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Making Money Online, Living Location Free, Finding Inner Happiness Once More and Getting Your Biz AND Life Back to Shit-Hot Shape: Can You Really Have it All?

My client Kim, less than a year ago when she joined my Society inner circle mentoring program and said hell yes to creating her dream business, had no website, no online business, no plan really at all, beyond what we mapped out at a 2-day intensive weekend together; a short retreat from her 9-5 ‘normal’ life.

What she wanted? To be a freedom based entrepreneur. And other things, but that’s essentially the end of it.

Fast forward a few months later and things were damn freaking scary. A new business, the pressure of trying to actually make MONEY from it, of putting yourself out there? That’s hard fucking work, never mind when you’re still working full-time at a job that sucks the ever-living soul out of you.

THIS, of course, is where most people give in.

The majority:

I want it, I’ll do what it takes, nothing will stop me!

And so they begin, excited and ready and CERTAIN that they can and they WILL.


Oh shit I have to actually WORK / keep going / pick myself up bloodied and bruised and broken and keep GOING?

I have to sacrifice abusing my BODY with stuff that blocks out the world and my ability to actually show UP in it?

I have to take a fucking real RISK?

Oh, no thanks.

That’s okay.

I’ll be just fine living like the rest of the fucking sheep.

Whilst getting fat, bored and borING

But hey, don’t worry! I’m driven … I have goals … I just can’t ACT on them yet, you know … I’m busy … stuff’s going on … you don’t understand!

Anyway. Just a small side rant there, courtesy of a fired up convo I had with a fellow entrepreneur this morning.

But let’s talk about Kim –

Right before Christmas, she came to me; to The Society (Society of Women Who Dream Big & Make Shit Happen!!) group and said that something I’d mentioned on a training just HIT her:

Oh and ff you’re thinking this will be something mega profound, it’s not. Except it is –

“If you don’t DO it, you’re not DOING it”.

Or words to that effect.

Isn’t it funny how something so simple can suddenly make you realise you have to change EVERYTHING?

Like the realisation that life is NOW, or that you’re not REALLY happy living like this, or that you could just START, or that if you’re NOT doing it?

You’re not doing it.

A day later, no joke, she quit her job. Just like that. Of course she’d been WANTING to since we started together, and TALKING about getting to that point, but that was in July and this was Christmas; a couple days before if I remember correctly.

She literally came into the forum and made this announcement of realisation, and then … acted on it.

3 weeks later she flew from Australia to Vegas to meet me for a 2-day intensive, then went back home for 3 weeks or so, packed up her stuff, came and met me in the Bahamas in Feb for our retreat, and hasn’t gone home since.

She’s traveling the world, location free, supported by a business that didn’t exist 10 months ago. Oh, and she still doesn’t have a website 🙂

Which brings me to this:

Everythng you know about business?

Is a lie.

You think there are RULES to follow, a process you must adhere to, and that you have to bide your time?


A new entrepreneur friend of mine was telling me the other day how he went to 6-figures within mere MONTHS of starting out. 0 to 100, boom. He decided he was going to be THE #1 person in the world at what he does, and so he just … did. With NO online experience, I might add although he did, unshockingly enough, invest HEAVILY in working with the right mentors. He’s on his way to 7-figures now and the best part?

Doing ONLY the fun stuff.

Now if you think that this stuff is a pipe dream for YOU, a few inspiring stories that get us all warm and fuzzy but far removed from the reality of what YOU can achieve?


SHIT honey.

Of course if that’s what you want to believe … that’ll be your reality.

And I could tell you stories all DAY of real world women just like you, who started with nothing, no experience and you can bet your ass JUST as scared and unsure of themselves but yet they did it because they refused NOT to, and yet you’d still have your list of reasons why you can’t, not yet, not fully.

Of course I’ll go ahead and tell a few more stories anyway, since that’s what I came here to do.

And since the RIGHT people reading this? Will sit the fuck up and get to work; maybe this will be that so not profound yet OH so profound moment of clickity-click clarity which we all need to be smacked in the face with from time to time.

If I can do that for one person with this post?

My work here is done.

So yes, you want to hear more? I got more.

Christine is another client of mine. She joined The Society on the same day as Kim, in fact! My inaugural 2 revolutionary leaders 🙂 these women and the others I lead at that level are like my heart, my core. My WHY, for sure.

Christine came to me with an idea of who she wanted to be online, what she wanted to do, but it was clear that it was surface based. Vague. Not really the REAL stuff; the good stuff. She’ll tell you that herself, don’t worry – I’m not just smack talking here 🙂

But we got some clarity, and she got to work. HARD fucking work. The kind of work that requires laying yourself on the line, investing HEAVILY (in working with me, not to mention the actual time, effort, EVERYTHING) in order to build from scratch, a dream.

Dreams that aren’t built on risk and giving it your ALL rarely come true. Or everyone would have ’em, wouldn’t they?

Fast forward.

5 months I would say, it took, of relative PAIN. Good pain, for those who understand the concept. But pain. PRESSURE. You know what they say about diamonds and pressure? This woman went through the kind of internal transformation that most people wouldn’t even want to READ about, let alone experience for a day or three.

And it took about 5 months, before the BIG shifts began. Sure, there were shifts along the way. And we worked CONSTANTLY. SHE worked … I just did what I do, back into alignment, back into kicking ass.

This is one reason why, effective already, I know longer take on short-term private coaching clients. Transformation doesn’t happen in 8 weeks baby! And whilst I’m all for doing deep dive work that lays the GROUNDWORK for transformation I no longer choose to do that at the higher level, with those I mentor personally.

Fast forward.

A few weeks ago, Christine left for Bali. Return: not quite known. She’s location free.

Running her business.

Her ALIGNED business, not the one we first heard about in that room back in June last year.

She is one sick bitch … and leading her own revolution of sick bitches committed to having a truly sick body, biz AND life.

Hard work pays off.

But you have to be prepared to do the actual hard work, which is to say to fight – daily – the battle inside your own head.

You want more still? I could keep going all day!

Elles came along to my first London event last year, start of August. She lives in the Netherlands and is the kind of calm and reflective person who makes you suddenly aware of a whole lot of things you’ve been pushing away about yourself. Elles has this way of looking at you without really saying anything, where others would call bullshit (others like me :)) but she doesn’t have to say anything at all.

Elles shared her BIG dream with us, in that room in London.

To have a farm, in Hawaii, where she could run spiritual retreats and the like.

We all laughed and talked about how we’d run my next retreat at Elles’s farm in Hawaii.

You know when you laugh at something but it’s not a joke? Well, Elles joined The Society that weekend, and every week since then we’ve done the work on alignment, on truth, on ACTING from truth. Her business has grown, from nothing, into something that is still growing (does it ever stop?!), becoming every more personal ever more REAL, her finish date at her day job now locked in for just a few months from now.

All good, if not great, right?

But something she wasn’t telling me, even though we speak every week!

Elles came to my event in London last Friday, and the night before a group of my clients and I met for drinks.

“Something to tell you”, she said.

“I wanted to wait until it was in person”.

Oh yes, I thought – another big response on one of her guest posts, perhaps.

“We got the land.”

“I’ve been asked to come and built it”.

“We’re moving to Hawaii in September.”

Her husband, who is Tibetan, received his visa of residency in the Netherlands the same WEEK, which means he can actually move now.

Are you shitting me?

I couldn’t believe it.

Except of course I believed it, I never saw it was one of ‘those’ dreams that people talk about.

And neither, I suppose, did she 🙂 

You want something bad enough, you put your mind to it? You REFUSE to take no for an answer?

You fucking get it honey!

Rosemary. Rosemary, I think, is like my sister from another world, although I’ve never said that to her.

It’s the high HIGH level creator inside of her I connect with, the ARTIST within her she fought so hard to repress, trying instead to show the world what it wanted – what she thought it wanted – as a professional, as a ‘business coach’.

I don’t have to tell you … if you’re an ARTIST, a LEADER, a REVOLUTIONARY? Then honey you can NOT wear the title of business coach. Weight loss coach. ANY coach, really.

The truth is I don’t even really work with coaches as my core clients, although many of my leaders DO coach.

But no, if you’re a leader, a GAME CHANGER? You don’t call yourself a coach.

But Rosemary, she was calling herself a coach. And she looked like a coach as well. A boring one, if we’re being honest, or at least if we’re comparing to who she actually IS!

What she wanted, was to show the world who she really is, but she wondered if she’s too crazy for that.

“Yes”, I said. “You definitely ARE crazy … with your naturally damn crazy hair if you stop straightening it and let it fly, and your habit of breaking into song in the middle of coaching or sharing something … there’s no doubt about it, you are damn STRAIGHT crazy!”

Which is what you need to show the world.

And really why the fuck would you NOT want to be crazy; what’s the alternative?

Fast forward.

The journey has been back and forth, as it always is. In the midst of lead gen and client work and selling and all that has been the true work, which is the hardest work.

Making money is not actually the hardest work! Although sometimes you’re tricked into thinking that. But for Rosemary the real work has been giving herself permission to SHOW the crazy. It’s crept out in fits and starts, shoved back in at times and then let right out. Now it seems to be RIGHT out … and the flow of ALL good things that flow has changed accordingly.

We went to dinner the other night, a special dinner with Rosemary and Elles and myself, my Society gals on the London side of the world, and over Italian tapas (!!) in Picadilly Circus, it really hit me:

Fuck me.

I’ve been seriously mis-judging these ladies, as well as the others who’ve stories I’ve told here, and others till who I haven’t made mention of. This post is long enough!

I mean I talk to them every week …

I KNOW what they’re doing …

I see when they get stuck …

I help them move THROUGH …

I give them feedback on their business and anything they want to bring up …

And I’ve proudly watched them achieve their dreams, pretty much not at all inn the way they thought they WOULD but get there – better than there! – nonetheless.

But here this whole time I just thought I was coaching.

And as I sat there on Friday night and really thought about what ALL these women have done in the past less-than-a-year, I realised:

This has NOTHING to do with growing an online business.

Sure … businesses have been built.

But what’s actually happened, really, is a revolution.

An individual one, for each of these women.

And a pretty damn powerful one from my point of view as well.

A year ago I set out to create a Society of REVOLUTIONARY leaders.

I was very specific in my head that I wanted to work exclusively with those who were called to MAKE millions, IMPACT millions, and to change the world. Which is to say, not about the numbers, but actual born leaders not ‘women who want to make money online’.

There is a BIG difference.

And to be honest I kind of forgot about that dream. It’s been a busy past 12 months what with life on the road, a new country every few weeks, the ups and downs of being location free as a family AND running and growing my own business!

And there’s been times quite honestly when I’ve questioned what I’m doing.

Am I even helping anyone?

Is it even making a difference?

Does anyone actually NEED me?

Well the truth is I know that none of these women NEEDED me. They were freaking BORN with what it takes, and then they simply decided to act on it. Decided that if you’re not DOING it … you’re not DOING it.

But I’ll tell you this. And it’s hard for me to say, because as much as I know I’ve helped people get a lot of results in business and in life, and it means a lot to me. But I guess my true calling – well I KNOW my true calling! – has always been to impact LEADERS, and those that want it all. To see them then rise up and GET it.

And there’s been many times – even recently – when I’ve told myself I’m not there yet, I’m not leading in that way yet; how do I get there.

Until I sat down –

And talked to these women –

And really LOOKED at them, inside them, in a way we don’t do in the flurry of our week to week conversations –

And was honestly just floored.

These women have actually changed who they were BEING. They’ve stepped into who they ARE. And they’re LIVING that. And whilst THEY are the ones that did that, I can truly see where I in so many ways LED it.

I actually did it … I’m actually doing it … I’m leading leaders.

I’m starting a revolution …

I’m seeing women all around the WORLD rise up and press play in a way that the 1% in the 1% doesn’t even freaking consider.

It’s pretty fucking awesome, if you wanna know. It’s even more awesome that I know I’m just getting warmed up here!

And I guess that wasn’t so hard to say after all 🙂

The majority:

I want it, I’ll do what it takes, nothing will stop me!

And so they begin, excited and ready and CERTAIN that they can and they WILL.


Oh shit I have to actually WORK / keep going / pick myself up bloodied and bruised and broken and keep GOING?

I have to sacrifice abusing my BODY with stuff that blocks out the world and my ability to actually show UP in it?

I have to take a fucking real RISK?

Oh, no thanks.

That’s okay.

I’ll be just fine living like the rest of the fucking sheep.

Whilst getting fat, bored and borING

But hey, don’t worry! I’m driven … I have goals … I just can’t ACT on them yet, you know … I’m busy … stuff’s going on … you don’t understand!

The majority watches life pass them by, one painstaking day at a time.

These women? They’re not the majority honey.

And I suspect – strongly – that neither are you.

Go time beautiful.

Now remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.




WARRIOR LEADER begins May 1st. Our PRE-WORK begins this week! (It is personalised to you!)

The initial price has been extended / is still on!

Here is what this comes down to though. Because it’s not really whether or not you join in the initial price intake.

This is 6 weeks in which you will be SHARPENED THROUGH FIRE TO BE WHO HE SENT YOU TO BE.

Yes this pertains to business.
It pertains to life.
It pertains to YOU.

This is work unlike anything I’ve ever led or created before.
And unlike anything you’ve ever encountered.

It is 100% God revealed. God led. And God ENTRUSTED.

It is,
quite simply,

+ your place
+ visions God shared with me for you


For the Woman With a Burning Desire for MORE, Who Is Ready to See Fire Raining From the Heavens in Every FACET of Her Life as She Says Fully Yes to Who God Designed Her to Be.


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