It’s supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to be a motherfreakin’ vibe in all areas, and if that’s not what you’re feeling right now?

CLEARING THE WAY TO EASY IN ALL AREASYou getting your feels from the wrong place, baby, and it’s high time you stopped that.

Namely, it’s high time you stopped letting yourself be plugged IN to shit that – does not plug you in!

Oh sure, I know it plugs you in to SOMETHING.

– to ‘rules’ of conduct
– to ‘proper’ ways to market, or grow
– to what you ‘should’ be doing, ‘would’ be doing if you were scaling properly
– to a ‘how’ of creating engagement, or audience growth
– to the ‘right’ ways to sell

Bleugh! The list could go on, but who’d want it to? I’m gonna make us both sick!

Seriously, though. How in the name of all that is good and holy and FUCK yes, do you expect to be in the vibe of YOU … lit up and flowing full steam ahead with your own innate BADASSERY … and thus being the magnetic AF person they can’t say NO to, binge on and ‘see first’ and get shirty with if she DOESN’T sell to them human that you are meant to be – !


Can’t expect YOU-ness to pour outta you when you keep pouring IN with something that is the flat out opposite of that.

That’s just bad math! And you know I hate bad math.

So what’s a girl to do, huh? When she knows she is selling out left right and centre when it comes to truth to SOUL, truth to the MISSION, the real one?! And when she feels STUCK. Just – STUCK! Stuck swilling around in the douchebaggery and MUCK of the thing, and no idea which way to turn to get out of the thing?! Stuck repeatedly pushing shit uphill and try try TRYING to make things sell … work … feel GOOD, let alone RIGHT …

when she flat out knows the vibe gets to be fun, simple, ‘of course’, ABUNDANT in money + badass client results (etc!), and most of all –


WHAT should she do?

Well. It’s simple m’dear, as all wonderful things are.

1) She should remind herself that it gets to be easy, fun, ‘of course’, and simple. Affirm that shit in! Nod your head to lock it in even deeper! CODE it in to the very CORE of you, because you seem to have let it start sneaking out.

2) FROM that place, stop. Now ask: what do I need or get to CLEAR here?

This could be letting go of or stepping away from something with tangly sticky energy.

It certainly SHOULD be right away turning your back on anything that is a DEFINITE ‘ugh’, and which you know you are only giving of yourself to in hopes of gettin’ an outcome.

It CAN be taking a pause to find a new way of looking at something that FEELS heavy, which is in actual fact right, but which you’ve just not been able to see your way clear with.

It definitely WILL be acknowledging where you’re the hold-up, babe, and that hold-up is this:

3) For it to work. All of it. Any of it. Specifically, for the different areas of your life to flow and grow the way the good Lord intended –

YOU need to be in your assuredness. YOU need to be connected to your own unapologetic truth. YOU need to be turned on and lit up by your truth, what’s in you, because you are plugged in to that!

“Oh, but if it were that simple – !”

Shut up! It is! >>>

4) bits of your SOUL. And the accumulation of your LIFE. to shit that does not excite you, light you up, and fundamentally feel as you know it should!

Stop LOOKING. Pull.the.cord.OUT.

– out of ‘I should’
– out of ‘if I was doing it right’
– out of ‘this is what I need to do to grow’
– out of ‘proper pricing / business / humaning looks like this’

You can’t very well fill yo’self up with the vibe of you if you keep on filling up on the vibe of everything that is not you.

Which means –

5) Be willing to go into the void for a minute. Honestly, it won’t take much physical time. IT NEVER DOES WHEN YOU ACTUALLY DRAW A LINE. So – draw one. Turn away. Unplug. Or burn to the motherfucking ground anything you know gets to go.

And when the fog clears?


And who you get to be NOW.