Success/Success Mindset


This is how the hustlers live and get shit done.

Wanna know if you were born to GO ALL in and actually make it to the top? Whether you ARE a successful person deep down?

This’ll tell you.

1. Live, Breathe, Dream, BE the Business

It’s not that successful people work so many hours and are willing to put in what it takes. It’s that they can’t NOT work ALL the hours because they actually ARE the business, the business is them, there are no lines and it’s impossible to separate the two.

Asking me, my friends, my clients, to take a day off from business is like asking us if we feel like taking a day off from breathing / eating / sleeping.

We’d RATHER not eat or sleep for a day then not work, and let’s be honest – often do.

Holidays, down-time? SURE – so long as I can bring my laptop with me!!

#BorntoSucceed: You know you’re a true hustler when … the idea of not taking your laptop somewhere is TRULY abhorrent and you’re appalled I’d even suggest such a thing.

2. A.B.H.

If you’re gonna be a hustler then clearly it stands to reason you’re gonna ALWAYS be hustling.

ABH baby!

Take my friend Kelly, for example, who I’m sitting side by side with right now in one of the Gold Coast’s best breaky and hustler hangouts. We go on a morning beach walk together once every week or so. What do we talk about?


We’re now sitting side by side in a cafe, catching up.

What are we doing?


Actually I didn’t know she was going to be here when I walked in before but where else WOULD she be except somewhere with great coffee, wifi, and her laptop? Of course she’s here, and of course she’s hustling! And now that we took a quick snapchat and selfie what are we doing?


#BorntoSucceed: You know you’re born to hustle and rule when … you catch up with your friends and the catch up part is about 0.01 seconds before you both start itching to pull out your laptops or at least just to talk about how you’re both HUSTLING right now and share tips. You know your FRIENDS are right for you when they feel the same way and are not offended by this 🙂

3. You’re ENERGISED by More

Every time you try and slow down, take time off, have a break or do one thing at a time you feel as though your soul is DYING AND CRYING, and the weird truth is you feel MORE overwhelmed by having LESS to do, you get anxious, the whole thing is just EXHAUSTING!

Truth? You’re not weird at all, you’re just brought to life by the OPPOSITE of what everybody else THINKS they need – I guess does need! – in order to be okay.

You need LESS sleep, MORE chaos, MORE tasks, ENHANCED craziness, and if you feel overwhelmed or stuck then the answer is definitely you’re NOT fucking busy enough baby!

#BorntoSucceed: You know you’re a TRUE natural born hustler when doing MORE lights your fire, fills you up, gets you IN the zone and happy and doing LESS leaves you flat as a pancake. A sad and depressed pancake.

4. Be Honest … You LOVE the Madness

True hustlers love chaos, the juggle, the breathlessness of not quite knowing if we’ll make it and then we DO.

We’re adrenalin junkies through and through and yes we DO need to know how to manage that shit (coffee! training! wine! more hustle!) and we pride ourselves on REPEATEDLY biting off more than what OTHER – NORMAL – people think we can chew.

A simple way to get us to DO something for you is to tell us you understand if we’re too busy or tired or don’t have time. Fuck you! We’ll do it WHILE we sleep and twice as thoroughly as what you expected 🙂

#BorntoSucceed: You know you’re a true hustler when … you think people who talk about launching being like birthing a baby should be shot, that the whole idea of a launch taking longer than about 3.5 days to plan is just plain LAUGHABLE and that the only reason you’d have your fingers in less than about 45 pies at once is because you were DEAD.

5. You Make Decisions Based on Where You WILL Be, not Based on Now

Okay, look – YES this one can get you into a teensy bit of $$ trouble in the early days of your biz … or even later … but here is what it comes down to:

If you believe, no KNOW you’re gonna make it then ALL decisions are made only from that place.

This, super conveniently, means it is literally impossible for you to make a bad decision about how to spend your money and time! You KNOW you’re gonna make it so it’s not possible for you to screw up! No matter how far in over your head you get or go, how much extra debt you land in in the early days, or how many times you find yourself saying yes to something you have NO idea how you’re going to pull off it doesn’t MATTER because you were born to WIN.

Other people think you’re being reckless, foolish, irresponsible and in your less lucid moments you might think the same. But the truth, the real truth you know – you’ll do what it takes. No matter what it takes. Until it takes.

If that means debt, pain, struggle, failure after repeated fucking failure then so WHAT because YOU will pick yourself up no matter how many times it takes because it is your DESTINY to win.

#BorntoSuceed: There’s no point even discussing it. You’re going to win. Period.

6. If You Had to Read This Post to Know, You Failed

The reality of course is you don’t need ME to tell you whether or not you’re a hustler and born to win! If you needed MY input or seal of approval you’d certainly have already failed!

I could go on and on about all the ways that US HUSTLERS UNITE AND IDENTIFY EACH OTHER.

The way we want to RIP SOMEONE’S HEAD OFF if they dare to question us … or even LOOK at us while we’re working … thinking … FOCUSING

The way we learn to bounce back so damn quickly after a knock back that before we even finish hitting the floor we’ve already reframed it into a positive and a lesson learned …

The way we’re so damn self-aware we can’t help accidentally coaching ourselves and everyone around us all day, every day …

The way we try and MONETISE every freaking situation in our lives and every body else’s life while we’re at it (I literally monetised being trapped in a flood and buying a $750 bottle of wine on the weekend) …

The way we just don’t even HEAR small talk …

The way we will STEALTH EXIT any situation we feel trapped in or bored by …

The way our expectations of what we want and when we WANT it – now! – exceed SO far beyond the realms of realistic that it’s not even worth discussing …

The way we want WHAT we want WHEN we want it and HOW we want it, now and fuck anybody who says we can’t or that we should be more patient …

Of course really what it’s about is simple as fuck:

We’re superhuman baby. And we act fucking accordingly.