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At some point, somewhere along the way, somewhere deep in the midst of a journey in which you were hurt and bruised, shaken off path, and led to question everything you’d always assumed was just true, about life, about love, about safety, about you, you made a choice –

Unconscious, most likely, which certainly makes it a choice nonethless, and often the strongest type of all –

To become invisible.

It may have been so far back that you can’t even remember it –

Or perhaps things are coming to mind already, incidents big or small, moments which shouldn’t have lasted beyond a moment but yet which are somehow still with you now, contracts you entered into in some way or shape or form, little pockets of time in which your soul got JARRED –

And you decided that it wasn’t safe to be you.

“I’ll be me!”, you said to yourself, “of course I will, who else would I be, but just –

Not like this.
A little less like THAT.
And altogether NO fucking way like this”

Sooner or later “I’ll be me!”, something which is absolutely coded in to every human being as they begin their journey, became – “Well, maybe not”.

“Maybe not just now.”

“Maybe just not in this one situation”.

And eventually –

“Maybe not at all. Better not to, you know …”

And, just like that, in a heartbeat made up of 10,000 upon 10,0000 fragmented moments, the little girl who KNEW she was born for more, who KNEW she could rule the world, who KNEW she had a powerful message to share and that she was gonna share it like the unapologetic badass she is –

Literally spinning the world on its head while dancing on top of it IN 6-inch red-bottomed stilettos –

And all before breakfast, no less, who the hell you think you’re talking to anyway?!

– Switched off.

Exited stage left.

Stealth getaway.

And really – maybe she was never there at all? Nobody could QUITE remember … had it all just been a dream? A fantasy of what COULD but never WOULD be? Idealistic childish fairytale telling, to think that somebody like HER could be like that –

Be SEEN like that –

Live like that –

Be paid for that –

Or simply get to wake up every damn day and BE WHO AND WHAT SHE ALWAYS WAS!

What a cute story …


It WAS all real, it was ALWAYS real, it was the God-ordained PATH for you, wasn’t it? You were born to be on stage to the WORLD darling, and then some! Your light so damn bright it’d light up the heavens OF the heavens! And your message, what you unleash, what you pull down, what you breathe OUT onto the people?

It was literally going to recode the EARTH.

You, the warrior.
You, the Queen.
You, the unapologetic and fearless badass absolute BABE who walks into a room and TAKES FUCKING CHARGE OF IT, even the PLANTS bowing down to her will.

All of this was written, it was DONE, and guess what?


But –

As I’ve said many times before and will now remind you again –

Just because you HAVE a destiny, does not mean you will ever bring that to life!

Being called for more, and born with a higher purpose, has nothing to do with whether or not you live into it!

It’s all just a choice.

And just as it once upon a time appeared to SERVE you to become invisible, to silently slip slip away, to allow yourself to fade into the background, or at the very least to grey, to be seen without ever really being seen, an entity and not a PRESENCE, it has now come to a time when you must DROP THE FUCKING INVISIBLE CLOAK AND SHOW THE WORLD YOU ARE HERE.


The beauty of your untamed SOUL darling, the raw power of your true BEINGness, the breathtaking presence of your true ESSENCE.

To look at.
To not be able to look AWAY from.
To magnetize.
To compel.
To command.
To direct.

In this state it is NEVER a question of what you need to DO, in order to ‘get’ people to follow you, pay you, become part of what you are creating for them, JOIN YOUR BAND OF MERRY PIPERS, or –

shower you with all the love and adoration as you of course return the same to them –

It is ONLY a question of the fact that the mere EXISTENCE of you causes this reaction.

They see you and now they ACTUALLY FUCKING SEE YOU, and even though they have perhaps seen you a million times before, and maybe more, they now SEE you.

Hiding is done.
The mask has been dropped.
The uniform shed.
And invisible? Is just a fun game you play when you want to confuse the fuck out of somebody who you didn’t actually want all up in your space, and so you put your energetic force field on.

It was only ever meant to be a fun game my darling,

And instead you made it a way of life.

Yes, there were reasons why that was needed, and apt, and so, well done.

But now?

The need to hide is valid no longer.

Reveal yourself.

We’re waiting.

Show yourself.

It’s time.

UNCOVER yourself.

We need you.

Release yourself.

You’re worthy.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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Understand it.

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