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The simplest thing is to just believe

The simplest thing is to just believe.

The easiest way is always the direct one.

The direct path to the things you want and were also designed for is the one where you just go straight there.

The way to go straight there is the way that is the simplest.

The simplest way is just to believe.

If you just believe it means that it’s happening, it’s done, it’s a ‘non-negotiable’, it’s ‘no matter what’, it just IS.

If it just is then there is nothing you need to concern yourself with to ENSURE that it is. Because it IS just what is. It is how it is. There is no how to figure OUT. The end.

If there is no how to figure out then you need not look to the left or the right in case you miss a step. You can’t miss a step. Because it’s happening. It is done. In fact it has already BEEN done.

If it’s already been done, why are you looking for whether or not it WILL be done?

Yes yes, perhaps you want it to be done sooner, and yes yes – perhaps at times it seems as though you’re doing anything BUT going straight there. But yes yes – !

If it’s done then it is done.

Non-negotiable does not mean you hope you can MAKE it happen. It means it will happen. It has been decided. It is written. IT IS DONE.

The simplest thing for ALL of what you desire and also know is for you is to just – believe.

“And then she just decided to believe”.

You can argue for another year if you like, go all around in circles if you like, weigh up every possible pro or con you can imagine, if you like, wonder endlessly and painfully whether or not you dare to believe, deserve to believe, or have evidence you can see with your eyes to believe …


you can just step forward embodying what faith IS,

and believe because NOW IT’S TIME TO BELIEVE and you decided you were ready for the simplest thing.

It’s not deadly to go a longer way (most of the time).

It’s not going to mean NOTHING good eventuates if you go a longer way (most of the time).

It doesn’t make you a bad person to go a longer way (most of the time).

But by definition, if you’re always choosing a longer way –

you’re not going to the fullest of what was meant for you,

because what was meant for you?

Is in the and from and of and through the fact that you just believed.

At a certain point, there is nothing else you need to be fussing with, weighing up, or discussing endlessly with all and sundry.

The simplest thing is to just believe.

What if today was the day you wrote down the desires of your heart which God has given you,

and decided that from here on out?

I just believe.

And then what if –

you simply embodied that belief?

The simplest thing is to just believe.

But you’re welcome to the complicated things if you like.

As always,

you get to choose.

As always,

you already are.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.


PS The simplest path in your business is to just believe that you ARE the person born to lead, that you ARE meant to be showing up and stepping up in a particular way, that you ARE meant to be doing the work that is most natural genius and flow for you, that you ARE meant to be marketing and messaging ONLY in a way which excites your soul and is also just … RIGHT for you, and that you love love LOVE when you look at it or think about it!

Can I ask you something?

>>> What would your business be like right now if the whole entire vibe had been knowing that it is NON-NEGOTIABLE that you get there, with ‘there’ being … EVERY SINGLE PLACE YOU SEE INSIDE OF YOU AS PART OF THE ACTUAL DREAM?

And –

What would it be like if the way you had been presenting yourself to the world was from a place of TRULY not questioning that YES you’re going to do the work you were truly called to do, in the way you were truly called to do it, for the people you were truly called to do it for and with, and ONLY with a way of showing up that lights on fire every PART of you?!

It’s not a pipe dream.

In fact, it is crazy, bizarre, irresponsible to your purpose and your destiny, and also downright WRONG, spiritually and otherwise, to go all in on anything other than WHO AND WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO BE, IN THE PRECISE WAY YOU CAME HERE TO BE IT!

Yes, you may not know all the details of how that is all gonna roll out yet. Well, nobody does! By definition, the pathway of a leader is ever evolving. Shifting. Growing. Expanding. Clarity seen by being on the path!

But if you’re not on a path where every fall of your foot is weighted with certainty that THIS IS RIGHT GOD, YES GOD YES, THANK YOU, AMEN, LET’S KEEP GOIIIINNNNGGGGGG –

then what are you doing?

Here’s the thing –

You have one life to live. It’s this one right here. This is NOT a dress rehearsal. The clock IS ticking. And the big hand? Is pointed to now.

And if you’re leader …?

Then become the leader now.

The simplest thing is to just believe.

And then embody that belief.

www.thekatrinaruthshow.com/becometheleadernow < you’re supposed to be in.


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