You Don’t DO The Work, You BECOME The Work!

How many hours a day would you say you HUSTLE at creating the business and life you want?

I’m not talking about how many hours you WORK … whatever THAT is! Although I guess that’s really what I mean, or at least it’s what people often want to know about me; about those who are visibly growing, getting it, got their game face ON.

The thing is … when somebody asks me this … as a client did the other day … it’s VERY hard for me to answer!

A few hours?
All of them?

I don’t know!

I tried to break it down for her, tried to talk through all that I do and gave some insight into some of my personal daily KPIs which keep me on track.

Daily messaging / content / lead gen / sales activity; these are all things I track and have personal rules around as to what constitutes minimum acceptable activity.

So I guess you can add up all that time, then the ‘official’ time I might spend on calls to clients, or doing stuff behind the scenes, or overseeing my team, etc … and I guess you could get to some sort of figure of how much I work to run and continue to RAPIDLY grow this multi 7-figure empire I’ve built.

A few hours a day? 8? 16? All of them?

Truth be told, it feels like all of them! I hustle all day long, I live for the grind, I AM the grind and I never stop!

Truth be told:

It feels like NONE of them!

I play all day long, I do what I want, I talk only to WHO I want, I do things my way, I just make up a bunch of awesome content and throw it at the internet then ask for money for it, all the while shining the light that’s been inside of me since I was just a few years old; probably earlier.

I don’t really do ANYTHING except hang out all day, write and speak about what excites me, connect with cool kickass people, and basically press play on the things that matter to me!

But yet I do EVERYTHING that is necessary, day in and day out, from 4 or 5 am, till past midnight most days, to do what it TAKES to relentlessly go all in and GROW this badass mofo.

I never stop.
I’m never done.
I MIGHT kick back for 10 minutes in the afternoon and do nothing, but that’s about it.

But yet …

Somehow …

I workout over 10x a week –
I get massage 2-3x most weeks –
I spend a lot of time sitting or walking on the beach –
I’m pretty freaking social as far as going out –
I talk to my favourite people all around the world pretty much daily EACH –
I’m constantly scheming and raising hell with my friends –
I spend time playing with my kids each day –
I’m a regular at trying new things –


Point being … how much do I work? I guess around 24 hours a day. How much do I NOT work? Honestly I very rarely feel like I’m ‘working’ in the sense of work being something you HAVE to do. I kind of weeded out all that have to should do must do stuff a LONG time ago!

Delete or delegate baby, and I continue to live by that. Truth be told I think I’m too much of a diva and just a bit LAZY most of the time. I basically refuse to do shit I don’t wanna do, I refuse to speak with people I don’t adore, I refuse to create anything that doesn’t excite the pants off me, I refuse to sell in a way that isn’t completely organic, etc, etc, etc AND what’s more I think that THAT IS HOW YOU SHOULD GET TO LIVE –



I asked you at the start of this post how much you HUSTLE each day, but if you looked at what I wrote after that I specifically asked how much time you spend creating your dream business and LIFE each day.

And really –

The way I see it –


The thing is –
The thing which has made it feel so damn EASY and also fun for me, and incidentally also somehow resulted in me making WAY more money in an aligned way where I get to DAILY see the impact of the work I do –

I got sick of trying to do the work.
So, I just became the work.

EVERYTHING I do connects back to everything. It means it’s automatic for me to message all day, create all day, hustle and sell all day. Yeah, I have my daily targets ’cause I like to meet my goals and it keeps me in check. But honestly, the fact that I just let my LIFE be the work means I smash them out of the ballpark without even noticing most days!

I’m ALWAYS messaging.
I’m ALWAYS selling.
Everything I see or do I think becomes content!

So you might look at me and wonder how I get it all done, how I’m such a content MACHINE, but seriously?

I’m cheating the freaking system.

All I’m doing is living my life, sharing it with you, and telling you to do the same.

At some point you’re going to realise that you can keep trying to DO for the rest of your life, and pretty much constantly come up short because you’re fighting against who you actually want to be

Or you can just fucking be, and let the work extend on from there.