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Your quest to make it understandable to everybody who is NOT the person who just gets it is making you just about invisible to those who ARE.

Do you get that this is a trust thing? And that it’s also a responsibility thing, to your true message?

> Not the message or version of you that was true 10 years ago, or even last year

> Not the you who you feel you have to be within whichever industry or world you move in

> And certainly not the you who fear, doubt, insecurity, and a continual niggle of having to dance to a tune which is not YOURS in order to be accepted (let alone successful!) would have you be

Just, simply –

The you who you are today, speaking and sharing and selling and pouring forth a thing which God is speaking to her to share TODAY, in the way it would come out TODAY, with the truth and the fire behind it which is within you TODAY.

I get that you have skills, expertise, experience, wisdom which people more than likely could greatly benefit from which you COULD talk about or sell right now …

but is that the fire of your HEART right now?

I also get that you absolutely could clean up, tidy up, edit up the rambly, flowy, overly excitable you just being you way it comes out because apparently that is a WHOLE messy situation which NOBODY WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT, but actually?

That’s not true.

In the same way that you don’t have to sit up all straight and proper like in order to be a perfect proper friend or partner. (I hope!)

What it comes down to is a couple of really basic things we each, as messengers and leaders here to do a supernatural thing, need to understand, accept, and then DECIDE. The latter also requiring discipline to follow through on regardless of what our emotions have to say, or even our intellect!

1) The way you wish it could be is the way it gets to be

2) This applies to EVERYTHING

3) The bit about knowing what you really wish absolutely does require you to be in tune with the REAL you, rightly planted in and led by God.


No it does not have to be on some kind of robo-preneur schedule or plugged in to a worldwide acceptable structure for it to be of value! In fact, the more you try to make it PROPER, ‘PROFESSIONAL’, ‘PALATABLE’ …

the more tasteless, bland, and same same but NOT FOR ME (me being who you’re truly here for right now!) it is.

This is just a reality.

This is also why most marketing gurus will teach you how to incrementally improve your conversions and every teeny little aspect of what you do (which all has to be ‘just so’ of course!) in order to gradually get your piece of an every more crowded pie.

When in actual fact what you need to do is skyrocket DIRECTLY TO THE TOP WHERE YOU BELONG. The place where it is not ABOUT being better than anybody else, because by TOP I mean – the fullest expression of you being you! Where there IS no competition, because – ding ding ding – the niche is you! Gosh! I’ve only been saying this for over 10 years now!

Personal branding, and /or a coaching business built off the back of you sharing something you came here to share with the world, which is, of course, an ever expanding, shifting and changing thing, is NOT about manipulating numbers, dot points, lines on a page, or plugging in to a STRUCTURE to then rinse and repeat.

At least,
not for women like us it’s not.

It’s about being plugged into YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN.

And simply,
“Lord what are we going to do today?”

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.




forget everything else, because the place where He has really called me to call YOU to be?

It’s The Secret Garden. And that is it.

Yes, there are other things, shorter things, in fact every month He has me do a new thing, a course, a challenge, a workshop, an intensive, oh my! But the ongoing place? The place to learn and grow and FLOW with me, into all that He has for YOU, the faith-led woman who is simply ready in EVERY area of business, money, and life, to go where He leads?

It’s The Secret Garden.

It’s what He gave me,
after calling you home.

And this is me,
calling you in.

> weekly live trainings and conversation
> the most incredible community I have ever helmed in 18 years online
> a blessing and equipping led by Gods Holy Spirit in ALL that we do
> a door He opened for me AND for you, and which He most certainly sustains
> THE place to be in my space ongoing in order to surrender, action, and receive,
the way it was always meant to be
and now simply IS

Stop fighting to do things endlessly uphill, whilst spinning a story that you’re in flow, no reallllly,
when there is a different Kingdom,
AND a different way.


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