Discipline & Flow


It’s fair to say that one of the most commonly wondered, asked, and probably anguished over questions that rolls around the world of badass entrepreneurs online (and no doubt ‘mongst the non-badasses too!) is some sort of version of ‘what do I need to do / put in place or change in order to get to XXXk months?’

‘XXXk’ of course being whatever the perceived appropriate and ‘why TF aren’t I there yet, I really should be!’ next level figure is.

10k, 30k, 50k, 100k, 200k, heck it could be that first 1 or 2k you’re chasing. I remember those first few k myself, all too well! It really doesn’t feel like that long ago … every step of the journey sometimes seems to be just as fresh in my mind as though it happened yesterday! And of course there are many other steps or ‘levels’ or remembrances aside from MONEY, but for today?

We gon’ talk about money.

Specifically? I want to share with you some of the key markers along the journey from where I was making around 3-5k / month, to the last few years where it has consistently been more like 300-500k / month.

This is cash received, by the way! I only ever mean cash received when I talk about my income; I don’t count forward sales. I also think it is next level certified and laminated bullshit when people give their #’s and they actually mean forward sales. SAY that, don’t lie by omission!

In my new course, 7-Figure Business Systems and Leadership (join me! https://thekatrinaruthshow.com/7figurebusinesssystemsandleadershiptraining/), I’ll be spending 4 weeks with you to break down the exact systems, structure and processes (all from flow and SOUL-led of course) that I believe you need to have in place to go all the way from start-up to multi-7-figures per year, and teaching you exactly what to do as well as how to do it in your biz, no matter which point you’re at now. You’ll have my support and my team’s as we breakdown what YOU need to implement, and help you to put it in place, so that you can spend your time in your zone of genius all day every day, while KNOWING that both revenue and soulmate tribe are consistently growing.

I will break down EXACTLY how to go from 4-figures to 5, 5 to 6, 6 to multi-6, multi-6 to 7, 7 to multi-7! EVERYthing that goes in inside of me –

And inside the biz.


This is an extremely detailed and hands on course at a price point that will ensure you can easily 100x your investment, multiple times over, if you apply even SOME of it! I’m excited to jump in with those who a re jumping in, but meanwhile – consider the following a bit of a sneak peek, including some VERY easy to understand and implement shifts you can make right away, today!


These are the things I wish I knew, way back when. Really what you will see as you read this is that this is not just an opportunity to learn about scaling an INCOME; it’s learning about stepping deeply into an aligned LIFE. That may not always be a natural connection to money growth, but as far as how I personally do business and life, and how I know you’re here to as well? More money just flows from saying more yes to soul, and to the true to your values life you came here to live.

Let’s begin.

Quick note: This blog is 7000 words long, and it will kick your ASS with goodness and helpful stuff you can use NOW; you may like to save it!!

1. Content Really is King, JUST KEEP DOING IT

When I started online in 2006 I just made a little website and a blog to support my then Personal Training business. I wasn’t thinking about being an Internet Marketer (I’m still not lol), I was thinking about providing valuable content to peeps I knew I could help (and that’s still what I’m thinking about … what we ALL should be thinking about!).

I didn’t know anything about making money online, or really even that that was a thing, and even once I did start to cotton on, it really was not an industry like it is now. I couldn’t even find a business coach to personally help me with this stuff, and I REALLY looked! I know; imagine, right?!

Anyway, what I did find was an amazing blogging coach, Yaro Starak, and I joined his $25 / month Blog Mastermind. I learned many things there, but the biggest one I learned and which I have never forgotten since, is that content is King. This was a well accepted reality amongst all the big time bloggers who I followed, and it was a term I heard over and over again and which really just made sense to me.

So, from early on, I focused on making great content. It felt a lot harder to me to be prolific back then than what it does now, partly due to the fact that now I have 13+ years of practice as a blogger, but also because back then I thought about it a lot more than what I now know is really necessary. I hadn’t yet learned that the best content is just sharing what’s in your soul, NO filter or ‘thinking’ required, just let your soul speak to your people’s souls and grab hold of ’em!

But, even though it took me probably 10x as long to write a blog back then, I was still consistent. I simply committed at the very start of my blogging journey that I would be, and I then simply WAS. I literally have never – not once – not in 13+ years doing this – NOT written a blog that I told myself I’d write. I’ve coupled that with a commitment to a certain amount of weekly content since the start, initially 2 and then 3 blogs a week, now it is a daily blog, about 362 days a year, and that is year in –

And year out.

AND it’s on top of all the other content I do these days. Almost daily livestreams, usually 40-60 minutes, plus a plethora of smaller posts on social media, and, of course, the consistent value based sales content I email out, often 3-4 times in a single day; even more if at the end of a launch period. Additional to all of this I’ve self-published nearly 60 books on Amazon during this time.

If content is King (and I believe it is), then I think it’s reasonable to say I am the Content Queen.

Do you need content to make money online? Do you need to be PROLIFIC with your content to make money online? I’m sure there are other ways, but I don’t really care what they are because a) I am a creator, a messenger, a leader, and as such content matters to ME on a soul level, b) if you follow me there’s a good chance you’re the same, and c) for those of us who have a message to share and we desire to build a personal brand based around that message, then for real the MOST important and foundational part of your biz is gonna be your content. Your MESSAGING baby. Everything else I can tell you about what I’ve done to get here is a VERY very far second, because the truth is that this whole thang has been built on a STRONG foundation of me sharing what’s in me –

Every day –

No matter what –

Even when I feel I have nothing to say, or it feels repetitive or silly or lame –


EVERY body who buys from me – 

EVERY body.

Is in some way there because of what I write, or speak.

The more I write and peak? Without ever worrying about what it is, but just being consistent and being an obedient servant to my soul and my truth? The more money I make. And also the happier I am, due to soul fulfilment! And over time, there is a rolling ball gathering speed effect which has resulted in, well, this.

Thinking point: where do you think your business, your money, your soul happiness, your confidence, your position as a leader might be a year from now, or less, if you simply committed to letting your message out each day, starting today, no matter what? For me, way back at the start, I SAW THE VISION OF THIS, OF ALL THAT WOULD BE IF I SIMPLY REFUSED TO BACK DOWN, AND IF I SHOWED UP EVERY DAY NO MATTER WHAT, and so that’s what I did.

The fastest way to get a short-term result is to show up in line with what is required to build a long-term vision, and surrender to the process.

In my 4-Week 7-Figure Business Systems and Leadership Course (https://thekatrinaruthshow.com/7figurebusinesssystemsandleadershiptraining/), one of the things I’ll be teaching you is exactly how to get that amount of content out (or whatever amount aligns for you), with ease and from flow and soul, consistently, and also exactly how I repurpose it all for maximum impact and result, whereby every word I write or speak gets to go out as a lil money-making soldier dozens of times over, so that even when I’m not showing up? I’m always showing up


2. Invest in Team Long Before You’re Ready

Wow, that first point took way longer than I thought it would!! BUT, it is the most important one. I often think that if I’d done nothing else but just my content all these years I pretty much still would be here. On my busiest days, when I have to cut corners wildly with my available business time, the one thing I would NEVER cut is my content.

It’s just the needle mover.

Anyway, speaking of content, and things that move the needle and that therefore deserve the bulk of my time, here is one of the best decisions I somehow just gut-feel knew how to make from early on:

Invest in support long before you’re ready.

I recognised way before I was anything close to profitable (who am I kidding; I was in BIG ass debt!) that for this to all get off the ground the way that I wanted it to and believed it should, I was going to need to make sure every possible mountain was moved in order for me to be able to keep doing the job of being me. Aka: content! My free content, as outlined above, and also paid content for my first few little fledgling offers.

So, despite the fact that I had NO money to spare, was in huge debt (over 100k), and was counting every penny 10x over, at least, I invested in my first VA. 2 hours a week. $20 an hour. $40 a week that felt like a true scary stretch to say yes to. Because I saw the damn future, and I acted from THAT place, rather than from the fears and ‘what ifs’ of the moment. That $40 a week meant somebody was doing stuff that seemed to somehow cost me (energetically at least) 20 hours a week, because it was NOT my zone of genius and it drained the heck outta me. Paying my first VA meant I could freely and without guilt just continue to be and unleash me, doing more of what created revenue as well as Kat happiness. Both quite welcomed


To this day, I continue to invest in new team members the MOMENT I feel the need or want come through, not when I feel ready. I trust and also hold myself accountable to the fact that I will live INTO my decisions, rather than only allow myself to make them once it feels viable. Now I have a team of over 10 actual employees, plus contractors, and I just get to do me without having to ALSO wear every other possible hat. Of course, on this point, you should also be willing to wear every other possible hat as your biz grows, and I did that too while I gradually bit by bit grew my team. I see too many entrepreneurs either trying to do it all themselves and never getting proper team on board, or else refusing to get down and dirty and do everything themselves while also BUILDING team. You gotta do both. You gotta do WHATEVER IT TAKES, and simply be unavailable to go to bed at night without what needs doing, done, regardless of who does it! God! I could go on and on here


Oh, and how I paid team before I had money to pay ’em? High-level mentors, too, for that matter? I said yes every damn time without knowing where the money would show up from, and I simply trusted it WOULD because I had made it a must. All of this takes tremendous trust, yeah? And doing the damn work to back that trust up


Hot tips to takeaway: Act from the future you, the future place, not responsive to the fears and ‘what ifs’ of the now. Choose to trust yourself and also hold yourself accountable to live INTO your decisions.

In 7-Figure Business Systems and Leadership one of the things we will be covering is how to build a team, and also what to do with ’em so they monetize themSELVES.

3. Pay Yourself Last, For as Long as It Takes

Relevant to the above, I lived hand to mouth for YEARS. I always and only acted from the future me. If I knew what I know now it would not have taken so long! Hence me sharing all this for you! But, that was my journey. And I was repeatedly willing to put myself and my family at financial risk, and I mean – there were months on end when we could barely buy FOOD. I was down to dollars and cents for a very very long time. If you’re not, get out now. At least of my community. You’re not one of us, and you don’t get it. I have zero interest in trying to guide someone who doesn’t get laying themselves on the line. Look, you either believe in what you’re creating and you KNOW you will not allow yourself to fail, or?

You’re not actually born for it.

Maybe you don’t have to go to the depths that I did! I hope you don’t! But I believe you should be willing to, and if the need arises, do it with not a SECOND’S hesitation.

I can still remember the first time I was actually able to pay myself … the first time I actually had a little money leftover after paying all expenses, life and biz bills, and also the mentors who my soul knew I had to say yes to. It was a HUGE moment. And it was one that was damn well earned.

Takeaway: as far as where to spend your money, trust what your soul damn well tells you to do, and do it. Leap AS MANY TIMES AS IS NECESSARY, and worry about creating the safety net on the way down. You will, if you make yourself unavailable for another option.

4. Dial Up Your Money Goals and Expectations CONTINUALLY – Intentions, Vibrational Shiz, Frequency, Aligning to WHICH Vision?

‘kay, let’s talk how money actually increases. In many ways I feel I am doing nothing different from when I was making 3-5k a month, to now make 100k that! It’s just message, content, sell! Obviously a lot of systems and structure in place to support that, and also to leverage it, and to allow it all to run easier than what it once did, meaning I can both do more as well as get more of what I do do, out.

But the greatest thing of all I have done to increase my income is NOT actually to do with any of the practical side of the biz, unless you call having a rock solid inner work practice practical. Which you probably should lol.

What I have done which has worked, and which most people out there just won’t understand or believe but I trust YOU will, is continually dialled up my expectation and requirement for how much money needs to come in.

I have done this by numerous method including, but not limited to:

* Money tracking (feels good for me, and what I measure grows)

* Money goals and affirmations, a LOT (specific money goals based on a combination of what soul says, as well as calculating how much I actually need in order to meet all biz and life expenses AND desires)

* Dialling up my ‘have to’ haves, by elevating my biz expenses, lifestyle, and also investments, on purpose, in order that more money was required in order to meet my basics

* Stating my money goals continually as part of my everyday thought processes (using my daily money goal as my laptop password is the most efficient and effective way to do this)

* ALWAYS saying yes to more expenses if soul aligned, even if the money was not there. Trusting I would back myself to get it there after saying yes.

* Eliminating anything (including people) that was not a hell yes match for the abundance mindset I choose to have, or indeed not a hell yes match for any part of my life. Doing this ruthlessly, and rapidly. Hey, this is not just about money, this is about – don’t say yes maybe if what you desire is YES

* Naming and claiming and stating myself as being rich, wealthy, one of the most successful women online (affirming)

* Making sure I am ALWAYS pushing up my expectation of ‘normal’, and ‘just how it is’

* Making the appropriate adjustments in my life and inner state to back this up … continually looking at every element of who I would be being, how I’d be thinking, acting, etc, if I were already that person

* Feeding my mind and soul with materials, truths, beliefs, people, etc, that support wealth being natural, and easy

* Being unavailable for any sort of shame or blame or guilt around money, or any sort of idea that making a lot of money either COSTS you something (that is a choice) or that it costs somebody else something (also not true).

* Expecting automatic upgrades in this area as well as others as just a natural progression of me being me

* Obviously doing the damn work higher self guides me to do each day, regardless of whether or not I feel like it!

And SO much more besides, but those are my faves.

I will teach on all of this, including the tracking side of things, as part of 7-Figure Business Systems and Leadership. Yep, dialling up frequency and vibration is def something I have a process around! And of course I want to share it with you


Get your place here: https://thekatrinaruthshow.com/7figurebusinesssystemsandleadershiptraining/

5. Daily Discipline and Needle Movers

I am disciplined as all get out, and I really can’t help you if you are not willing to choose discipline –

And also recognise that it is indeed a choice.

Commit to the damn results you want, and be the version of you who acts a accordingly, is it really that hard?!

No it is not.

And before you get all up about how I don’t understand your particular situation, or internal struggles, I DON’T CARE. In the end, it’s VERY simple –

You do the work to get the result regardless of all possible reasons, no matter how ‘real’, why you think you can’t –

Or you don’t.

In the end it does not MATTER how valid your excuses were, were they worthy of you not creating the life you were born for; not being the person you were born to be? Okay then! So suck it up and get on with it. Grit your teeth, square your shoulders, be willing to be in the quicksand of it for as long as it takes, but you do NOT put that head on the pillow at night until you know you’ve done what is necessary to earn that sleep!

Apply this to every area of your life and you will get to live a life you ADORE, because you know something? Doing the work is the cure to pretty much all your inner woes baby. The RESULT of the work is just a bonus … the real outcome is you get to be the fullest expression of yourself, and you realise that what you thought was hard, or scary, or just not fun, is actually the most alive-making thing ever.

Anyway … hang around or in any way work with me, and believe me, you will get me kicking your butt into alignment and massive action every day! Discipline FREES you; I cannot emphasise that enough.

As for what to be disciplined at, here are what I think the Top 4 daily non-negotiables for entrepreneurs like us are. And this is what I’ve based my own discipline around. When I say daily I mean daily, too.

1) Inner work, aligning to the vision of who you want to be

2) Messaging (content, as discussed)

3) Sales activity (I have at least 10 sales activities occurring in my biz each day, often many more … many automated … yep I will of course go deep into all this in 7-Figure Biz Systems!)

4) Fitness / self care. Don’t expect to operate as a premium machine if you’re not conditioning yourself to be one! Fitness is critical for every role in your life, and you know it. No bitching otherwise or you’re just a liar. A bloated sad sack one who operates at well below-average standards across the board.

After (and only after) that (in no particular order) –

* Paid content / client care and delivery

* Admin

* Growth of audience

* Improving on automated sales

* Back-end clean-ups / improvements

* Misc

Notice scouring Facebook looking for the meaning of life or to see what everybody else is doing is not on either list.

Imagine if you just did all of the above every day without exception or excuse instead of all the other fluff you do?! Do you think you’d get somewhere? Do you think you’d learn how to do it all FAST, too, and with greater and greater effectiveness? Okay then.

6. Funnels Baby!

GOSH, if there were one thing I wish I had have done sooner in my business, or if I could go back and change one thing, it would DEFINITELY have been getting some basic funnels set up from the get go rather than waiting 5-6 years in before I did!

Okay, if I could change ONE thing it would actually be to have backed myself at being me sooner, and listened to that voice within about what I really am here to do! But the next thing after that? Freakin’ funnels baby.

Like a lot of people do, I thought of funnels as being something mystical … complicated … fancy … HARD … and I just kept it on a list for literally YEARS, telling myself day after day that I’d get it done, and then just NOT.

The flipside is that during all that time avoiding this, and pretty much every other possible ‘back-end of the biz’ thing, what I WAS doing was a mega-ton of content, so you know what? I think it all worked out perfectly. Ignoring all the shoulds for years came at a well worth it cost of building up discipline and consistency with my content which, as we’ve discussed, truly is the foundation of this empire.

Not much point having a funnel if you don’t know who you are, you’re not telling the world about it loud and proud, and you’ve got no value to serve up!

Because of my avoidance of funnels as well as paid advertising, I conquered something which to this day makes me hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, and which most people say is impossible – organic marketing that works.

That being said, once I finally got over myself and built my first simple funnel, I was kicking myself I didn’t realise how easy it actually could be, to add $$ to the bottom line and automate my hard work creating all that content!

My funnels are still very very basic, but I DO tweak and attend to them regularly, and as a result of that we have some weeks where our funnels result in as much as 90k revenue added! Yes I will teach on exactly how I do this in 7-Figure Biz Systems, and I will also give you bonus templates you can ‘swipe’ and slot your own content into!

Takeaway: anything that scares you or feels ‘heavy’, just start now, 20-25 minutes a day (that’s all I did and do, and definitely not even every day), and see the big picture of how this will pay off over time! Don’t avoid a growth strategy because you know nothing about it. Commit a small amount of time each day or so to it, and follow through. You will learn – and accomplish! – by showing up.

7. Keep on Changing the Pattern

Probably one of the silliest pitfalls I’ve fallen into is the idea that because something sold well it is now the magic be all and end all and how I should do EVERYTHING moving forward.

Have you ever done that? Something went gangbusters, and so you keep trying to lean on that same technique over and over again? Ignoring the little voice within that says you’re not really that into it anymore … it’s NOT what you’re being guided to do … it’s actually yesterday’s news which you’re trying to pass off as today’s?!

Here’s the thing:

WE are messengers, artists. We are not numbers guys or gals. Sure, we can use the numbers … and should do … but who we ARE is we are the called ones who have soul work to share with the world. So – sorry NOT sorry, but you DO need to continually reinvent the wheel! Maybe not as far as baseline systems, strategy, day to day focus and so on, but as far as the offer? The art? The content?

For us it just doesn’t work when we attempt to pass off an old message and meanwhile our soul has new things to say. It is a MYTH that it is easier to re-use something you’ve already done. For us it is easier to create something new. It unblocks flow, creativity, knowledge of exactly what our next move should be.

Blinders on; this is about being an ARTIST entrepreneur, not an Internet Marketer, so stop making it so damn hard on yourself by attempting to conform to their ways.

Which brings me to this –

8. Ignore the Industry

Laser focus. Tunnel vision. Blinders ON, as we just said. And for the love of God – guard your damn mind! Choose CONSCIOUSLY who you are letting feed it, via mentors or groups you join and even in your social media feed!

Don’t just look at the (alleged!) results this person is getting, or yabbering about in their Facebook Ad. Look into their SOUL. Look at their eyes, the softening (or not) of their face. Read their energy. Pay attention to who they are as a person, not just an entrepreneur.

Is this person someone who is TOTALLY (best as you can tell) in alignment with every element of how they LIVE? Is this somebody whose life you would desire to in your own way replicate? Or are you being seduced by a sell-your-soul story of how to make money and escape the black hole of having not said yes to your truth by applying some sort of too-good-to-be-true system?

I am CERTAIN that the reason 99% of CALLED ‘prenenurs like us never step into that calling, and also never make the money OR the impact they came here for, is they are swayed off path by an idea which is not in integrity for them, and which is, for the very most part, selling a pipe dream.

YOU are the only one who can create your path, and you do that by being on it regardless of whether or not you feel you know how.

When this finally clicked for me, and I stopped listening to any sales or marketing ‘gurus’, I surpassed 100k months within a matter of months, and 9 months after that was at 200k / month. Onwards and upwards since then. It’s like I took the handcuffs off by deciding to fly blind and figure it out (repeatedly!) AFTER leaping.

Don’t kid yourself that there is a system out there which can replace you backing you. There is not, and you will cost yourself SERIOUS time if you choose to take the long route to figure that out.

9. Knowing What Will Sell

Ooh, this is a doozy! Look, the truth is that even to this day I still have stuff that flops and fails, doesn’t sell! Last year I dumped at least 3 or 4 different things after launching them, because they were BOMBING. Okay, that’s out of typically 2-3 new offers per MONTH, but still. If I tried to count up all my failures from 13+ years online I would be here all day! BUT –

I know what freakin’ sells.

And I know how to sell it


How? Because I show up RELENTLESSLY as a sales woman. The fastest way to get awesome at selling is SELL girl. So, how I have learned (really pretty damn well) to just KNOW what sells, is I have exercised my ideas and sales muscle day in and day out for well over a decade now. Not to mention prior to that in other businesses.

The #1 reason I believe I make more money than a lot of other badass leaders is plain and simple I SELL more. So, whilst I could tell you about ways to sell … my launch methods … ‘hacks’ which have DEFINITELY increased my income or conversion rate … and I certainly am teaching the nitty gritty of all of these things in my 7-Figure Business Systems and Leadership course, here is what you really need to know about selling:

Get over yourself. Learn to put aside emotion. That might sound weird, as you definitely do want to be connected emotionally and energetically to your offer, but when it comes to getting that offer out, get out of your own way and be the servant of your soul work.

Don’t forget to get your place here, and grab your early sign-up bonus trainings! https://thekatrinaruthshow.com/7figurebusinesssystemsandleadershiptraining/

Here are a few takeaways around ideas that sell, and selling ’em:

– The more you don’t know what to sell, or you are cash strapped and need things to work, the more you should practice that ideas muscle. I spent 3 years straight – and I’m not kidding, barely missed a day – where EVERY DAY I made myself come up with 20 possible ways to make more money. Often I used only 1 or 2, or even NONE of the ideas, but it did the damn job of getting those juices flowing, and it also got me in the mindset of creating and selling.

– Remove emotion and do the damn work. If it was a paid job you’d just SELL, so don’t get all up in your ego about whether or not it’s okay to sell. HIT THE DAMN LIST, all day ‘err day, and put your blinders on as to who leaves. I don’t look at unsubscribes and have not done so in years.

– 10 sales activities a day, minimum. I’m all about flow and going WITH it, but the truth is my automatic flow for years now has resulted in me naturally doing a LOT of sales activity each day. Why? Because years back, when I needed to, I created discipline. I wasn’t allowed to go to sleep at night till I got my 10 sales activities. Often 10 resulted in 20. Again, the more you feel you can’t come up with 10 the more you probably should make yourself come up with 20!!

– Listen to your soul. BACK yourself. Do NOT sell stuff ’cause you think people will buy it, or because somebody said it’s how it’s done. Sell what you can’t NOT. And then back it up with your content and energy to tell people why they gotta buy.

Money aside, if you’re selling anything you can’t NOT then what life are you actually trying to build for yourself anyway? And how do you think that’s going to work out for you long term?

Okay then.

10. Time Hacks, Cutting the Fat, Doing it As a Mum and With a LIFE

Okay, let’s try to speed this up! Man, I have so much still to say!

This one is actually very straightforward though, and comes down to one thing:

Be unavailable NOT to have it all, and also be unavailable not to DO it all, with ‘it all’ comprising of whatever YOU value and believe is meant to be in your life.

For me the time when I was a new Mum was a time when I became stronger, faster, more efficient and effective, more DETERMINED. I was not willing to compromise ANYTHING … not my time with my bubba, not my health and fitness or self-care, not my SANITY and also no, not my income.

I believe that the things in life which most people assume make life more difficult are also the things which you can use to become a better version of you.

I just decided time would have to bend for ME, and so it did, and I also became really really good at ignoring ANYTHING which was not a needle mover. I stripped the fat and did ONLY what I knew mattered (content, inner work, sales, self care, basically!), and I also required myself to learn to do it FAST so that I still had plenty of time for the rest of my life.

The truth is that while there may well need to be late nights building your business, MOST of the time which gets sucked down the drain is time spent chasing things which are not your soul work, or doing things which don’t comprise getting said soul work out into the world.

Be strong. DECIDE not to be that person.

While I’m thinking of it, DECIDE to believe in yourself and act as though you do, too.

11. Fastest Way to Increase Revenue

Sell more, sell what you can’t not, sell off the back of your soul truth (aka: message) sell first


12. Self-Management

Do NOT. I repeat, do NOT, ever ever EVER ever get into the idea that it is okay to compromise, settle or sacrifice on areas of your life that you value, in order to ‘get ahead’. This is a) not getting ahead, not really, and b) it doesn’t work anyway; the whole thing comes crashing down when it is not built on a foundation of valuing what you value.

I cop a lot of flack online for being a hardass, talking about hustle (HUSTLE MEANS PURPOSEFUL ACTION TOWARDS WHAT YOU VALUE, DER BRAINS), for being all about the push, or whatever the latest thing it is the triggered people think, but here is something which those who don’t really SEE me don’t notice:

I don’t compromise, settle or sacrifice on ANYTHING I value.

And, I never have done so. I have always always always done this thing built AROUND my life. I just required time to have to work for me to fit it all in, like I said! And, I learned long ago to put first things first, not second. Thank you Mr Covey!

This is very easy to do: just do the stuff which matters to you most first, and make everything else wait. Including business. YES THIS REQUIRES MASSIVE FAITH, AND TRUST. And? Choose it. Fear is also a choice yeah? Which are you letting drive you?

Non-negotiable takeaway tip: put first things first, no matter what. Refuse to compromise for even a single day on what you truly value. Build the habits now which will last you a lifetime.

13. Money / Results Tracking, What Matters

I do not personally track or really look very often at expenses, either business or personal. But I do, for years now, track my income.

I believe that what you water grows, and since I took my head out of the sand around my money and started looking at it, I consistently grew. Here are a few things I do around money tracking, which I believe result in me turning up the dial continually on revenue. Yes I know we touched on this before; there’s more


– I have a daily money goal and I write it down many times each day (in my journal each morning, as well as by using it as my computer password)

– I ‘dial up’ the money goal anytime it’s starting to feel comfortable or within reach, or just when my soul tells me to

– I record my daily revenue, usually every several days for the past few. This feels expansive to me, and I feel it works for me. (Note: do what feels EXPANSIVE, but also be honest about where you’re maybe in avoidance of looking at things)

– I find a home for money, meaning, if I want to increase revenue I increase purposeful expenses. I’m talking about expenses which I believe will aid in biz growth, also investments, and yes definitely also lifestyle luxuries. Hey – true fact: when I feel abundant I AM, so I pay attention to that!

Takeaway: what are you avoiding? Also, where can you ‘dial up’ abundance even perhaps without having to spend much money?

These are just a very few of the things I’ll be diving into for this area in 7-Figure Business Systems and Leadership, and teaching on in depth!

14. Multiple Streams of Revenue

I LOVE selling low-end.

I love selling HIGH-end.

I love live courses.

I love live events.

I love home-study courses!

I love extended payment plans!

I love selling bundles, or doing flash sales.

I love adding secret sales, or up or cross sells!

I love membership programs!

I love having multiple entry points for people, something at all levels, including of course tons of free content, so that people are continually able to be served by me and also there is ALWAYS an option for them to be able to pay me more! How rude it would be to not provide that 😉

Wanna make more money?

Make more ways for people to pay you, and just keep adding ’em. Soul-led of course!

15. Making it Just Who You Are, and BEING the Damn Millionaire You, Who is Unavailable NOT to Win

So here is what all of this comes down to.

It’s NOT about which systems or processes or ways of leveraging ‘me’ have resulted in making me more money over the years. Any and all of that is SECONDARY, as I hope you can see now you’ve read this far, to your mindset and what you CHOOSE.

YES you need to do the work.

YES you need to kick your butt past resistance and get the stuff you’re avoiding in place.

YES you need to remove emotion and be unapologetic about being you, and about selling!

YES to so many other things besides!

But most of all?


You need to decide that ‘this is just who I am’. I upgrade CONTINUALLY, it is just how it is. I am worthy of this. I CHOOSE this. I am unavailable for not creating this. I will relentlessly do what it takes but, more than that, I will relentlessly BE who it takes.

I will be ALL that I came here to be, because I can’t not. Including being EXTRA rich, sure, why not?!

And that? The being exactly what you decide to be bit, no matter what your fears or doubts have to say about it, and just deciding it HAS to work?

That’s actually all you needed to know here.


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