Aren’t you just so fucking grateful for everything that is possible for you right now?

I was doing my morning journaling just now and I only made it a couple of paragraphs in, writing about what I now CHOOSE for success and my life, re-affirming things that are already so and things that I’m currently creating, and it just hit me how AWESOME this thing is.

It hasn’t been that long, really, since I was pretty much a broke and broken MESS.

Mis-managing my money … to the tune of over 100k in debt (largely through investing in my business, but still! Stressful!) …

Mis-managing my health … always a few kilos ahead of where I wanted to be and COULD be, but yet for whatever reason continually choosing to give in, to wimp out, to tell myself not today or I didn’t feel like it …

Mis-managing the future I was creating with my children … too busy on the phone, too busy working, too busy listening to my soul screaming “what the fuck are you DOING?!” about every area of my life to be able to focus on just BEING with my kids …

Mis-managing my message and therefore the tribe I was attracting, the business I was growing, the purpose I was NOT living into.

Nothing in my life AWFUL, let’s be clear. Everything just a LITTLE off centre, a LITTLE off alignment, a LITTLE bit frustrating or stressful or fucked up.

Close … so close to the life I wanted! Close, but no cigar.

Do you ever feel as though everything you EVER wanted and know you COULD have / be / do is just a whisper away? You can feel it … touch it almost … TASTE it … you know it’s RIGHT THERE and if you could only just … just … just –

Well, what?

Why CAN’T you just grab it / grasp it / claim it / own it / BE it?

I think if you could answer that right now, and then act on it, today would be the day you look back on as being the first day of the rest of your LIFE!

And I’d love to tell you how, really I would … and I’m going to try, really I am, because you know what? I have a lot of good shit going on in my life. I’ve purposefully CREATED a life where I have it all, on my terms, just by being me. EVERYTHING I set out with firm decision to achieve, I’ve done so.

And yes I WILL share the ‘how’, but first can I ask you something? It’s important … or the ‘how’ won’t work anyway …

Do you know when you’re in alignment, and when you’re not?

Do you KNOW where it is you’re actually headed?


Here’s a random weird but true fact for you gorgeous: you very likely WON’T get what you want if you haven’t fully defined what ‘it’ is and made a firm commitment to go ALL IN at getting it!

So yes. The first step of alignment is knowing where you’re headed. Don’t know / can’t figure it out / not sure? Pick something. Honestly, anything. What is ONE THING you can focus on right now for your business or life that you would feel GOOD and EXCITED and TRUE about working towards?

Let’s start there, no matter how small.

The next step:


Look around. Look within, mostly, but look outside a little as well if you like, and answer honestly:

Right now, the actions that you’re taking, the thoughts that you’re cultivating, the YOU who you are being, is all of that moving you TOWARDS this one thing, or not?

It’s a BLACK AND WHITE question darling. Pregnant, or not? Christian, or not? You can’t be in between with that shit! And nor can you with alignment. You’re either ON TRACK or you’re COMPLETELY FUCKING OFF TRACK. So which future do you want to create? Because your NOW is paving the way baby.

So if you say to me –

(Or to yourself)

That you’re ‘nearly there!’, ‘so close’, ‘on your way’, and so on, then honey you’re bullshitting yourself. And you will NEVER achieve this one thing but worse still, you’ll never achieve ANYTHING you desire with this attitude.

And that’d be a fucking shame, because, y’know, one life and all that. Happening now and all that. PRESS PLAY NOW, and all that!

Being even 0.0001% ‘off track’ when it comes to alignment, when it comes to purpose, when it comes to creating your DREAMS, is the same as being on a completely different track in a completely different universe. It might feel SO CLOSE in the short-term … but an 0.0001% deviation compounded over time? What’s that going to look like after a week … a month … a year …. a decade?

So. Step three.


You want to be a writer and share your message of truth? Then you share ALL, or you share NOTHING. I don’t mean you have to share all your secrets! I mean that when you write you write REAL. You don’t SIT there and ask how you can be more authentic / real / raw … how you can get your true message out!

Would you meet a friend for coffee and mentally prepare for how to be you?! So why would you do that in business …? As a writer / speaker / leader / revolutionary fucking ARTIST the ONLY way for you to share your truth and create a business and life based on being you is to show up and BE YOU.

No filter. No judgement. No DELIBERATION. But also, this:


You set your goal. Your TRUE desire. Your firm INTENTION of what you will have or be or do or CREATE. You make a CHOICE (a choice!) to believe you’ll get it.

And then you release that fucker and get your head down and your butt up doing the work.

In the day to day of it you do what you need to do FOR THE PURPOSE OF DOING IT … not for the EXPECTATION or INSISTENCE on where it’s going to take you.

For as long as I told myself I would eat or exercise a certain way ‘so I lost weight’ …

For as long as I pushed myself to create and offer and sell ‘so I could make money’ …

For as long as I actively marketed my brand ‘so I could grow my list’ …

For as long as I did things for a certain OUTCOME in any area of life …

I remained bound, trapped, and OFF PATH. To be in alignment, but also, weirdly, to actually get the results, it has to be about doing the work for the work’s sake not because of where it ‘should’ get you … about being you for the fucking awesomeness about being you not because you think you need to be you to succeed … about working out because of what you get out of it in the NOW … about writing / speaking / creating / leading because of the fire it unleashes from within and because you can’t NOT.

Results only come when you’re able to engage in, and flow in, and be in, and be ALIGNED in, the now.

And besides, who are you to know in advance what the exact steps are to get you somewhere! You have to figure that shit out as you go … you will NOT figure it out if you’re rigidly holding to rules about what you should do and trying to be a martyr for success.



‘Cause actually getting to engage in awesome TODAY is pretty fucking, well, awesome.


All of this has to be done daily. Daily you meditate – journal – write – etc – on your dreams and desires. You get that stuff into your DNA where it’s always with you and you see it as being a DONE deal.

Daily you then TRUST that even though you can’t see how what’s going on now could possibly get you THERE all will work out exactly as it should. Even when you can see it you trust that you might know nothing at all still! You trust that by tuning in today … listening in today … being in alignment and being YOU today … you are pressing play now, making the right choices, and ALL WILL WORK OUT EXACTLY AS IT SHOULD.

So daily you are the RELEASING expectation … releasing having to have a certain result or proof, today or at all. Releasing PUSHING while at the same time pushing. I know! Success is full of contradictions. You can take it or leave it. I’m going to take it and I hope you’ll join me, but I know most people won’t because it seems SO MUCH EASIER to just be told what to do, jump through a pretty fucking hoop, and then get … what?

40k a year and a gold watch after 10? Fuck, even 400k a year and a Rolex wouldn’t really be good compensation for HANDING OVER YOUR SOUL AND LIFE, would it?

I don’t know, maybe it would. I guess it IS for some people.


I’m spinning into tangents.

Where were we? Okay … okay! I was going to share HOW.

How have I made several millions of dollars online now … how have I got my monthly income to over 100k and heading to now over 200k … how am I in shit-hot shape … how do I only work a few hours a day … how is 90% of my ‘work’ my soul PURPOSE where I’d not only do it for free I’d actually pay TO be able to do it … how does this crazy bitch who can’t seem to pull together a proper outfit and makeup to make a video have it ALL?!

Well honestly, you know … I’d love to tell you how.

I’d love to show you the STEPS.

I’d love to show you the PATH.

But the truth is? I’m still figuring it out … so for now what I’ll say is simple:



You’ve got this baby … it’s SO freaking close … can’t you TOUCH it … TASTE it … FEEL it?!

And isn’t it about fucking time you owned it?

You have the power of choice to change.

Use it.

Because YOU, you were born to have it all baby.

Writer. Speaker. Leader. Fucking Revolutionary. Hot. Epic. Awesome. Joyful. Crazy. Gorgeous. Bitch.

Aren’t you just so fucking grateful for everything that’s POSSIBLE for you?!

And aren’t you just so fucking PROUD of yourself to be living it? And if you’re not quite there … nearly! … close but no cigar … then a quick tip:

Choice baby. You’ve got it. Time to use it.