Success Mindset


The only way you’re going to become ‘that’ version of yourself, the confident and certain and unshakeable ‘of course’ you who calmly cooly and collectedly just claims even the most IMPOSSIBLE moves as done, is to realise you gotta just choose it NOW.

A private client of mine, today –

“I think I might be being seen as a BIG dog here, I keep ending up in spaces with people like ‘X’, and ‘X’, and ‘X’! But I don’t think I really see myself as a big dog; maybe I should!”

Me – “Well, firstly, you ARE, and I’m pretty sure that others perceive you as that, but either way YEP. You gotta just claim it! I think in general we as women take WAY too long to actually just name and claim and decide – this is who I am and I get to play in THAT room!”

Client – “I’m claiming it!”

Another client; another Voxer thread –

“Kat, how did you, when you first started to coach women who were already successful, in some cases more successful than you, how did you first just claim that you could help them? Were you helping with strategy? But how did that work when you were only just starting to own that side of you, and maybe they were further along than you? How did you also have the confidence to step into that?!”

Me – “Well, it was kind of like … I always knew, I ALWAYS had this part of me that knew I can help ANYONE. Even when I think about the top people in personal development or success, or any A-list Hollywood person, or big time CEO or exec … even though on the one hand I felt like (and was!) ‘the silly little girl’ … on the other hand, I just knew –

I can help ANYONE. Put me in front of ANYONE, and I will figure out exactly where they’re hiding from themselves, their truth, or letting fear rule me. So yes … I did help with strategy, right away, with those clients I just decided to plant my flag in front of and who were in some cases ahead of me, but the strategy was – mindset. Meaning, I’m not assessing people’s marketing or selling from a number-crunching digital marketing perspective. But I can read even the BEST person’s sales page, or go through their funnel and so on, and straight away see where the bullshit is; where they’re not owning all that they are.

Mostly though – these people hired me to get inside their heads and help them to wake up to all they STILL get to be. And that is exactly what I do. I’ve done it with men who are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, in industries I know nothing about, with women whose very presence and poise intimidates TF out of me, and who claim stuff in business I wouldn’t even think of; I can do it with ANYONE.

Because since I was little … how my mind always has worked is to read into who someone really is, and to see the ways in which they’re not being it. So – I just got over my ‘not readiness’ or ‘too uncool-ness’ that I felt at the time, and put aside all the parts of me which said I should be something more high level to coach clients like ‘that’, and I just started to speak to them with what they needed to hear”.

Another client, ANOTHER thread –

“Kat, I have this potential client who has come into my space who I don’t quite know how to show up for. I feel like I need to be more … put together, proper, whatever”.

Me – “Go into the place where you already know. Grit your teeth and square your shoulders and then smile and CHILL, because there is a part of you who absolutely knows how to communicate and sell to this person confidently, with certainty, with grace, with OWNING who you are”.

A friend, earlier this week –

“I’m not sure how to make the right decision for production of my new line!”

Me – “Close your eyes and spin in a circle and whatever you point to is the look to choose. Haha. But really … just decide you can’t get it wrong. Choose. And then back and own it!”

Friend – “You’re right. I’m just going to back myself and own it!”

Me, a million times, and too many stories to tell – “I don’t know how. I don’t know if I can. I’ve no idea where to start!”.

Me, a million times, and too many eye rolls to remember – “And what if you just did anyway? What if you did not ALLOW yourself not to?”



Which becomes a ‘normal’ and ‘just how it is’ part of your reality.

Which others then observe, and think – wow! How does she do it! How did she get THERE? How is it possible?!

ALL of these things, and every single thing you see inside of you and wish were your NOW, but have no idea where to begin with, feel frustrated at being so far from, feel sad that maybe is NOT for you after all.

EVERYTHING, ALL of it, 100% of it will become your reality any minute or moment after YOU just decide to claim it.

YOU decide to put yourself in the room. YOU decide you get to play like that. YOU decide you’re the top dog. YOU decide you’re the one others look to and want to work with, pay like that, hire like that, include in their Big Deal Fancy Things like that.

YOU decide, and you let it be as easy as – I made myself unavailable not to, and then I just took that big ass breath and leap of faith, and stepped into it. I lived in to the reality I’d no idea how to create, and so it came to life!

How do you decide, how do you make sure you get it right, how do you not screw it up, how do you be in integrity, how do you know how BIG to claim or where to plant that glam flag you’ve got going on?


It is this freaking simple.

Quit living a life where you avoid letting it be this freaking simple.

SOMEBODY has to go all the way with living the life you see as yours.

NOBODY else can actually do it except you!

But it being FOR you does not make it HAPPEN.

Every day, you decide.
This pathway, or that?
Continue to operate like ‘this’, because that is where I am, what I’ve proven as mine, what feels comfortable, allowed, acceptable, and not too terrifying?

Or – fuck it.
Imma just gonna go and be that person now.

Spoiler alert:

nobody ‘cept you.


Life is Now. Press Play.



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