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I’ve been thinking a lot about receiving lately. What it really takes to BE the person who just automatically receives. Who wakes up every day,

does the work of being THEM (not the work TO be, you understand, and also not work in the way the world has taught you to work ;)) …

which is to say simply FLOWS

and allows herself to go,
pour out,
and breathe

however led.

Can you imagine? How life would feel if you KNEW your every need and also true desire, right desire, was taken care of, that you were INFINITELY and fully free, and that all you had to do was be?

It’s only what you know you came here to do 🙂

The thing is, and this blows my mind a bit but then just makes me smile and shake my head because HELLO BEING HUMAN, I’ve been teaching receiving to entrepreneurs for 10 years now, and I’ve been teaching it in other ways for another 11 years prior to that, and I’ve also been a living embodiment of it in how I play life for ALL the years, and yet STILL at times I forget the basics. Mostly I’m aware of this even when I’m doing it! Yet still insist on beating my head against the wall for just a lil bit more before my mind catches up with my spirit.


I thought I’d write down the basics today. For you. For me. For all our sakes.

This is also the literal ‘how’ of my business producing tens of millions of dollars. AND it is the ‘how I coached such and such person strategy’ which I continually get asked about my most well known clients.

PS make sure you read to the end! As I am going to run a free live event on this topic on my Monday and I’ll pop the invite there!

1) Receiving is a posture

Receiving is a posture, it’s a way of life, it’s a way of breathing, it’s a way of being, and ultimately?

It is a posture. You need to hold yourself as somebody who IS already receiving, in order to see that consistent outcome occur. More on the supernatural ‘how’ of this in the following points.

But for now, think about this:

You’re already postured to receive. The question is … what are you receiving? Either way, your posturing is working BECAUSE POSTURING ALWAYS WORKS, and you’re always posturing 😉

Prompt: what would posturing myself to receive look like right now?

2) If it’s supernaturally already done you need to be living there

The place where it exists is the place where you have transcended your OWN mind, will, emotional ups and downs, ideas of what needs to happen ‘or else’ and any and ALL reactivity to fear and to lack.

This is not about being delusional or fanciful! This is not about sticking your head in the sand! This is about the FACT that everything which is WRITTEN for you is supernaturally al.rea.d.y COMPLETE, and so therefore the place where it EXISTS?

Is supernaturally. In the spirit realm, duh. Fortunately YOU have access to that realm once a year or so if you really make sure you try hard enough and do it exactly right to be let in SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH YOU HAVE ACCESS ALL DAY EVERY DAY because BABE –

you are a spirit being in physical form right now.

Ps I’m talking biblically here if anyone is wondering.

The long and the short of it is we are SUPPOSED to be living from what already exists in FAITH. This is not random speak. It. already. EXISTS. Where does it exist?

In the spirit realm.

Go there. FULLY. And stay until you then NATURALLY (supernaturally ;)) bring back what is there for you.

Prompt: do I actually believe what is for me exists already? If yes, why wouldn’t I just repeatedly go there so I can see it then physically manifested? If no, keep reading.

3) It’s not what you see it’s what’s been said and believed

ALL of Gods promises are Yes and Amen. EVERYTHING which is FOR you is YES AND AMEN. Meaning done and done. Thank you and received. COMPLETE. WHOLE. PERFECT.

So … the definition of faith is that it is EVIDENCE and also SUBSTANCE (matter! real!) of things not yet seen. And also … everything you DO see was once NOT seen …

So therefore … it doesn’t matter what you see. It matters what’s been said. How to know what’s been said? Read the Bible for spiritual law + promises + outcomes which apply to everyone. Find the ones which apply to you. Remember you’re GUARANTEEING OUTCOMES THROUGH YOUR BEHAVIOUR ALREADY. Just depends which ones. And then DROP IN DROP IN DROP IN to your own and Gods spirit to see and be shown more about what’s been said.

Once said / known: accept. Agree. Contend for. Make a claim for. Expect. And get your butt into line so it can go from being supernaturally done to being physically so!

Prompt: keep reading!

4) If you’re confused or trying to figure something out you’re in your mind / will / emotions, GET OUT NOW!

The short version of how to do life your own way is, don’t. YOUR true way should be ‘your spirit resting in Gods’. We are not designed to use our own will, mind, emotions to run our lives. These things should be GIVEN OVER to us being led by what is rightfully in our own spirit.

Prompt: stop thinking. Drop in. What’s the green light?

5) Don’t even bother if you don’t drop in first

So obviously none of the above especially works if you’re not first dropped IN. Dropped in to what, you ask? GOD BABY GOD. His Spirit. Yours resting IN Him. And you thus living FROM rest, the way you were designed to do so. WE DIDN’T MAKE THIS WHOLE FLOW AND EASE THING UP! God tells us! And even for the TOUGH things in life … when we are supernaturally equipped we are, well, equipped. Empowered. Made ABLE.

BIG difference to doing it your own way.

The reality is that the best effort in the world if it’s in your own steam is nothing compared to what God could and would create and pour forth through you. As a creative entrepreneur you should get this more than anybody. Time and space and knowledge and wisdom and peace and certainty and AUTOMATIC receiving opens up when we go IN.

Into where?

Into Him. The spirit realm. The place you get to simply by GIVING time, space, you, and everything you would concern yourself or do, and then STAYING there until you feel the drop, and start to receive.

This practice … which is my morning practice … and has been for years in some format … is the literal ‘how’ of creative flow, receiving, all the money my business has made, and my continual connectedness to who I am meant to be as well as to the me who somehow just DOES it all. BECAUSE IT’S NOT ME.

Prompt: what do I think could happen if I just jumped off the ‘do’ train once and for all and started to DAILY surrender to allow actual flow?

6) The LOCATION of the how (and also of your MONEY / whatever it is you SHOULD have) is an actual physical place

I was praying yesterday about where my next level physical THINGS are at – various things – and I heard God say ‘they’re / it’s in me. Go INTO me, and you’ll see and know’.

This is not a new concept. For me though, and most people, it’s one we GET to keep on being reminded of! We default back to seeking answers or outcomes in our OWN mind and will, even answers or outcomes about God!

But the things that are FOR you, ALL of Gods promises and blessings for you are already complete, finito, perfected, done! WHERE are they done? In the spirit realm. So where are they physically LOCATED? In the spirit realm. This needs to be repeated and meditated on … in the spirit realm! … until you truly FEEL it. Until it becomes a way of LIFE that when you need or desire or are shown something you GO TO THE PLACE WHERE IT IS.

And you wait on God who ALWAYS always delivers and fulfils His word.

Prompt: what have you been looking for or trying to get in the physical, and it simply doesn’t exist there?!

7) If you’re not dropped in, don’t even bother

For any of this to work, plain and simple – you need to be dropped in. You need to be IN HIM. Therefore, your highest priority each day should be time and space before God firstly simply FOR THAT REASON. THEN you can start asking. And do so with an open heart, because you’ve no idea what God needs to tell or show you which is ACTUALLY what you need to know.

How much time and space does it take to be dropped in? UNTIL IT TAKES. How to know? Peace. Stillness. Certainty. Rest. And a KNOWING that it is done and therefore WILL be seen.

If you’re not experiencing that daily, quit taking ALL action til you do. If you’re not experiencing it as an ALL day way of being, know that you could and should be. And you simply need to repattern what you think sight and action looks like.

Prompt: Instead of asking and looking, ask for what you should be asking or seeking or seeing.

8) Don’t expect beyond your faith, except … ALWAYS EXPECT BEYOND YOUR FAITH

There’s no point claiming things you simply don’t have belief for. The spirit realm works on BELIEF and what you speak forth. Coupled with you being ALIGNED with that outcome physically manifesting. So don’t say over and over again that a thing will come to pass if you don’t believe it. Yet –

we should always expect to expect more than what we CURRENTLY believe for!

Prompt: what would it look like to allow faith to grow in me right now? What can I believe for and claim NOW? And what do I claim I WILL be able to believe for and claim?

9) You ALIGN with the outcome which IS already done. And then it has to show up.

There are rules in the spirit realm which are even more real than the physical realm. You cannot claim or receive a thing – even if you believe it, speak it, and it IS for you – if you are not in LINE with it physically manifesting. This means: if you’re not being the person. Meeting the conditions. Turned away from anything which is not a match. Obeying, trusting, surrendering, submitting, and being IN faith not effort!

Prompt: where am I out of line right now?

10) Stop trying to do magic tricks. Instead, understand spiritual law and apply it.

Seriously, this is so huge. So many people loosely or even somewhat deeply understand laws of receiving, and yet FEAR and ANXIETY and a mantra of ‘I’m going to miss out or maybe I’m not good enough’ results in them rushing around everywhere, no groundedness, stillness, depth or intention, and just trying to GET.

Everything which is for you is for you right now! It already exists supernaturally! NOT PHYSICALLY. So stop trying to conjure it in the physical with flighty actions and quick tricks or affirmations nobody told you SPIRITUALLY to say.

Prompt: where do I need to slow down? Be still? Lean INTO trust? And act FROM it?

11) Love will light the way

This means … it all comes back to understanding that it is your God-given right to receive the promises that are for you, and to walk in light, truth, flow. Yes, there will be turmoil and upset in life, and you won’t always get what you THOUGHT you wanted, or the way you wanted it.

But if you remember that you ARE loved and you DO have a birthright and a destiny, it will help you to stop acting out of a hyper fear of not deserving and never getting.

Your destiny depends on you opting out of that. So do so.

Prompt: what would be different if I knew that God WANTS me to be in my promised land, and He WANTS me to be there now?! Where would I let go … surrender … hand over … accept … and what else? What THEN would I be doing or being?

12) Your belief needs to be spoken and it needs to be released

There IS action to take. Your action is in part accepting, saying yes, Amen, claiming, declaring, SPEAKING WHAT IS NOT AS THOUGH IT IS. Guard your thoughts and your words because they ARE creating what you see!

And yes, there is also ‘work to do’. But it is not the work of trying to GET. It is not the toil of LABOUR. If you’re in that, you’re in the wilderness and that is by CHOICE and behaviour.

Stop. Drop. ROLL INTO GOD. And ONLY once in and once still, open your eyes and ask –

“Now God,

what next?”


This is a huge topic, and one I could happily write about for days. Perhaps I’ll expand on this into an upcoming book! God has shown me to GET BACK TO WRITING NEW BOOKS EVERY FEW WEEKS! Yeaugh!

In the meanwhile … I am going to run a free live event TOMORROW my time (Monday July 3) at 9am AEST. This is 7pm Sunday July 2 EST. 12 midnight Sun / Mon BST.

It will take place on my Instagram @thekatrinaruthshow and on my Facebook Katrina Ruth simultaneously. I’ll be expanding on these and other rules of receiving, spiritual rules which ARE governing your current outcomes, and also answering questions!

Oh, and one last thing –

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It’s only what I came here to do with you.

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Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.


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