Katrina Ruth
Success/Success Mindset

You Have a Destiny … NOW is the Time to Fulfil It!

Do you ever find yourself wondering what the point of it all is?

I know I do from time to time. I realise that might come as a surprise. I’m aware I very much give off an attitude of knowing exactly what I want and why, and then doing my very best to work towards it each day from a place of total alignment. It’s also what my message is, right? Get clear about what you really want and are called to do and then do the work to make it HAPPEN.

So it stands to reason that I’d be doing the same in my own life.

And I am; I do … for the most part.

But sometimes when I sit on the beach at the end of my work time, or when I’m walking to a cafe where I’m about to begin writing, or when I first wake up in the morning and think (probably too much!) about what I feel motivated to do that day I definitely QUESTION.

And I find myself asking things like what’s the point anyway, what is it for, does it even all MEAN anything and who even cares?!

I look at my work, the stuff I obviously DO care about so much seeing as how I can’t stop writing, speaking, thinking about it, and I wonder if it actually even makes any sense, and whether there’s a TRUE need to think so much about what we really want for our lives, what we’re called for and how to create it or if we all should just take a deep breath and focus on the basic or normal things we need to stay afloat in our lives, get by quite nicely, and ultimately be able to look back on a life filled with normal nice things.

Like owning a nice house, a few nice cars, sending your kids to good schools, having a family, taking some nice trips, having a cool social circle, maybe going to the odd personal development workshop here and there. Reading good books. Going to movies. Living. Being. Waiting.

Waiting, I guess what I’m saying is, for when it’s all over.

And then – well, what was the point?

You made a life. Had a house. Popped out some kids. Took care of them.

That’s good. And it is good, I’m not being tongue-in-cheek. Certainly the raising happy healthy strong kids part of it is a BIG motivation for me. Maintaining good relationships, fun and happy relationships, with my family and my best friends – that’s big for me as well. That is stuff I absolutely consider an ESSENTIAL value-based use of my time and energy, it’s ‘this is what it’s all about’ type stuff.

But the thing is that if I just stop with all that stuff – the normal stuff – then I guess it would mean that the point of MY life is to raise the next generation as well as be a good, supportive, loving etc wife, daughter, sister, friend. And to maybe have some cool experiences along the way, enjoy life a little, achieve the usual markers of safety and success, and teach my kids how to do the same in their own time.

And as much as I’m truly happy for (although befuddled by) anyone who is content with this, it’s just not enough for me.

I just can’t believe that my purpose here on earth is to purely be a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and then teach my kids how they too can live into a similar normal role in their own lives. To me it feels like that would mean the whole point of even BEING here is just to pave the way for the ones after us.

Which I guess actually IS what I think, but in a different way. I guess I think that truly paving the way for those who come after us means trying to in some way leave the world a better place.

Now you can leave the world a better place by impacting one person, or a handful of people, or millions of people.

Neither is better than the other; I don’t think.

You can’t say that if somebody is ‘just’ a mother their life has less meaning than if they impact millions. What if that person’s calling was to be a mother, to raise a child? What if that CHILD impacts millions? Or what if they don’t; it doesn’t matter, the POINT is that it matters that we each do what we are called to do.

And deep within, where we often don’t dare to look because it is at times painful to confront the reality of, we each know what we are called to do.

I know I am called to use my words – mainly through writing, but also through some speaking – to impact millions of people around the world. To inspire, motivate, empower and ASS-KICK them to get into alignment and clarity around what they truly desire, what they are CALLED for, and then to push them off that ledge into action to make it happen.

My DESTINY, quite simply, is to help others be honest about, and then live, their destiny.

To inspire them to press play!

And that’s the whole point –

I can be as busy as I like creating content and promotions and building an online business but unless I am actively THROUGH MY WORDS inspiring others to press play, then there really IS no point for me, nor in terms of how my work might be able to impact you.

I don’t really care about so many things to do with online business, or business, or success. I don’t care how you go about doing your launches or promos or whatever. I don’t care what your program name is. I don’t care what’s on your website or which social media platforms you’re using. I don’t even care that you want to make money, to be perfectly honest with you, nor do I care about myself making money!

Unless. And it’s a BIG unless, but the only way I care about any of that stuff or can even bring myself to think about it is if you are first and foremost being honest with yourself about what you really want, what you are here for, and if you’re then DOING IT. Obviously the same goes for me also being honest with myself and then doing it!

And I think that when your focus point is being in alignment with your true calling; your destiny, that you will create and produce what you are MEANT to, and you will have the impact – whether on one person or one hundred or one hundred million – that you are meant to have, and it won’t matter HOW you went about doing it, you will FIND the how by first tuning in to the WHO YOU ARE.

It’s all that matters.

When all is said and done, who are you deep within and who do you choose to be BASED on that deeper reality?

When I find myself wondering what the point of it all is, it’s because I know that I’ve in some way stepped out of alignment. Sometimes it’s that I’m getting too caught up in ‘busywork’ in my business, too distracted by things I should or could do or finding myself responding to what others want from me (or what I think they want!) rather than giving what I am meant to give.

Sometimes it’s because I am allowing business itself to be a distraction from things that matter even MORE to me, like my own health and wellbeing, like being the kind of mother I want to be to my kids.

And sometimes it’s just because I’m thinking about it too much.

But usually, when we find ourselves wondering “what’s the point anyway?”, it’s because the stuff that we are doing and who we are being is not ON point.

We’re not doing what we really care about.

We’re not being who we believe we’re born to be.

We’re not VALUING what we value, and going all in at SHOWING we value it.

To me there is nothing more exciting than the idea that I am here for a reason, that I have true gifts and talents to share with the world; a destiny to live into. It’s incredible empowering to think about, not just because I do want to impact others but also because there is no greater joy than doing the work you were born to do. If you’ve not yet fully experienced that, or allowed yourself to, let me tell you this is a freedom that can’t be purchased or exchanged for money, time, knowledge, gifts, anything. You have to unleash it from within, and it costs you nothing to do.

But yet so few do.

If knowing I have a destiny and a purpose is the most exciting thing I can think of, then on the flip-side of that is the impossible to ignore reality that there is nothing more TERRIFYING than the idea of knowing I have a purpose and a destiny and yet NOT living into it.

I don’t know if you agree with me or not, perhaps you can think of worse things in life than not living the life you were called for.

But if you’re not sure, then think about it this way –

What do you think you would MOST regret, if you your life were to end this year? What would you most be devastated about not having done, created, produced or BEEN?

Now flip that stuff around and imagine you did it, created it, produced it, became it.

That’s your destiny gorgeous.

Go claim it.