Success/Success Mindset


Baby I was BORN for this

When I was a kid, I used to do what I wanted in business. I formed clubs and associations that were cool, I sold what was fun to sell, I did what I LIKED, and I always did things right away because why the fuck would I NOT? I sneakily stayed up late to read and dream and scheme, I got up super early if I was excited about something, I ate when I was hungry, I was playing all day LONG but yet also hustling most of the time because that’s just who I AM.

Nobody ever told me that you can’t just do what you want …

You can’t just say what you please …

You shouldn’t do things so HASTILY …

And you have to go to bed and eat your food!! Okay, my Mum did tell me that stuff from time to time, but you get the point 🙂

As an adult, now, I continue to break all the rules and do what I want, but as an adult I find I’m way more constantly being told how that’s NOT OKAY AND NOT POSSIBLE than what I ever was as a child!

For example:

For nigh on 20 years now, my average night sleep has been 4 hours. Sure, sometimes of course I have a lot longer than that. Sometimes I even crash and burn (omg, how BAD!!) … but often I also have a lot LESS than 4 hours.

4 is the average for me, and weirdly – or not! – many of my most successful and also HAPPIEST / most in alignment friends, peers, clients are the same on this.

People keep insisting that this shit is gonna catch up with you, that you can’t live like that, that it’s not healthy and you DEFINITELY shouldn’t talk about it as a good thing, and I just keep thinking –

When is it gonna catch up with me? In 20 more years? ‘Cause I just keep getting hotter and richer and more energised and MORE on purpose, while those of you who mournfully proclaim the need of the human to sit on its ever-expanding ass most of the day seem to be heading the OPPOSITE way to that, so I’m not so sure I want to walk away from all of I have and am because of your FEAR PREACHING that PEOPLE HAVE TO SLEEP 8 HOURS, no really, or else!

When I see people make a big deal of how BAD it is to ‘promote’ staying up late, getting up earlier, PUSHING and HUSTLING all the time, I do get frustrated by it at times … that part of me that still wants to PROVE herself definitely feels the need to jump up and down about it … but mostly I just find myself smiling in bemusement, shaking my head, thinking –

You’ll never get it.

You’re just not one of us.

It’s not about TRYING to push yourself to a certain degree, it’s about the fact that some of us really are just superhuman.

It’s cool if you’re not –

You don’t have to try!

We’re okay in our own little bubble –

It’s cute you think we actually struggle or ever pay a price to live like this. Actually the truth is that anytime we’ve tried to be NORMAL, to not live like this, we struggle. We WILT. Our soul gets sad, basically! And everything turns to shit, gradually, because to NOT give in to our superhuman powers is to act against our very nature, is to try and be something we’re NOT.

Sleep is one thing, and I’ve long ago let go of wondering HOW it is I not only survive but THRIVE on such a supposed small amount. I’ve met enough like-minded superhumans to know that I’m not alone, and I’ve also learned over time that what the WORLD views as necessary or normal is the view of the common man.

And baby I ain’t the common man, and nor are YOU, I suspect, if you’re following my stuff and it resonates.

I honestly believe that the typical human activates not even 0.1% of their potential. The typical entrepreneur might be higher than this; perhaps 1%. So to a degree, when these arguments come up around what a person ‘needs’ in order to function at a premium level I just feel like pointing out the fact that actually all us SUPERHUMANS are doing is tapping into more of our HUMAN potential.

Why choose to believe that you NEED ‘x’ amount of sleep in order to be a total beast? Why not just change your beliefs?!

Same goes with food.

The last few days I ate nothing until 8pm. I had OVEREATEN in the few days before that, whilst wining and dining clients, and I knew I didn’t need it. I wanted to shed and shred, 3-4 kilograms in 2 days, so duh – I stopped eating.

MOST days I don’t eat until 3pm. I have coffee with a splash of milk, I have BCAAs, and I have greens powder or cleanse powders. So I’m not fully fasting, but yeah – mostly I fast.

At 36 and a Mum of 2 kids I am lean, with abs, and have precisely the hot body I want. Anytime I drift a bit from my own high standards I just stop eating and support with supplements, while also training 2-3x a day, till I get back to where I want to be. Takes me 2-3 days to achieve what most people might do in 8 weeks; sorry never. Most of the time I just don’t go off track from my ideal anyway.

I used to be one of those people who thought you HAVE to eat every 6 hours, that not eating in order to get lean is BAD or SELF ABUSIVE and we should all LOVE OURSELVES FAT. Now I see people – fat people, usually – getting worked up about the stupid BODY LOVE MOVEMENT and how all bodies are beautiful just as they are (no, they’re not – your body was designed to be healthy, so take ACTUAL FUCKING CARE OF IT) and I just shake my head to myself and feel so damn GRATEFUL I was able to start thinking outside the bubble.

Eat when hungry. PROPERLY hungry.

Not before.

Give your body the CHANCE to detoxify and rebalance insulin levels and immunity from time to time, aka FAST. Fasting is one of the most naturally evolved facets of health! But yet most people continue to walk around telling themselves that even though they feel and look like shit they should keep stuffing food down their pie-holes.

Well – okay then. Think whatever you need to think. Believe what WORKS for you; it’s all any of us ever do anyway!

Me, those who get it ALONG with me, we know –

Meh. We don’t have to try and convince you. You’re either superhuman, like us, or you’re not. If you’re superhuman you realise that NOT eating can actually be one of the most energising and health-supportive choices to make! You also DECIDE exactly how you’re going to look and feel and then you just make it happen.

If you’re normal human you shout hell yes at Dove ads and look and feel 20 years older than you are; never mind what’s going on on the inside.

It’s your right to choose.

It’s our right to keep being superhuman and to try and get over trying to preach to you about it. After all, if you’re NOT superhuman by nature you can’t just PRETEND to be, can you? Best we learn to keep to our own type!

How about business? Oh my God, the minefield here! The endless fucking RULES.

If I were to follow the NORMAL PERSON RULES of business I’d speak when spoken to, in the Queen’s English only thank you very much, sell something only after painstakingly poring over it for 6 months, then announce to the world I ‘just birthed a baby’ (and now have to sleep for 2 weeks) lol, I’d worry constantly about how my hair looks, whether I’m being professional, whether my online presence is PRETTY enough, whether people LIKE me and if I should even be here in the first place!

I’d get upset when people talk about money –

Shocked when they share their actual true feelings or thoughts –

Outraged if somebody dared to move a TOE without a PLAN –

And I’d spend my days caught up in a never-ending myriad of DOING SHIT THAT DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER so I can build everything possible online EXCEPT an actual cult following and a mother-fucking empire.

Instead I say what I think, when I think it, how I think it, to whom I wanna say it to, in ANY way I please, I launch 4-6x a freaking WEEK, barely a day can pass before an idea comes to life, I don’t apologise, I do NOT try to fit in, I do NOT care if you don’t like me, I get more done before breakfast than most people do in a month, and I do it with BELLS on.

In other words? I create like a mofo, completely from purpose, share my message FULLY and don’t let my bullshit or anybody else’s be bigger than my dreams!

Oh, and I have an EPIC fun time doing it, work only with my dream clients; heck my entire community is completely aligned, receive multiple x a DAY affirmation of how I’ve helped someone add thousands – or even hundreds of thousands – to their bottom line, get into alignment, finally speak THEIR truth, and give IN TO WHO THEY ARE.

Meanwhile I make multiple 6-figures a month doing this, all while hustling 24/7 but yet also PLAYING 24/7 because how I do all this? Is I monetised my freaking LIFE baby!

So yeah … I can’t say that it’s a very effective sell when the slow-down brigade who also tend to be the BROKE AND STUCK brigade have an anti-hustle hissy fit!!

And I might jump up and down too, because I DO want to argue my point – I love it! – but then I just turn away and smile, because I know –

It’s fine.

You’re not one of us.

Some of us are just superhuman!

Some of just don’t believe in struggle or in business OR life not being fun, so we just stopped DOING that.

You don’t have to join us.

You wouldn’t fit in anyway, you’d be too busy sleeping and eating to keep up!

So anyway. I could go on and on all DAY here, but I think you get the point, and also – I’m not writing this to try and convince those poor 2D normal folks to try and be where WE are. That’d just be mean, like tempting a BABY with a treat and telling it that it had to get up and run to get it.

You can’t be who you’re not.

But here is why I am writing this, why I DO put myself out there so fully as the RICH BITCH HAVE IT ALL UNAPOLOGETIC DIVA I AM.

The thing is, I’ve been in business for myself in some official form for over 16 years now. I’ve been in business in a less formal way for 32 years now, given I started selling at the age of 4, and by 11 was doing 1k a week at times as an Avon lady who also ran various schoolyard and club-based enterprises on the side.

When I was a kid, I used to do what I wanted in business. I formed clubs and associations that were cool, I sold what was fun to sell, I did what I LIKED, and I always did things right away because why the fuck would I NOT? I sneakily stayed up late to read and dream and scheme, I got up super early if I was excited about something, I ate when I was hungry, I was playing all day LONG but yet also hustling most of the time because that’s just who I AM.

Nobody ever told me that you can’t just do what you want …

You can’t just say what you please …

You shouldn’t do things so HASTILY …

And you have to go to bed and eat your food!! Okay, my Mum did tell me that stuff from time to time 🙂

Somewhere along the way, as an adult, I started listening to the bullshit.

To the RULES.

And to the shaming, honestly. The shaming that told you that wanting MORE is bad. That having it ALL is not possible. That you can’t possibly be HOT and also smart. That you can’t openly like making MONEY – let alone daring to spend it or FLASH YOUR VIFP STATUS around – and also be on purpose.

That what you feel inside is not okay.

That the way you want to do it is not okay.

That you need to put up.

Shut the fuck up.

And follow along.


I got tired with playing it safe.

I got done with trying to fit in … I never quite could anyway!

I started to QUESTION, as well –

Why CAN’T I have it all?

Why CAN’T I be rich and hot and on purpose and continue to change the lives of thousands of people each year and indirectly even each day?!

Why DO I have to sleep a certain way, eat a certain way, think a certain way, be just like the other girls!!

SOMEWHERE along the way, shortly after that, it hit me –

Not so simply mind you, but eventually I just GOT it. Eventually it sunk in what believing in ABUNDANCE actually means, what we were created for as humans, what we are ALLOWED and how if we do NOT go all in and follow what’s inside of us we also can’t make the IMPACT we came here to make!

But eventually, yes, I got it:


It HIT me –

I’m fucking superhuman baby. No WONDER it feels a constant struggle, a strain, a stress, to try and do what everybody says I have to do! No WONDER it just comes easily to me to make money, have insane energy, look and feel a million bucks. And no WONDER other people get so upset about it!

They’re just not superhuman. Which must seriously suck balls. But it is what it is.

Best we go our separate ways.

Some of us really are just superhuman. Can’t help it. Can’t change it. Wouldn’t want to, obviously.


IF you’re one of us, and you know it. If you’re SUPERHUMAN and you’ve been fighting to OWN it. If you don’t have a meltdown if the clock doesn’t say you ‘got enough sleep, if you believe your body mind heart and soul will TELL you how far you can push, or go, if you believe in hustling all day long and half of the night but at the same time you refuse to NOT be having epic fun the whole time, then I might just have something for you –

I’ve created a movement.

An UPRISING, really.

Of those who know they were born for more, and are ready to claim it.

Of those who want to get RICH baby, REALLY fucking rich. But do it with PURPOSE, with PASSION, from FLOW, and by sharing their GIFTS.

This is for the 1% within the 1% entrepreneurs, leaders, artists, creators, performers and REVOLUTIONARIES who are ready, willing and COMMITTED to doing what it takes, no matter what it takes, until it takes.

I made this for you.

And what it is?

Is all in baby. ALL the way in, you and me, working together, 1:1 and VERY intensively in my high-end private mentoring INTENSIVE.

This? If you’re actually fucking committed and ready to do the WORK of being YOU and making the money, the impact, the LIFE you were born for?

Will change EVERYTHING.

We start Monday.

A few places remain.

The price goes up FROM Monday, but the next intake is not even yet determined.

THIS IS THE TIME gorgeous.

You want what you say you want?

You’re ready to SHARE what you have inside of you?

You KNOW you were born for more and NOTHING is going to stop you claiming it?


Then MESSAGE me, and let’s talk. Let’s talk about YOU, finally going ALL in to share the gifts you were given. To changing the WORLD.

And to making a fuckload of money and a helluva’n impact, while living the VIFP life you KNOW you came here to live.

Spaces are limited.

Doors close Monday.

COMPLETELY unlimited 1:1 access to me.

And there are rewards for those who act fast.

So enough –

Enough with the WAITING –

With the WONDERING –

With the HOPING –

And the not-quite-yet.

Superhuman and ready to LIVE it?! Then message me now.