How To Make It Easy (and why that’s ok)

I think that when you start out in business there’s a certain set of assumptions you have about how it has to be.

Stuff like having to put in the time and effort, having to go into the hole a little (or a lot!) before you become profitable, having to invest your energy into learning stuff that doesn’t come easy (hello evil tech tasks), doing the often small and fiddly tasks to just get things working, going through the inevitable trial and error process it takes to find what you really want to do, the list could go on and on!

But sooner or later (assuming you actually stick with things and don’t try to do anything stoopid like put a deadline on when you have to have ‘made it’ by, or how you have to get there!) there comes a time when things kinda ARE working.

You’re making money – sure it’s pretty much never as much as you COULD be or perhaps would like to be making but it’s coming in.

You’re getting great results for your clients.

People know who you are.

And you’ve even figured out the whole WordPress thing … kinda!

Your hard work has, in short, paid off, and even though the journey never ends you know you’ve much to be proud of and much to be grateful for.

This is the time when, if you’re anything like me or the many many other driven and A-type women entrepreneurs out there, you’re most likely to royally screw yourself through some kind of sabotage or upper limit issue.

You’ll find ways to make it harder …

You’ll fix what wasn’t broken … (and possibly break it in the process!)

You’ll resist leveraging your existing talents and skills never mind stuff you’ve already created and instead choose to just keep on doing new stuff … which there’s nothing wrong with in THEORY but also, why not just leverage the previous stuff so that the cash keeps flowing while you do all that new stuff?!

In short, you’ll actively choose to take an hour to do what could be done in 5 minutes or to put off all day the tasks that are:

a) most likely to generate new leads into your business and;

b) most likely to result in cash in the bank TODAY

And to top it all off, even though you might pretend otherwise, you’ll KNOW that you’re doing this to yourself!

You’ll be FULLY aware that the fastest way to grow your biz and your bank balance is often the very opposite to what you’re doing, but like a speeding train with no brake system you’ll just keep on keeping on, trying to convince yourself that if you go EVEN faster you’ll surely get somewhere cool in the end, you just have to!

Meanwhile your train of life is RUSHING past all the cool places and you’re ignoring the fact that you WERE ALREADY THERE THE WHOLE TIME and if you would JUST stop and breathe for a moment the whole damn thing could TRULY be so much easier!

Wanna know why you do this?

It’s really really simple –

You don’t believe it can be easy.

And/or you don’t believe it SHOULD be easy.

AND you have not consciously chosen to ALLOW it to be easy.

There could be other underlying shit you need to re-pattern or work through (ASK me if you want to know how to do this as it’s EXACTLY what I do to help my clients find success!) but these are the big ones.

Add in a dose of guilt and a long-held belief that She Who Burns Herself Out Fastest Must Be the Best and you have a recipe for, well –

Exactly what you’ve currently got.

And here’s the thing –

When that little voice inside your head tells you it shouldn’t be so easy …

That it’s WRONG to make money just by being you …

That you should SURELY have to sweat blood and tears for every cent …


Because here’s the truth, and just one way to look at it if you want to prove to yourself that you are ALLOWED success and wealth on your terms –

That thing you can do now in 5 minutes with your eyes closed likely took you something closer to 5 or 10 years and 5 minutes, if you look at what you invested to evolve to where YOU are …

That ability you have to just SEE what people need and EASILY and JOYFULLY be able to deliver it is the outcome of you having invested time, money and a TON of energy into figuring out your own shit …

That product or service you could sell with your eyes closed but resist doing because shouldn’t you have to WORK for your sales? You already freaking did the work there! And you know I’m not just talking about the practical work.


Would you like to know a way around this?

Firstly, here’s my bullet-proof MAGIC formula for how to make money online by doing what you do best and from a COMPLETE place of alignment.

These are the ONLY 2 tasks you need to do each day-

1. Get your message out there in some way shape or form;

2. Who can you help today? Reach out and do so (and don’t forget 2a: OFFER them something when you help them!)

That is IT.

You can seriously delete ALL of the other stuff and then just go on about your business. I swear to God your list of Things That Must Be Done is designed PURELY to torture you and affirm the CRAZY belief that it has to be difficult.

It’s when you’re on the verge of finally and TRULY ‘having it all’ that you’re most likely to slow down your success or even sabotage it. This is NOT because you CAN’T really have it all, and it’s not because there is really that much you actually need to do to keep this business growing.

It is ONE HUNDRED percent to do with your beliefs and your mindset around success, and worthiness.

If you’re nodding your head and agreeing with me, and you know that this is relevant for YOU, then tell me –

What are you going to do about it?

Because by all means you can follow the practical side of what I just suggested – namely getting rid of all the fluff and getting back to basics about the daily tasks you need to do – but you know that without dealing with the underlying crap you’re ultimately going to find yourself back in the same place.

Success SHOULD be easy.

Being YOU should come naturally!

And therefore being aligned with your true and authentic message and just doing what you do best is the easy road to success!

But you have to be willing to allow it.

You’ve gotta be able to receive.

You need to consciously CHOOSE to be okay with living a life of passion, of purpose, and of flow.

And then you need to go out and make that fucker happen.

Of course you can keep on doing things the hard way, if that’s the belief you choose to retain … you’ll still get somewhere in the end, for sure. But just think of all that you’ll miss along the way.

Stop rushing so hard to get to where you already are beautiful. The future is NOW. And you’re already here. Wake up and own it.


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