When I decided to be done with always being ‘just’ okay with money and bills, managing to pay in the end but having it constantly feel like a race to the finish with possible certain death just a hair away, within a very short matter of time it was DONE.

‘Suddenly’ I was able to pay my bills easily on time or before due, no matter how much higher they began to go as I started to turn up on the dial on investments, lifestyle, finally paying all my taxes (!!), and more.

When I decided that everybody should HAVE to know my name in the online coaching space, that I wanted to ‘just like that’ go from being one of a sea of what felt like tens of thousands of wantrefemalepreneurs, that I should be one of the most well known women in the space and basically just running the thing, that I backed my work to be at that level even though my human self felt NOWHERE near good enough, within a matter of weeks – no truly! – it became so.

Everybody seemed to be talking about me, know who I was, and also – buying my shit.

When I decided to plant my flag as being THAT sort of mentor for THOSE sorts of women, that I would coach and mentor the leaders, my fear mind freaked the fuck OUT!

“You can’t do that! You’re not at that point! Who do you think you are!”

Deep breath > “I’m going to do it anyway. Not, not because I feel remotely ready or ‘enough’ on a surface level. God, I don’t LOOK the part, I’m a hot mess who mainly gets around in gym gear and I just NEVER seem to know how to nail my hair. But because I’m not here to OPERATE from a surface level.”

And then I just did it, claimed it, chose it.

I sat my ass down and wrote a letter to the clients my truest self knew I was there for.


And I acted from what I was being shown inside of me.

Within weeks I started to have ‘those’ kind of high level clients sign up to work with me. At first I felt like asking – “are you sure? YOU want to hire ME?!”.

But I put it aside.

Acted from who I knew I was INSIDE. OWNED what I am here to do.

Side note: this did not then require me to become a fancy person in my look, in order to coach at that level. I enjoy doing that in photoshoots. But just catch my lives or stories or me in person 99% of the time and I’m still that hot mess who doesn’t know what to do with her hair, and gets around in gym gear. Yes, a good chunk of the time even when I am WITH those high level badasses! Your clients just want and need you to be you …

And do you want to know a secret?? I’m STILL just putting aside my surface fears and doubts and ‘not enoughness’ as I continually plant that flag at the next level I’m being shown.

I could go on and on here.

I have an amazing circle of friends both on and offline, INCREDIBLE people I feel honoured to do life with, because I DECIDED to have those sorts of friends.

I have real proper grown up wealth and investments – a fair whack of ’em – because I DECIDED to.

I transcended uncertainty and never quite being ‘there’ in my business because I DECIDED to.

I even dropped into relaxedness and enoughness in my parenting because I decided to!

It’s all just – do you wanna decide to be done with that? And what do you choose instead?

But make no mistake!

Flicking the switch is NOT only an energy decision. It’s also – do you decide and then BACK IT UP?

Do you decide and then FOLLOW what you’re led or guided on from within to do?

Do you decide and then act with IMMEDIACY to be that person?

Do you say yes to what you know you must? And shed or shred or burn to the ground what you know it’s time?

Are you willing to MURDER the old in cold blood in order to become the new?

Or do you insist on the idea that somehow it makes sense to decide the new whilst trying to cart along your old beliefs, thoughts, actions, ways of being, which kept you, well – there!

Many of you are great at ‘deciding’, but deciding ain’t deciding unless you are willing to IMMEDIATELY shift the way you’re showing up, the way you choose to see yourself, the determination and relentlessness with which you then OWN that new self, and everything that comes from it.

Look, it starts and ends and is all the way through with just an energy shift. It’s a feeling a vibe a choice a whisper a song floating by on the wind. You catch it, and you say YES –

this is what I choose.



You inhale exhale with the REALNESS of that moment, you feel the excitement of possibility and you know it’s true fact, that it can be your new reality. But after that?


You do what it TAKES to live INTO that decision. Sometimes this just kind of … happens. Maybe you’d waited so long you were actually ‘done’ enough to transcend your BS and just BE it. But many times …

you have to choose it again every.single.day for a time.

Remind yourself that NO – this is what I chose now! This is who I AM now! SO I SHALL BE THAT PERSON, AND WHAT DOES THAT LOOK LIKE? And then??

You just DO it.

What, you think there’s some secret here?

Life is very simple. Either you be who your fear and surface emotion tells you to be, and your life is created from that, and ultimately you FALL from that.

Maybe it’s a good life, a respectable life, a decent life!


You go do the damn thing that’s inside of you, and fuck any ideas that you can’t right now.

It’s all just a game of choosing better

So what do YOU wanna choose today? Or has fear and your conditioned ‘not enough’ habits and beliefs already told you what today is for?