Success Mindset


Stop looking for a way to feel safe and ‘know’ in advance exactly what you need to do to get ahead, make money, become known, have it all.

You wanna know what to do, and be SURE you won’t fail?

Do the fucking work.
Every fucking day.

That’s it.

But if you want to know exactly WHAT you need to do or sell so THAT it works, and you think there’s actually an answer to that question and you just need to find it, you’re more deluded than me, and NOT in a good way.

If you want a guarantee then go and take a training or certification or college course to get QUALIFIED as something. I guarantee that if you pass the course you’ll get the qualification! Of course that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to do anything with it and it definitely doesn’t guarantee you’ll be happy or fulfilled, but at least you can present yourself to the world as a worthy and credible person based on the say-so of the higher power you gave your money, time, and control to.

But if you want to be an ENTREPRENEUR

And create success on your terms.

And get to CHOOSE how much money you make, what you’re known for, where that money comes from, and every aspect of HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE, then there IS no guaranteed pathway.

There’s no system.

There’s no strategy.

And you’re a complete and utter moron if you think it’s just about mapping out the right plan, and following it.

Do you want to know what DOES work, as far as knowing how to make choices and take the right action?

Yes, yes, of course, do the work! But how to DECIDE what work to do?

Gut feel.

Your INSTINCT baby.

Hone that shit DAILY.

LISTEN to it.


If you have BAD instincts you simply don’t understand what instinct is. Instinct never steers you wrong, so if you feel like it is then you simply don’t know how to listen to it. You’re crowding it out and no doubt repeatedly making choices in your life that are fear-based or based on what someone else says is right.

This doesn’t mean you should never LISTEN to what others have to say.

Listen, learn, pay attention.

But listen first and FOREMOST to yourself, to the whispers deep within, to the pulls and tugs and ‘what ifs’.

Listen and TRUST in what your inner voice has to say.

Trust is a CHOICE, okay? You have to CHOOSE to believe in yourself and you have to choose to trust yourself and you have to choose to ACT based on trust rather than putting somebody else’s so-called wisdom ahead of what feels right to you.

The only reason you’d NOT do this – trust in yourself and act from that place – is if you let fear rule you. If you allow yourself to be panicked and overwhelmed with anxiety due to the fact that you’ve mismanaged the creation of your current reality and you’re freaking the fuck out about what’s going to happen if things don’t get fixed NOW.


When entrepreneurs get panicked they tend to jump around like headless chickens grasping desperately at anything they think might be a quick fix, or save them. Instead of leaning DEEPER into trust they move further out of it, feeling like they can’t AFFORD to trust their instincts, that they don’t have time for that, and that SOMETHING NEEDS TO SAVE THEM.

Well guess what?

Don’t you think if there was a QUICK FIX you’d have already freakin’ found and applied it, along with the rest of the get rich or ‘saved’ wannabes out there?!

There’s no quick fix.

You’re smarter than that, anyway, so stop WASTING TIME acting like a deluded fool who thinks that if she can just find the right MAGIC BULLET all her problems – problems which largely came from NOT TRUSTING YOUR GUT AND NOT DOING THE DAILY WORK – can be wiped away.

And instead get down to doing what you should have been doing the entire time anyway:

LISTEN the fuck within.

Pay ATTENTION to what the business, life, reality is that you actually want to create.
Give yourself PERMISSION to be allowed to live that life, do that aligned work, attract those types of clients, get known and also SUCCESSFUL in the way you dream of.

And then?

Well, then honey, what else?! Create your own fucking guarantee.

GUARANTEE yourself that for the rest of your life, day in and day out, you’ll do what it takes, no matter what it takes, until you get there.

GUARANTEE yourself that no matter whether you feel like it, or don’t know how, or you’re freaking out so hard you can barely thinkmovebreathe, you’ll still do the work.

GUARANTEE yourself that you’ll put EMOTION aside and follow the fuck through.

GUARANTEE yourself that you’ll stop being so fucking lazy and inconsistent and that you’ll treat success like the DISCIPLINE and the HABIT that it is.

If you started doing the work –

From today –

And you did it from this day on –

Every day –

And you never SKIPPED a day from here on out –

And simply did SOMETHING even when you didn’t quite know what to do –

Do you think you might learn something?

Create something?

ACHIEVE something?

And do you think that maybe if you did this for LONG enough you’d create your own safety net and guarantee of results, born by virtue of the fact that you PROVED to yourself that nothing would stand in your way and that no matter how many times you at first had to fail or stumble you’d ALWAYS pick yourself up and keep going?!

Here is the REALITY:

Success gets easier at the top.

Fit people have it easier to stay in shape or get EVEN fitter or leaner than fat people.

Wealthy people have it easier to get more rich or build their wealth back up than broke people.

CONSISTENT people have it easier to become even more disciplined, and get more done, than inconsistent excuse-makers.

If you want to reach a point in your business, fitness, LIFE where things ‘tip’ and you never again have to WORRY about not having what you want, then stop trying to magically just BE at that point, and accept the fact that you need to become the person who does the work for it every day.

And if FEAR is stopping you right now, or trying to convince you that you have to do something for a quick fix, just to get on top of things, or that if ONLY YOU COULD FIND IT there’s some magical fucking solution, and as a result of fear, panic, overwhelm and REAL WORLD FUCKING PROBLEMS aka bills you can’t pay, etc, because you didn’t ALREADY trust your gut daily and do the work daily, then ACCEPT you have only one choice here:

You STILL have to do the work and start doing it daily if you’re ever going to escape this cycle.

So stop letting fear RULE you. LOOK IT IN THE EYE.


Realise that if you ACCEPT your fears as POSSIBLE outcomes they can’t control you anymore.

I don’t mean assume or intend your fears will come true. But accept that even if the ‘worst’ happens it will NOT KILL YOU, and besides running around every day mentally panicking about how NOT to let it happen is the best way TO get it to happen!

Accepting your fears is incredibly freeing, and it means you can then RELEASE them, stop worrying about them, and focus on the job at hand which is (remember!) the ONLY WAY FOR YOU TO AVOID YOUR FEARS COMING TO LIFE and also the only way to evolve to a point where you’re never trying to quick fix your life again.

And if you want a guarantee, of how to make it, get ahead, get rich, and get know?

Well, that’s easy!

I GUARANTEE you that doing the work, every day, for the rest of your life?

Fucking works.