If You Don’t DESPERATELY Want It, I Ain’t Selling It

I really have zero interest in selling to people who aren’t already desperately in love with me and KNOW they want to work with me.

I’d say this is true in business AND in life.

When it comes to CONVINCING people why I’m the right mentor / friend / more I kinda just don’t WANNA.

What I want –

If we’re going to hang together –

Either for something casual or for something DEEP and ongoing –

Is for you to already KNOW you want me, and for me to already know the SAME (or right away REALISE it as soon as we meet).

In other words?

I’m looking for the fantasy.

Soulmate clients.
Soulmate biz.
Soulmate life.

And you know what else? Because I INSIST on the fucking fantasy, and really just refuse to accept anything less … I get it! Over, and over, and over again.



So you can tell me all the STUFF you want to tell me about striving to overcome people’s objections … making them SEE what they’re missing out on without coming on board as my private client or in my #tribeofrevolutionaryfuckingleaders or with ME in general … show me the SCRIPTS of how to SHOW THEM THE LIGHT … and look I KNOW that shit works; fuck I can sell ice to Eskimos if I WANT to and always have been able to, but the thing is I just don’t WANT to.

Unless, you know, the Eskimos are begging for the ice 🙂

See here’s the thing about my clients. My REAL clients. Which is to say my ONLY clients these days, as I no longer whore myself out for money in the form of marketing shit I don’t really believe in to people I don’t truly LOVE and who don’t desperately know they NEED to work with me.


They want it all, on their terms. They are prepared to do what it takes to GET it.

They are the take no prisoners kick ass 24 hours a day adrenalin-junkie 1% within the 1%. They do the fucking WORK. They go all in. They bleed, sweat, cry, HURT and then they just.keep.going.

They do what it takes, no matter what it takes, for as long as it takes and UNTIL it takes and then they go back for MORE.

They are crazy as fuck creators born to unleash a message to shake the world.

They believe in ALIGNMENT and in taking fucking action. All day. Every day. They achieve fucking EPICNESS in all areas of life. They strive for a best that doesn’t even exist yet. They are already there. And yet they will never be there, never be done, never stop, never be swayed because they have a true vision for a life that is unapologetically AWESOME and they will live it, or die trying.

They are, quite simply, superheros.


And as such, my community, my TRIBE, my clients?

They know what they WANT AND THEY ARE READY TO GET IT.

So either they WANT to work with me, join The Tribe, go all the freaking WAY with me in my #superwomanelite private mentoring and have the FANTASY COME TRUE …

Or they don’t.

And the REALLY cool thing here, which makes everything just so.damn.easy and FUN?

If they WANT it then, like I said, they are prepared to GET it.

Which means that no longer do I EVER anymore need (or more relevantly CHOOSE) to convince, cajole or otherwise capture the attention and money of my clients.

They either want it.

Or they don’t.

They’re either READY.

Or they’re not.

They’re either going to TAKE THE FUCKING LEAP.

Or they’re not.

It really is ridiculously fucking awesome to sell the RIGHT true work to the right true TRIBE when you look at it this way.

My SALES process is pretty much I put myself out there –

Every day –

FULLY, and no holds barred.

I tell you what I’ve got going on –

How it WILL transform shit for you if you actually do it.

Who specifically it’s FOR –

WHY now would be the best time to do it if you’re GOING to –

And anything else that pops into my crazy creator head as I’m writing or speaking and that I think you might need to hear –

And then I wait for the right people to appear.


And boom.

And boom.

To me the SELLING that I love to do is this, right here. My daily blogs. My daily videos. My daily livestreams. Anything else that pops into my crazy creator head! My selling is just an extension of my message. One and the same. And just as with my message … my selling is not for everyone. Even if you have the right REVOLUTIONARY FUCKING LEADER personality, if you’re not ready to LEAP then I don’t care about you enough to push you.

And I’d argue that you’re not really an RFL anyway.

You can arguably sell MORE by actively working to CONVINCE people why they need to work with you, by overcoming their uncertainties, by using a PROCESS to SHOW them the LIGHT.

That shit definitely works!

So I guess all you need to decide is –

Is that who you are?

The come work with me I PROMISE it’ll be worth it and HERE IS WHY person?

Or are you the 1% –

Leading your revolution

Creating your true WORK –

And taking WITH you those who WANT to be taken with you and are willing to move their own fucking legs to get going.

You can’t be both.

The cool thing is … you get to choose.

The REALLY cool thing is?

You already did.