Success/Success Mindset


I’m a natural overthinker.

If you ask any of my friends what I’m like when I’m in turmoil or angst about something? Holy shit, I can overthink for Australia like it’s our last damn chance to get a medal and I WILL.DIE.TRYING. I was in hysterics last week over a meme which depicts a grubby guy in his underwear surrounded by piles and piles of handwritten notes and equations, an entire room full of calculations and hair-pulling evident, and the caption was ‘Me at 3am putting 2 and 2 together and getting 136’. ONE MILLION PERCENT.

Truth is, the endless thinking, turning in circles so many damn times it’s amazing I haven’t made myself and everyone around me pass out dizzy, the back and forth hemming and hawing which goes on for so long I can’t even remember where I started … it’s often felt like a critical part of ‘me being me’, or even ‘how I process and research stuff, figure it out’. I’ve certainly stood by that explanation firmly in justification of why I HAD to overthink so much on a given topic!

And yet. If I’m honest. The best and also the most instantaneous and exponentially expansive outcomes in my life have been a by-product of the fact that I trained myself a long time ago to make immediate decisions, and then act on them. ALSO with immediacy.

Now don’t get me wrong. Those good ole drive myself and err’body near me patterns DEFINITELY still pop up from time to time. Often when it’s my first time really dropping into truth in a new area. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just a process I wanna go through before I give myself permission to just be or do or have or BECOME the damn thing. Even then though – and despite how scary and unsafe it feels to let go this way – I will at a certain point REQUIRE myself to act from decisiveness and REMIND myself that this is absolutely available WHETHER OR NOT I FEEL LIKE IT OR KNOW HOW.

Because here’s the thing –

Life will always step up to where WE draw the line. Or, my personally preferred way to say this –

“When you say yes to soul, life says yes to you”. (Katrina Ruth!)

Orrrr, to take it one step further – and this is SO true! – when you say yes to soul with IMMEDIACY, life says yes to you FASTER and with exponentially greater return”.


And that’s what it’s really about, isn’t it? We DO always know the move to make. We hesitate or overthink when we are scared to BACK ourselves in that move, admit it to ourselves, give ourselves permission, or don’t want to face the possible consequences of accepting or choosing it.

But in the end … whenever anything true and right eventuates in your life, it IS on the other side of the fact that you drew a line where a line needed to be drawn.

For me this became something which I bit by bit could not ignore the reality of. I spent so many years moving SO much slower than I believed was necessary, feeling that success was always still at arms length, and eventually I admitted to myself that in all the instances where I DID just ‘decide’? LIFE PAID ME DIVIDENDS IN RETURN.

So, I made a decision. A definite one. A LINE IN THE SAND SORT OF THING. That from now on my personal policy in this area would be that I HAD to decide and then also ACT with certainty as soon as I knew the right choice in an area. Whether or not I knew how. Felt like it. Etcetera. I also decided that I would not ALLOW myself to pretend I didn’t know when I did. And I further decided that I would REQUIRE myself to do the ‘take action’ bit right away because it was very evident that the longer I delayed on something I knew was right, the less impactful the returns were.

I’ve lived by that decision, for the very very most part, ever since.

I would say it is directly responsible for millions of dollars received.
For the incredible relationships I have in all areas of my life.
For the fact that I rarely if ever have upheavel or upset in my relationships both personally and professionally.
For the fact that my whole business reality, across multiple businesses and brands, really is ‘on my terms’.
For how rapidly I’ve moved through areas of uncertainty or turmoil or upheavel in my life since.
For how rapidly I always come back to feeling like “fuck, yes! THIS is what it’s all about!”, and to seeing my dream reality showing up for me ever more.
For my ability to take aligned risk in investments and wealth, as well as personally, so quickly and so firmly.
For incredible opportunities which have come in to my life because of rooms I’ve boldly planted myself in.
For incredible projects brought to life because I said yes with NO fucking clue how.
AND most of all … for the fact that I very rarely give my time or energy to DRAINING IT OUT ALL OVER THE PLACE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO WHEN I DO IN FACT KNOW. Which, of course, results in me continually growing my success and impact at a speed most people consider impossible.

It’s not impossible, you’re just not using your time – your life! – wisely.

And I would go as far to say this:

One of the top 3 most powerful rules I have chosen to live by in my life is that I make decisions with speed,

and I act on them with immediacy.

From there? It was just motherfucking discipline to follow through. And a reminder that I GET TO TRUST MYSELF IN WHAT I DO.