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Stop Acting Like You Have Limits!

I’ve got a fire in my ass today baby!

I don’t know how I’ve never heard of this dude, but one of my clients just put me on to Dan Pena, the “50 Billion Dollar Man”.

He has a book (out of print and impossible to find it seems) called “Your First 100 Million”.

Talk about sweet dreams 🙂

He is also a somewhat elderly looking genteel kind of fellow who on first glance looks like your friend’s Grandfather dressed up for a swish dinner. And then swears like a trucker through just about everything he says.

I’m only about 10 pages into reading the free book on his website and I gotta tell you I am lit UP!

Thank GOD, for ONCE, for somebody who actually doesn’t give a damn what everybody thinks and just speaks the freaking TRUTH! Trust me … if you like my style and you aren’t easily offended you’ll enjoy or at the VERY least be entertained by what Dan has to say.

But here is why I really love this message, and what I’ve read so far:

He teaches people to think ALL the way big.

The only PROBLEM with this, is, that when all is said and done even those who are willing to THINK big are still not willing to do the work.

Everybody wants success to be ‘just so’, to be nice and neat, to fit into a God damn PACKAGE.

And then they wonder why they can’t ever really get ahead.


Success hurts.

You have to bleed for it.

You do what most WON’T, so you can live a life they CAN’T.

And YES, it is also amazing, astounding, incredible, you can be TOTALLY in flow and just ALIVE with the thrill of it.


I look back on what I’ve done, what I’ve BLED through, to get my business to where it is now and the truth is I would do it ALL over again, 100x and more, if I had to. Because the OUTCOME is so EASILY worth it, and also the truth is that I LIKE the pain! I like being STRETCHED, I like moving WAY beyond my comfort zone, I like becoming MORE.

If you’ve ever experienced the immense personal satisfaction of getting into fantastic shape, you’ll get what I mean about learning to love the pain.

Or indeed achieved any big goal 🙂

The very SAD reality is that the VAST majority of people simply aren’t willing to bleed. They don’t WANT to bleed, they don’t even want to be freaking uncomfortable! But they’re quite happy to bitch and moan about why they don’t have what they want.

But let’s be honest here-

We’re not here to talk about THOSE people now, are we?

We’re talking about you.

And you, you ARE willing to do the work, WHATEVER the work, you KNOW you have what it takes and you will GIVE it.

So the only question, really, is why are you holding yourself back?

Why are you doing SAFE and CAREFUL instead of a balls to the walls ATTACK on the ordinary life you SAY you don’t want?

What it’s really about, and I too have been guilty of this; still am, at times, is that in the day to day of it, we limit ourselves.

We might sit down and journal and dream, or go to seminars and truly EXPAND our thinking, and we see ourselves on that world stage, making the millions, SERVING the millions, going beyond simply LEADER into downright REVOLUTIONARY, and we fully KNOW it is POSSIBLE.

But the next day we wake up and fuck around all day on fucking Facebook, or on email, or perhaps on something more illustrious but still not the work that a revolutionary LEADER would be doing!

So I’ll ask you, as I’ve asked of myself so many times and still must CONTINUE to do so often, when are you going to actually live like you have no limits and you KNOW WHO YOU ARE?

If you WERE that leader, would you need someone else to tell you how to lead or show you the way? NO, or you wouldn’t be a freaking leader, you’d be a follower! So why do you still go out there trying to find someone who can give you all the magic how-to answers?

If you WERE that leader, would you be running around like a headless chicken doing menial labour in your business? I don’t THINK so!

If you WERE that leader, would your visions be daunted and thwarted by can’t’s and not yet’s and should’s or shouldn’ts, or would you bravely and boldy GO FORTH AND DO WHAT YOU GOTTA TO to reach your GREATEST goals, no matter the pain?

I don’t have the answer.

YOU have to decide.

But here’s what I do know for sure –

You want to be a leader? You better fucking lead then honey.

You want to be seriously RICH? Then be willing to do the hard and PAINFUL work (and actually do it as well, not just be willing!).

You want to truly FLY and reach your HIGHEST potential?

Then stop. fucking. LIMITING. yourself.

You are powerful BEYOND MEASURE.

Maybe it’s time you acted like it.


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