family, family and you time, you time and sleep. How to have it all? The first thing is to start believing.

91. And – you’re allowed to have it all at once.

92. And – you’re allowed to have it all right now!

93. You can do this. You can totally totally do this. No buts. No what ifs. No excuses. Seriously – you’ve got this.

94. You don’t have to figure out your life purpose now, and maybe not at all. Just figure this out – what is one thing you’d need to do today in order to go to bed tonight feeling happy and fulfilled in some small (or large!) way? Start there.

95. There is always a way you can move closer to living your dream life. There is always something you can do. Even if everything were taken away from you, you still have your thoughts. So no, there is never a situation in which you can say ‘I had no choice’.

96. Make space for the positive in your mind by detoxing the crap. Do this daily, in the same way you clean your physical body daily. Journal it out, talk to a coach, go on a walk and let it out. You don’t have to hold it all in. It’s better not to πŸ™‚

97. Reward your achievements! What have you done this year, this week, today that is pretty damn cool? How can you reward yourself for that? It doesn’t have to be by spending money, althought that’s okay!

98.On self-sabotage. Whether binge eating, drinking, spending, whatever – it happens as a sign that something is missing in your life. What is missing? What do you really need? Why are you telling yourself you ‘can’t’ do things, eat things, have things? You’re letting it all build up, and the outcome won’t be pretty. Start giving yourself what you want and need NOW.

99. You don’t need to wait for a sign. But if you want one – this is it.

After all, the most important thing

100. –





6 responses to “100 Ways to Make Your Dreams Reality!”

  1. Alexandra says:

    Great List, Thanks a bunch! Always good to remind oneself of our inherint need to jump off cliffs, take risks & run with life. I would rather die on a nature walk than on a sofa watching Dr. Phil tell me how to think and feel.

  2. Ambika says:

    Aha! Your writing has similar effect as meditation. Ah! My two-day old headache is gone. You are a diamond mine of positive ideas.