Live Your Passion


When you think you have nothing to write or speak about, no pearls of wisdom are flowing from you, there’s not a single good idea that wants to even let you sniff at it, and it feels like the entire world just runs uphill, pause for a moment, and remember:

It’s all just a game of energy.

You can flick the switch at any time.

Open up receiving.

Tap into INFINITE abundance.

Turn the damn power tap ON!

When it seems as though the days are endless, and you’ve a sneaking suspicion they’re kind of personally out to get YOU, shit continually seems to pop up deliberately to irritate or interrupt or sway you, and you’re wondering if you can actually get some kind of tailor-made bubble to live in because it’s ALL JUST BULLSHIT, let’s just remember:

It’s all just a game of energy.

You can dance in or out of this stuff anytime you choose.

And you ALWAYS have the power OF choice.

When it all just seems so hand over fist.

And, while you believe in flow and you KNOW it’s a thing, you fully ‘get’, on a thinking level, that it’s possible to tap into the supernatural, the magic, to be supported by life itself and just kind of CARRIED ALONG IN YOUR PURPOSE, you cannot for the life of you tap into the remembrance of the FEEL of it (never mind the how) –

And to top it all off you’ve got whatever the exact opposite is of ‘woman who is glowing’ –


You can exit that paradigm any fucking time.

DECIDE to be an entirely new human,

that fully expressed and in sync with higher self you,


if you so choose.

At any moment you GET to decide to hand it over,

to stop tryna mastermind the whole damn thing yourself,

and to flip out of a world in which 1+1 is the only way to get to 2!

I guess the only question is, and all we need to know here in order to know if you’ll ever actually let this stuff work for you –

How great do you wanna believe today?

But no, actually, that’s not enough! Any fucker can say they BELIEVE. Any fear-bound idiot who long ago took soul out of the drivers seat can SAY they believe.

The question REALLY is –

Do you live it?

No no no, not theoretically.

But NOW.

Are you literally in this moment right now allowing yourself to surrender your LIMITED human mindset of “I have to do it all myself and there is a right and a wrong way and I gotta not only figure OUT the right way but also nail it perfectly”, and to LET WHAT YOU NEED BE SHOWN TO YOU –

Come THROUGH you –

And indeed be made PART of you?

Here is how that works in practice:

The actual fucking how of surrender, and letting yourself be supported by God and by life itself. Of letting your highest self take over, and allowing what you need to know, creatively and otherwise, to be dropped down to and through you from the other realms!

^^ ps if you don’t get that this is a NORMAL (albeit not common) part of being fully human, then go check yourself. You are not just flesh and bones. You are body, mind, soul, spirit, and beyond. If you are trying to ‘do life’ just in the natural, and not daily access and utilise your spiritual and otherworldly gifts and powers, you’re as big of an idiot as a person would be to refuse to use their arms and legs in case its ‘bad or wrong’, or because ‘those things can’t actually be real’.

EVERY part of you, seen and unseen, is real! Stop limiting your natural freakin’ functionality! It’s moronic.

Anyway, the how of letting yourself be guided, of knowing you are on YOUR perfect path, of accessing certain soul guidance, wisdom, creativity, and more:


Do you actually think you’re going to ever get off this damn hamster wheel when you continue to spend your days reacting to everyone and everything but God and soul and highest self?

Do you actually think you will ever break the chains that bind you in the form of noise, notifications, continual and never-fucking-ending ‘shoulds’, and soul shrinking ideas and ideals of every fucker outside of you of what you must do if you don’t break them NOW.


You will not.

It is a motherfucking DISCIPLINE to plant your entire being, and, in a literal sense, your DAY, in God and soul.

This means you do not pass Go, do not collect $200, do not do jack SHIT until you are tapped in!!

And don’t give me any bullshit about not having time for that. You don’t have time NOT to do that! Besides, it can happen in mere MOMENTS, a heartbeat, although I’d suggest you consider giving it more time than that. In fact, the more you feel you don’t have time, the more you better stop still until you realise you ARE infinite time,




Anxiety and fear and all the shit you gotta do before you think you can press pause has got you firmly by the short and curlies, well, why don’t you SHOW IT WHO IS IN CHARGE.



And damn well HOLD.

Until it realises it doesn’t get a say anymore.

Starts to slip away.

Meanwhile you start to drop in.

Power and truth coming through you.


And allowing.

All that God has ALWAYS had there for you.

Realising that you literally have infinite ability to create your purpose-led life THE WAY YOU SEE IT INSIDE OF YOU.

And suddenly laugh laugh laughing at the idea you could ever have thought that time, money, or simply (!!) damn HAPPINESS and PEACE were ever something you had to grasp little bits of, if you were lucky.

The thing about life is –

Most people are living in a tiny little bubble of limitations which they made up in their head,

and on occasion peeking out through the keyhole into the great expanse of all that always was.

The place where everything flows abundantly,

and ALL you have to do is say yes to God, and soul, and being fully you.

They’ve been given the codes.
The way has been SHOWN.
and then living from that yes, and trust, and being willing to ‘so-called’ fly blind every day from there on out, which is to say to be led by the ACTUAL blueprint to success, the one that comes inside of you!

The thing about life is –

As much as they’d swear otherwise,

most people are terrified to go through the damn looking glass and to the other side.

The thing about life is –

You can’t very well keep saying you’re not most people,

when you so clearly demonstrate otherwise.

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