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Stop trying to make what you do make sense. It’s exactly how the PEOPLE WHO YOU ARE HERE FOR WILL NEVER SEE YOU.

Sometimes I wonder when on earth I’m going to become more proper with what I do, how I market, what I sell, and, well, basically every moving part of how I do business and the job of showing up for my art.

I look around at the way the rest of the online business world seems to do whatever it is that it does, and I find myself noticing the bits I think I suck at, am messy or nonsensical with, or simply don’t seem to have made headway with despite nearly two decades doing this thing.

I think –

“why DON’T I make my stuff more ‘definitely’ orderly, and then stick to that order?”

“why CAN’T I seem to just nail down my email sequence and never change it?”

“why can’t I even seem to settle on just one free optin, let alone one signature course? Augh!”

Can I tell you something? Will I?

>>> I have the results I have in my business and finances because I decided them. Not because I told myself I had to do a particular thing in order to get them. <<<

Honestly, you need to read this at least 10 times. Soak it in. Absorb it right through to the CORE of you. And ask yourself –

What would I do differently right now if I really GOT that my outcomes are a product of decision and choice, not of engineering or puppeteering my every move to then ensure I GET those outcomes?

Me being random, messy, never quite finished on just about anything I work on, and continually changing the thing I *just* settled upon is not about me NOT doing what I should be doing. It is about the fact that WHEN I do what I, me Kat, is supposed to be doing –

one of the by-products happens to be shiz all over the place, and a business which is quite simply the opposite of step by step then done.

I’m willing to guess that even though MY version of this is unique to me, there’s a good chance you resonate with something about what I’m saying here.

Because the truth about entrepreneurs like us, the highly highly driven and also highly highly artistic ones, is that us doing what we SHOULD be doing?

Means going all in on the art.
Waking up each day and pouring OUT a thing.
NEVER being done because we NEVER stop being tapped in, and so what goes in IS gonna gush on out; and should.
And by definition, just when we got done (ahem … mostly done) with creating something, being turned on and lit up from the inside out by the VIBE of the thing –

something new comes through.

As a RESULT of this, if you do it well, meaning if you give in to it, YES things will be messy.

There will be stuff not finished.
There WILL be stuff all over the place.
It IS gonna get a lil random.
You WILL, if you look at the rest of the online world, or your industry, or just any people group you care to look at really, wonder why you can’t seem to just settle on one thing and really run with it.

But what if …

what if …

What if the vibe were no longer ‘what’s wrong with me, and when am I going to finally blah blah blah’, and instead it was simply:


And what if the messy or leftover bits simply got to be like that? Sure, you can hire people to help you with those extras, but after nearly 2 decades in online business I can tell you that that can be an easy trap. So go EASY, and minimal, and only what is BRUTALLY necessary, if you choose to do this. Because it can result in you feeding the idea of your NOT enoughness, rather than keeping focused on what you are a next level GENIUS at, and truly owning that.

Can I ask you something?

What do you think would be different in your business right now if you truly had already GOT what a genius you are when you go all in on the particular brand of madness and mayhem aka ART and FLOW and STUFF PEOPLE CAN’T LOOK AWAY FROM that is you being you?

And what COULD be different 6 months from now if you just decided that that is now the vibe?

It’s kind of amazing how much time we can waste trying to be better at being something we never came here to be, and which nobody who we came here to impact cares about.

And whilst those questions may never stop popping up from time to time, the best thing you can do, and what I’ve learned to do? Is shrug ’em off and then carry on your merry way.

You ARE who you are.
This IS how it comes out when you do you.

Now don’t get me wrong, being a creative genius doesn’t mean you can’t systematically grow and reach your goals. But the WAY that that occurs for people like us is just different.

And where it starts?

Decide that you get to have the outcomes you get to have because you get to have them. And then?


The publishing / sending / leveraging / ‘doing something with what came out’ bit FOLLOWS. It’s the 20%, or not even, to the DOMINANT amount of your time being spent going into the vortex,

and coming back with whatever you find.

Listen –

the next level TRULY crazy stuff you dream of, in terms of income and impact IS available, and it IS for you.

But it sure as all get out is not gonna happen by you trying to carefully two-step your way forward in somebody else’s dance shoes.

That’s all!

Just something to think about,

as you remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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