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Can I Kick Your Ass?

I’ll be honest, there’s nothing I love more than giving a good ass-whupping to a client or reader. Last week alone I had two women in tears over what I said to them and a third practically hanging her head in shame after I called her on the flat out bullshit excuse she tried to give me for why she hadn’t yet done what she’d been talking about for 6 months.

6 freaking months! I mean come ON. Tell me whatever you like about time, money, life sh*t going on and whatever else you like but you know what? I’ve heard all your excuses before and I don’t give a damn –

Do you want this life you talk about, or don’t you?

Do you actually intend to do what it is you say you want to do in your biz … launch the course, write the book, start the membership program or even start the actual business for heavens sakes!or are you in fact completely full of shit?

If it’s the latter and you know that despite all your big dreams and big talk and despite even your willingness to invest in yourself and have a crack you actually don’t believe you ever WILL, then please let me do you a favour.


Just stop. You’re wasting your time, your energy, the time of your coach if you have one, and you really might as well admit defeat and save yourself any more bother. Hey – plenty of people are happy (I think?!) with the 9-5 and there’s nothing wrong with not having what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

But if you know that you know that you KNOW that you can and you WILL succeed, that you not only have what it takes but that you’re freaking well going to DO what it takes and no matter how LONG it takes or how tough it almost surely will be –

Then bloody well do it!

You’re not too old.

It’s never too late.

You’re not too busy.

And you DO know enough.

I don’t care what your reason for not having taken full-on and flat-out action is, unless that reason is that you don’t actually WANT this life then it’s no reason at all.

[pq] The ONLY reason you don’t yet have the business and life you want is because you haven’t given your all to making it happen yet. [/pq]

And yeah – I know you’ve put time in, effort, probably a fair whack of money and emotion as well. I’m not saying you’re lazy. I know you’re actually anything BUT lazy and that you push yourself in ways that most people won’t even CONSIDER.

But are you pushing yourself in the way you COULD be? ‘Cause I gotta tell you – if you’re comparing your efforts and output to everyone else, even to every other woman entrepreneur, the fact that you’re coming out on top means bugger all.

And you know it.

And here’s what else I know you know –

You are more than even the 1%.

You are the 20% within the 20% within the 20% within the 20%.

You were BORN for more.

You were born to be a leader, a revolutionary, and to change the world.

You’ve always dreamed bigger than big. You push and you push and you push to be more, do more, have more, and yet it’s still never enough. Others view you as successful, a go-getter, an inspiration. They look up to you and wonder at how you do it all, and whether you ever stop.

Stop? How could you stop when there’s still so much more out there? How could you slow down in a world where you KNOW you can be, do and have whatever your heart desires?

You’re embarrassed to share just how big your dreams are. Embarrassed because you know that others just don’t think like this, but embarrassed also because you thought by now you’d have it all together.

Weren’t you going to be a millionaire by now? Aren’t you destined to be a successful entrepreneur, who leads a life of true inspiration, freedom and abundance and leads by example?

In your heart, you’re there already. You know that it’s just around the corner. It’s within reach. You can taste it. So why aren’t you there? Why do you have this voice within you that occasionally tells you what the rest of the world would believe?

That you’re not good enough.

That you don’t have what it takes.

That you can’t make it, that you’re wasting your time.

On the darkest of dark days you tell yourself that maybe you SHOULD be realistic. Get a job. Start acting responsibly.

But you can’t. It’s just not who you are. And the truth is that if everything was taken away from you right now, this instant, you would pick yourself up and begin again on your terms. Like you’ve always done. Like you always will.

You believe in a future where you are a true leader. Where you change lives; the world! Where you show others that it doesn’t have to be this way, that there can be more and that it can happen for them. You believe in a future where you cause people to rise up and take action against a world that would have them bound. A world in which they sell their soul and their dreams in return for a stable income. A nice job. A house in the suburbs. And 2.4 kids. And nothing more.

A world which has never been for you, never could be for you.

While your friends and even your peers pass the time scanning Facebook, catching up on gossip and reading fashion mags, you’re scouring for inspiration. Hope. Motivation. And the promise that all of these dreams, the bigger than big dreams that you don’t even fully dare to share with yourself?

That they can be true.

And here’s what it comes down to. What it’s always come down to.

For you, even though right now you feel stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated at your inability to yet make that leap into the life you’re supposed to be living, the truth is that it is, quite simply, impossible for you to live like the rest.

This seed, this desire, this knowledge that you are meant for more has been there for too long. It’s entwined around every part of who you are. With every breath you take and every beat of every cell in your body you KNOW –

That yours IS a life less ordinary.

That you are born to make a difference.

To live with passion.


And to change the world.

So the only question, the ONLY question that remains is this –

Why aren’t you doing it?

Don’t TELL me you are because we both know you’re playing at half-strength, if that.

You go to bed at night feeling frustrated, pissed off, resentful at the world that dares to stand in your way but most of all resentful at yourself because you KNOW you are running scared.

You know your output could be twice, 10x, 100x faster and you know it is a complete LIE when you come up with reasons why it isn’t, why you can’t yet.

If you REFUSE to be ordinary, then why are you?

If you REFUSE to play it safe, then stop doing it!

If you REFUSE to shoot for normal when you know you CAN help people god dammit, help them to come ALIVE and live their best lives then start living your OWN best life!

This is live or die so stop wasting your time.

It’s time to take OWNERSHIP and know –

That you are fucking awesome.

That you HAVE no limits.

That you can NOT be held back.

That you are WHATEVER you need to be, whatever you CHOOSE to be and WHOEVER you need and choose to be and that YOU. WILL. PREVAIL. and you will start NOW.

And baby if you know you need that ass-kicking to get you off the ledge and make you just freaking well DO it? Well then that’s exactly what you’ve got me for.

It would be my downright pleasure to kick your butt, make you cry and – if I have to – make you hang your head in shame if in doing so it means you go to bed at night knowing that you gave it your all. Because you and I both know you don’t deserve anything less and that the way you’re living right now? Just ain’t gonna cut it.

So. If all of this is speaking to you, and you’re wondering what the next step is – here it is.

My Rich Chick Mastermind is for women who know they’re the 1%.

Women who know they were born to lead the world, and pave the way for generations to come.

Women who are bored to DEATH by the ordinary life, and even by the typical entrepreneurial approach to success.

Women who want to run flat out towards the business and life they KNOW they can have.

But yeah – women who are not yet quite doing all of that and are downright frustrated if not majorly pissed off at themselves about it.

Women, in fact, who need not only the latest and very BEST strategy, tools and support but who need and WANT that ass-kicking. Every damn day.

If that’s you, you need to join us. We’re a selfish, unreasonable, head in the clouds kind of bunch.

And it’s freaking awesome. It’s also exactly where you need to be if you’re ready to truly OWN how freaking awesome YOU are.


3 responses to “Can I Kick Your Ass?”

  1. Kira says:

    Brilliant blog Kat! I needed that. I’m meeting my website design guy today and was shitting myself that I might actually go live within a matter of days, but now I feel ready (almost!), and I’m just going to get out there and start doing it – and in a big way. Thanks Kat x