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When I thought that I could make $5000 a week, soon enough I made $5000 a week.

I used to write down how much I’d earned, client by client, little scribbly notes in my journal for each day, crossing out the previous as I went, in order to add up the new total. The rule was – I had to get MINIMUM $1200 on a Monday. $1500 was preferred. That way the rest of the week was just a smoooottthhhh sail downhill.

This is about 19 years ago, I was a Personal Trainer in my early twenties, and the blood of HUSTLE ran strong in me. I’d been selling since, well, always! Or at least actively since the age of 3 or 4. As far back as I can remember, whether it was door to door citrus and art and flower sales, or little clubs I had my friends join and do weird initiations for a few years later, or illicit black market on the schoolyard behaviour, or being an 11-year old Avon ‘lady’ making as much as a grand a week, there was always this thing I just KNEW:

If I decide to make money, I will.
If I decide a certain amount, I’ll do that.
If I don’t really decide anything at all but just kind of think and plan a lot about things that could make money, I will just kind of think and plan a lot about things that could make money.


But girlfriend you ain’t gonna get PAID. And thinking otherwise?

Is crazy talk.

When I think back to all these different periods, and the targets I set myself, I really couldn’t tell you much of anything about what I DID in order to hit my goals.

I did whatever it took, is the simple fact of the matter. But I don’t even mean that I hustled my butt off or something. It wasn’t some kind of self-applied growin’ up years sales camp. It was a mindset. A certainty. A knowing that I would be relentless and unshakeable INTERNALLY.

Do what it takes? Do whatever it takes to not back down, not be swayed, eyes on the target in a way where it just is how it is that the order is placed, and expected to show up!

And whatever guided hustle / action / flow along the way.

Even way back before I knew how to teach or explain anything on following inner guidance, I can see that that’s exactly what I was doing. I guess nobody ever suggested a different way …

It makes you think, doesn’t it? What if nobody had ever suggested a different way, and you always and ONLY just followed your spirit? Hmm? Hmm!

Anyway, the years went on, and deciding I ‘had’ or ‘would’ make 5k a week became 10, and then 20, eventually 50, eventually 100!

I want you to really think about this, put aside frustrations or the desire to roll your eyes or scream at me because you do ‘get’ this stuff but yet it hasn’t worked yet for YOU.

– When I decided to make $1000 a week as an 11 year old Avon lady, I did.

– When I decided to make whatever figures I don’t remember prior to that as an 8 year-old club leader, and all the other things I did during childhood, I did.

– When I decided to make an extra $750 a week at my bar job where I was Bar Manager at 19 years old, even though it was a paid employee roll and there were no more hours available, I did. (I convinced them I should do marketing materials on my Dad’s at home original Mac haha. I made posters for special event nights and stuck them up all over the mall. They were black and white grainy print outs which I COLOURED IN WITH HIGHLIGHTER PEN. Using ClipArt images of ghosts and the like! And yeah I got the extra money I decided! Consistently!)

– When I decided to make 5k a week as a Personal Trainer, I did

– When I decided 20k a week should be normal, this was some years later in online business, it became normal

– When I eventually dialled it up to 50k weeks, and then even 100 (and there were plenty of ‘sticking points’ along the way, don’t worry!), I did.

Want to know when the income STOPPED diallin’ up?

Ding ding ding ding ding, give the lady a prize!

Yep, when I stopped deciding

And WHY did I stop deciding? Some kind of version of who TF needs to make more than 400k a month, and is it even possible, do I dare, am I worth it?

Yeah, look, I’m fully aware that it’s a pretty good place to have plateaued at. And that right now you might be thinking ‘damn, I wish I could decide up to even half of that!’. But I’ll bet some people thinking that are a) already deciding way bigger, or b) sitting there thinking ‘Kat! Of course you can decide bigger! Go bigger girlfriend!’

Either way, this is not actually a conversation about money.

Either way, even those reading this who are crushing 8-figures a year and beyond know that the only freakin’ reason they’re not at 9 and beyond (unless the reason is they don’t want to be … which probably just means they bought a story it will cost them something …) is that they just.didn’t.decide!

So what is this a conversation about, really?

Why, it’s obvious isn’t it?!

It’s a conversation about the truth that you can be, and do, and have anything, ANYTHING, anything, that you want, dream of, and DECIDE.

That while it’s normal to have fears or doubts around whether YOU could play ‘that big’, be ‘that seen’, and really impact in ‘that way’, in the end it’s VERY black and white:

You can if you decide.

And to decide takes no special skills, and also does not require you to clear all your resistance and limitations. It requires you to see it –

acknowledge how real it does feel at times, maybe a lot of the time –

and then do the thing anyway!


Are you willing to BELIEVE bigger, to drop the damn story that excess is not okay, that you’re doing or being something bad or wrong if you demand more than whatever the collective has deemed to be the current correct socially approved and signed off on amount –

to quit hemming and hawing over whether, if you stick your head up just a peep over the wall where your current normal and SO called safety resides then it’s bound to get chopped off,



Or no?

There’s no other answer you get to choose here.

At some point you’re going to have to accept that YOU ARE CREATING ALL OF IT.

Today I urge you:

Click the opt-out button on the BS that says you can’t have and be more, now, today.


Thank you!

Good bye!”

Fear says:

You can’t and you shouldn’t and here’s all the reasons why YOU’RE GOING TO DIE.

Your spirit says:

No thank you. Imma go get my life.

Think about what you’re listening to.


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