Success Mindset


When the thing you desire is a part of your everyday reality, it’s so normal you can’t even really feel into or remember a time when it was NOT normal – was there ever one; surely not?! – when it’s as much a matter of fact part of your life as the rise and fall of the sun,

is also when your continued success and upleveling has become automated, and guaranteed.

Whilst it would theoretically be possible to reverse the programming you’ve installed, to UN-normal the normal, through careful and deliberate sabotage, over a prolonged period of time, for example (think: the trainer who deliberately gained 30kg / 65 pounds to prove some sort of fools game point), it can not just HAPPEN.

It’s become literally impossible for you NOT to upgrade automatically.

It’s a train set on path, destination locked in, and the whole shebang is robotics of the finest possible standard. It ain’t gonna fall apart, lose even a single second, or need to be paused or held up for repairs or inspection.


This is how it should be, it’s what you were meant for, it’s how you were coded already on a soul level, before you let the ways and beliefs of the world get in and, well, DID unwittingly program yourself away from who you always were.

Think about an area of your life where the ‘doing’ bit is just so much part of your ‘BEING-ness’, that you literally never ever consider whether or not you will do the thing. It’s AUTOMATIC. No, this doesn’t mean you don’t think about it. And it certainly doesn’t mean that there’s not inherent struggle or growth to move through and past. It means, simply, that you always advance into the fray, in this area at least.

It’s just YOU, what you do, and it’s for SO long been part of you that you can’t imagine how you could ever go off track in this area. YOU CODED IT INTO YOUR BEING, and that’s why you have such excellent results in this area, the kind most people long for and consider however unattainable or only possible at great cost, whereas to you it’s just ‘duh’.

Now –

Think about an area where you do NOT have this.

It feels hard.
Uphill ONLY.
SO out of reach.
As though, firstly, you’re not really sure what you should be doing anyhow (and you question your EVERY possible move), and secondly, you pretty much believe that even if you DID know exactly what to do it’s kind of a drag, and would almost certainly require you to PAY A PRICE you don’t really wanna pay.

You think that to get results in THIS area you’re going to have to give of your time, your energy, your emotion, or some other bit of you or life that you frankly don’t really wanna have to give of, or don’t have it in you!

Your mindset, indeed even your EXPECTATION, is that you’re probably gonna get it wrong for starters, and that whether or not you do, it’s definitely gonna drain and contract you!!

So, maybe if you have killer willpower reserves somewhere within, or you just really summon up all of your gumption, and psych yourself into remembering just how damn much you want this thing, you manage to roll up your sleeves –

Get to work –

And do the damn thing.


Because, after all, we’ve already established you’re not sure what the fuck you’re meant to be doing, you’re PROBABLY pausing yourself at nearly every turn to consult with half the Internet AND all possible guides, rather than simply following soul guidance and therefore dropping into flow –

(can’t very well follow soul guidance if you can’t feel it, and YOU decided that in this area you can’t feel or trust it)

– and meanwhile you’re STILL in the story of it draining and exhausting you, so small wonder that motivation, willpower, and all the yee-hah gumption in the world SOON ENOUGH DOESN’T DO THE JOB ANYMORE!!

Crash, bang, smack, BOOM –

You fall apart. Off track. (You weren’t on anyway). Decide it’s too hard. Or just make up some bullshit about how ain’t nobody got time for DAT right now.

You see what’s going on here, don’t you?

And the ONLY possible smart move to make?

No bitch, it’s not to go hire some goo-roo who is going to tell you THEIR magical way, the ‘one system you’ve never tried’ (unless that one system is … uh … be unavailable not to back yourself! Oh yeah! I’ll sell you that, haha!).

It is NOT to go harder on willpower, either!

The answer, the ONLY answer it could ever be, the ONLY possible way you’re ever gonna get to ‘done’ in this area?

You gotta normalise da FUCK out of it baby.

The fuck out of the actions to take? Hmmm, maybe. That’s whatever! Actions follow outcomes, so what you really need to do is to normalise the fuck out of the OUTCOME.

If it were normal –

If it were just ‘of course’ –

If it were DUH BABY, how could it be anything other than THIS –

Then it would BE your normal, and the ‘do’ would.not.fucking.matter. People would ask you what you did to get here, and sure sure, while you could reel off some stuff, what would the biggest one be?






It is NORMAL for me to be in insanely great shape fitness / health wise. I am unavailable for anything less, and that’s not just a thing I say, it’s a thing I have coded into my being for 23 years now, and for MOST of those years it has just been automated, to continue to uplevel. There was a small period at the start for habit building, and a couple of periods where I got to re-learn, and go deeper into me, due to post-pregnancy, for example, so I ‘re-normalled’ the normal, but mostly?

Despite all the work I HAVE done.
Despite the MANY times I’ve sweat my ass off with burning tired eyes or not wanting to start.
Despite the many times I nearly lost a lung on the floor (fave memories!).
Despite the EFFORT which of course always comes with ANY part of being, because, duh, you’re human and GET to grow.

It’s all felt effortless.

I cannot, even by the VERY greatest stretch of my imagination, feel into a way I could POSSIBLY ever become out of shape, unless due to serious illness or injury, and even then I don’t think it would deter me off path.

Not because I am addicted to making myself DO shit. lol. I have never had that problem, in fact I SUCK at doing shit!

Because it’s part of me. And so the upleveling (not just maintenance, duh – you wanna code in UPELEVELING!) is automated. For life. Amen.

Just as it is part of me to make a minimum (multiple 6-figure+++) amount of revenue in my business each month.
Just as it is part of me to be PROFITABLE in my business and life, wildly.
Just as it is part of me to have millions of dollars in assets, and to continually grow that.
Just as it is part of me to get up and behave in a certain way in my morning routine.
Just as it is part of me to work only with soulmate clients, doing my soul’s truest work.
Just as it is part of me to –

You get the idea!

I don’t do jack SHIT in my life to get an outcome.

That’s not how it works.

I get the outcome because I became the person who gets the fucking outcome, on repeat, and ONLY up.

THAT is how it works.

Drop the damn story.

Be unavailable NOT to back yourself.

Be unavailable not to HAVE IT ALL.


You were born for dis baby. But you still gots to go get it.

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