Drop the frustration vibes

You already know what to do, when and how to do it, why to do it, and exactly why you are NOT doing it.
Don’t believe me?
Stop. Take a breath. Tune TF in. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.
You ALWAYS know what to do.
You know what you need.
You know where you’re not giving space to what you need.
You know where you are compromising, selling out, refusing to be true to you,
even if just via the simple action of not putting first things freakin’ first,
not REFUSING to make the world wait for you,
until you create, and unleash, and BECOME, what and who you need to,
in order to then turn to it.
Do you actually believe your own bullshit now?
I don’t think so.
I KNOW you know that there’s nothing you HAVE to do,
before you do you.
And yet,
you allow yourself to be pulled, and pushed, every which way, all day, every day,
‘just quickly’
and allowing the WORK,
you know –
the work of whatever it is that YOU have to do in order to be able to BREATHE,
to be put on the sidelines,
the back-burner,
and, not that you’d ever say or see it this way, but bit’s true nonetheless –
bit by bit booted firmly out the door.
Your PURPOSE work.
Your life.
SWIFT kick up the ass like.
Out the door.
Nice to have almost sorta kinda known you!
And you,
meanwhile –
“Oh, I would have, but I was busy.”
“Oh, I would have, but I got so many EMAILS all the time, and the social media shit, it was outta control!”
“Oh, I would have, but I wasn’t sure of myself yet! I didn’t feel ready! I wasn’t confident enough! Not like her! Not like them!”
“Oh, I would have, but, well – “
But what exactly?
You would have but you DIDN’T.
It’s as simple and as heart-breaking as that.
As you spin around in circles, chasing not only your own tail but every other fucker’s as well.
Trying to keep up, catch up, do enough, be enough.
Trying to catch your breath!
Trying to TRUST more.
Trying to BACK yourself more.
Trying to be AUDACIOUS enough.
Or RUTHLESS enough.
To be you.
But baby –
There is no try to be you.
In the end, it’s pretty damn in your face obvious and I hope painful AF right NOW to think about:
You didn’t do it because you didn’t do it.