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The easiest method I’ve found to let business be easy, is to BE the work you’re doing and let the work be the reward in and OF itself.

When you are the work –

* There is no separation between business and life (and this is a good thing, by the way!)
* You never have to worry about how to be authentic or real (you just be YOU, which is, y’know – authentic and real!)
* You can’t wait to ‘go to work’
* You never run out of stuff to say or teach or create
* Once the money starts to flow it’s just a bonus – you would keep doing this stuff anyway, you’re absolutely NOT doing it just for money which means it’s also impossible for you to ever feel trapped by money or bound to doing work you don’t love purely for money’s sake
* You’re expressing the gifts you were born to share, which has to be just about the most fulfilling thing in the world
* It’s impossible for anybody to ever imitate or copy you, and you also never need to concern yourself with what anybody else is doing, as there can BE no competition for the role of you owning your own awesome
* You activate your highest ability to create wealth and an impact
* It feels easy, fun, purpose and passion-filled, and you operate from a place of flow
* Life fucking rocks and you can literally live all of your dreams!

Honestly, if you want a recipe for success; a formula you can take to the bank and KNOW will work it’s very very simple:

1. Be you.
2. Do what you were called to do.
3. Follow your path from your heart.
4. Share this stuff with the world.
5. Own your awesome and how you can help people with it, and ask for money in exchange.

So WHY, for the love of GOD, do we complicate it so much? There’s a very simple answer to this as well –

We don’t believe life could be that good, either in general, or for us specifically.

Can I tell you?

You will ALWAYS get exactly what you expect from life and the world, so if you don’t believe it can be that good then you’re absofuckinglutely right!


But if you CHOOSE to believe it can be easy –

Fun –

That you can wake up every day FILLED with joy and motivation and excitement –

That you can go to bed every night feeling so damn proud of yourself for what you did, who you were, how you lived –

That you ALWAYS have a surplus of money, of time, of abundance in all areas –

That you can make the MOST money and difference by following your true calling –

That the clients you work with and the community you cultivate are both absolutely kickass, cool, incredible peeps who you love to serve and also hang out with –

That you always make good decisions –

That you always know how to move forward –

That you can do every PART of your business (and life) in a way that feels aligned and awesome for you –

And that you can not only rock your biz out of the ballpark like this but that you can also rock your entire LIFE out of the ballpark like this, where you’re in freaking awesome shape, feel incredible, have a fun and adventure filled life, experience deep and loving and exciting relationships, and travel the world in first-class fine style … or whatever it is that takes your fancy …

Well then guess what my fine fellow soul sister?

You freaking CAN have all this, and more!

But if you read all of this and you feel like you want to roll your eyes, or it’s delusional or overly fantasy based, then guess what?


THAT will be your reality.

Write this down —







So I dunno, I mean it’s just an idea, and you’re more than welcome to disagree with me to deliberately INVITE in the awful struggle rather than the joyful pain of doing what you love, but if you get to CHOOSE, then why the FUCK would you not choose for it to be easy, fun, exciting, aligned, RIGHT?!

Write THIS down >>>

Letting it be easy doesn’t make you a bad person.

Letting it be easy doesn’t mean you don’t still have to work your ass off. (Don’t worry, you’ll still get to suffer for success!! But there’s a difference between GOOD and ALIGNED struggle and just pushing shit up a hill because you think you’re somehow more worthy for doing so, or because you think it just has to BE that way).

Letting it be fun doesn’t mean you’re not professional.

{Being professional is a made up bullshit concept anyway, and what is there, like some universal standard of what it means? YOU get to be the standard for you!}

Letting it flow from within, where you have all of the answers and certainty and inspiration you need inside of you doesn’t mean you’re lazy or copping out or not really doing the work.

Letting money and time and love and all forms of success be just what you EXPECT and therefore HAVE is a choice.

It’s a choice gorgeous!

So why would you not take the fucking choice?

Well, that’s probably pretty simple as well –

You don’t believe YOU can (or should).
Or you don’t believe in the idea in general.

Soooo … what are you going to CHOOSE to do about these beliefs then?

Do you want to choose NEW beliefs, ones that support you to easily create the life you want?

Or do you want to CHOOSE to keep these limiting beliefs, and to keep fighting a war that’s never really been your war to fight anyway, lost in the bullshit idea that you’re somehow eventually going to have paid your dues and be able to live your REAL life?

You wanna know something EXTRA cool but also slightly terrifying?

This right here? THIS IS YOUR REAL LIFE. Your REAL life isn’t waiting for you around the corner, for when you’ve done enough, waited enough, suffered enough. THIS IS IT BABY. So do you LOVE it, ’cause if you don’t LOVE it then honey –

Make a fucking change.

INSIDE of yourself first.

And do it TODAY.

And if you can’t commit to that right here right now for YOU, then please.




Because I can’t help you. But I’m sure there’s a seminar or a business in a box somewhere out there that’ll teach you that ALL of the solutions you need are to be found within it, and you can stuff down the message within, the yearning within, for another day or week or month while you follow all the freaking STEPS to create guaranteed success, and manage to convince yourself for just a little longer that it’s all gonna be worth it.




{And seriously, fuck off. I’m not the mentor for you.}

But if you’re still here, and you are hell to the HECK yes certain that you can and will create your business and life on your terms, and you are NOW ready and willing to do that and to CHOOSE every part of it, then listen up and listen good:

You get to decide how you make money.

The EASIEST way, for what we do as ‪#‎revolutionaryfuckingleaders‬, is honestly just to show up and BE ourselves. So let’s break it down, real quick. A bit of a formula for you after all perhaps!


What is the most incredible thing you’ve created or achieved in your life? The most powerful transformation, or lessons learned? The thing that has MADE you into who you are and what you believe?

When it comes to what your message is about START THERE. But also, this –


You fucking KNOW what your true calling is. Don’t bullshit me – or you! – on this. It’s ALWAYS BEEN THERE. In your journals, in your mind, in your soul, in your freaking CELLS.

What do you believe, what is the message you want to shake the WORLD with? Just let it OUT.


Let’s just get this clear right now:

Some people definitely will NOT like you. Some might even hate you. Some will DEFINITELY judge you. Some of these people will be people you consider friends, family, even lovers.

All you need to know? Is this worth not pursuing your dreams?


Ask for it.


Transformation from within. Package it up with how it will help people solve their IMMEDIATE and pressing greatest problem.


However the fuck you like. I’m sure you know some possible ways. Choose one that feels great for you.


Start intending and actively attracting them in from within.

Also, Facebook Ads.

But seriously – the way I found my true tribe was I started intending and attracting them in from within. I manifested you fuckers! Cool that you responded by the way.


It’s not enough to occasionally state your goals, desires, intentions. You need to own that shit every fucking day in some way. You CONTINUALLY create in your mind what you wish to see in reality.


Easy or hard, your choice.

Fun or not, you decide.

From flow or from awful shit-up-hill-struggle, UP TO YOU.


There is NOTHING else you need to know or learn or be. Yes you WILL fail, you WILL fall, you WILL make a fool of yourself. No it will NOT always work, not even just because you finally owned your true work! All of that is IRRELEVANT.

Do you believe and are you willing to ACT {{{NOW!}}} on that belief?

It’s a yes or no answer baby.

And if yes, then what are you waiting for?

Say yes to more money.

Say yes to more time.

Say yes to awesome fun and freedom.

Say fucking yes to YOU.