I still struggle sometimes with my enoughness. Do you?

I don’t think this ever goes away actually. I think that if anyone says they have reached a point of being always and only certain about how amazing they are and how the world can’t wait to get its collective hands on what they’re creating or puttin’ out there that person either needs to stop smoking the hokey, or else what they’re putting out there is not really the true work that’s in them.

A pretty simple rule of thumb is – the closer or more on track you are with purpose, the more resistance and fear will rise up to try and sway you, convince you that you can’t or shouldn’t, tell you you’re being silly, tell you all the reasons why you don’t actually really care, remind you of all the ways you’re not actually all that.

I don’t mean you’ll have to battle this stuff daily for the rest of your life as an artist, a creator, a leader, a revolutionary whatEVER you are who is committed to living their truth and to being all that they are.

It’s a dance. Maybe in the earlier stages of the journey the dance more strongly pulls you into the murky bits. Maybe this happens again from time to time when you get yourself all in a tizzy about how great such and such person over there is, how much better or cooler or more professional or more desirable they are than YOU. But most of the time? You don’t gotta dance into those bits. You can dance with flow and ease and joy and lightness of spirit because all of that is just a CHOICE. A practice, too, which is why it gets easier over time to be more in the flow of being you.

That being said, yeah –

It still hits me from time to time. And I know this is true for everyone who truly shows up to live the life that’s inside of them. It’s one way we learn to back ourselves and our truth even MORE deeply, and then go even MORE avidly, and with ever greater determination, into what’s there for us.

For me the ‘fear’ that I am most likely to submit to, I suppose because it’s still my lesson to learn, is not whether or not I can, or should, or can figure out how, or deserve to play at THAT next level, or anything like that. It’s just – am I good enough, am I cool enough, do people like me enough, am I as enough as the other girls.

Yes, even at this stage of my business and life journey I have these thoughts sometimes! It’s the oldest pattern I run, it’s been there my whole life, and I’ve proven it both true and NOT true too many times to count.

What’s yours? How is it throwing you off right now, even though you may by all accounts be ROCKING things? What would you be rocking with even more certainty and YOU-ness, if you really told this thing where to go?!

When I let this fear throw me off, what happens is I withdraw, I get a little sad, I feel dismal, things feel harder, more quicksandy, I second guess myself a lot, I let myself believe I don’t care, things feel less purposeful, and I tend to start focusing on being better at things which are not me being me, better at the things that will never, even if I get really great at ’em, be me being in my genius zone, on my A-game.

This can happen for a few minutes –

or it can go on for days if I don’t call it out. I’ve even let it go on for weeks or months at times!

What this is really is laziness. Not CHOOSING to be bigger than the lies I allow myself to listen to. Not CHOOSING faith. Not CHOOSING to back myself. But, I’m also human, you’re also human, so when we get caught up in this sort of stuff – meh.

It’s kinda whatever at the same time. Meaning – no need to make a big deal of it! It happens to the best people you know! It’s often quite insidious, too – it can appear they are all systems go and it’s just this SLIGHT pull away from truth and power which is throwing them off. A person can create epic things with this sort of fear tinging their outlook. And many do. Maybe you’re one of them! But it’s not exactly BEING IN YOUR TRUE POWER, is it now?

And, again –

it’s a choice.

Here’s how I remind myself to choose back into OWNING MY ENOUGHNESS. Whatever your ‘thing’ is that you’re more susceptible to, you could come up with a similar list of ways of being that are true for you when you’re not letting that fear be in the drivers seat.


When I know I am good enough, I:

– am happy creating what’s coming out of me

– feel connected to God and my truth

– know the moves to make and trust them

– trust I am being a light, of service, and that people want to hear from me

– trust that what I am doing is good enough

– know my outcomes are just choices

– feel confident and excited about what I am doing

– have fun with it

– have a lightness in my spirit

– trust in the enoughness of me just being me

– KNOW people want to hear from me and buy from me and that I am their favourite person to learn from!

– know that the world desperately needs and wants me to be all of me!

Here’s the thing –

all of these lit up and certain parts of you are always available. It’s like flicking a switch, you can just decide to access ’em. You can look into yourself to a time you did feel them, and remind yourself – my body knows how to do that. My ME knows how to be that.

And then you can just DECIDE –

I DO WHAT MAKES SENSE WHEN I AM ALREADY BEING THAT PERSON. I do it regardless of whether it makes sense relevant to anything else! I trust in the process and the unfolding that can’t NOT follow from me just being me!

Wanna know a secret??

When you just keep choosing like this, bam – !

One day you wake up and wonder if you were ever anything else.