It might as well be now

It might as well be now.

It might as well be now that you say yes to the thing, decide to become the thing, show up as though you ARE that thing and just – y’know,

put aside your excuses and DO the darn thing you’d be doing … (prob a few of them) … if you were that person.

It might as well be now that you throw down on all the random stuff you have been hacking away at which is actually so not even YOU, you don’t care about it, you’re only doing it because ‘they’ said to do it and at this point you’re not even sure who ‘they’ are anyway, but heck if you met ’em …

you wouldn’t want to hang with ’em. Yet here you are trying to build a business and a life based on what THEY deem required. Are they even living THEIR dream, or, more aptly, their aligned and purpose-driven life? Let alone any kind of version of yours?

Just … stop.

Stop posting the stuff you don’t care about. Stop trying to make content which isn’t your true flow. Stop screaming with every move you make that YOU DON’T BELIEVE THAT YOU JUST BEING YOU AND LETTING WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO LET OUT IS ENOUGH.

It’s just … devastating. You know?

It might as well be now.

It might as well be now that you say the things you ACTUALLY think. Create the stuff you really WANT to sell. Make the offer which is burning on your heart and you don’t know if you can pull it off and besides who would WANT that, would anybody BUY it, let alone from YOU, but then … you just do. And then you just … DO. Keep on backing that thing. BRINGING it for it, like you actually believe in it. OPERATING DAY IN AND DAY OUT FROM a place of … this IS just how it is. What it is. Who I AM. The End.

It might as well be now. Don’t you see?

The business it’s actually meant to be.
The way it’s actually meant to grow.
The way in which you daily and I mean right NOW get to look at what you’re putting out and the way it is bit by bit flowing and think “YES. That’s me. The real me. AMEN. This is what it SHOULD be”.

The thing with doing it this way is sure – it can feel at times like it makes no sense and YOU make no sense. It can seem as though you should just give in and jump on whichever bandwagon is currently the thing. It can be so tempting. “Maybe if I did just >> insert sell your soul activity you REALLY don’t wanna do or just don’t CARE about but maybe … <<“.

But, I mean … let’s say that did work? Do you want to then be stuck with a thing you built which is NOT the thing that YOU came here to do?

And here is what is true about the relentless just keep showing up for what’s inside of you approach:

at some point bit by bit?

Tips over.

And you have yourself a motherfreakin’ flood.

Quit believing in anything other than that.

And act accordingly.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.


The Secret Garden is open for intake right now at OG launch pricing.
It doubles after Monday.
Seriously …
it might as well be now that you do the thing you FULLY came here to do. And be supported live by someone who simply doesn’t know to do it any other way,
and has the results both personally and from nearly 2 decades with clients from over 120 countries to show that actually?
Following what’s inside of you and handing it ALL over is a thing.
Maybe the only one.


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