Business Mindset, Money Mindset


This is the year my income will grow to a million dollars a month.

I’m on track, and energetically it’s a done deal which means that PRACTICALLY it’s also a done deal. Done fucking deal, let’s be serious!

How can I be so sure? It’s only how it’s ALWAYS worked.

But here is why –

If you think that affirming and creating the life you want is what those of us DOING it are actually doing, you’ve got another think coming and there’s a whole piece of the badass mofo who refuses NOT to win puzzle you’re missing.

Allow me to share it with you, because this, for me?


See, I’ve known for years that a huge part of lifestyle design and actively building the world you want is FOCUS. You get what you focus on, ALWAYS. You get what you always focus on, and you ALWAYS get what you focus on! The more focus? The greater, faster, more accurate the result.

I’ll bet you know about this already, right? Think about it … specify it … journal on it … affirm affirm affirm REPEAT, and of COURSE do the fucking work! Every success-driven ‘preneur worth their Tony Robbins library knows this shit!

But let me ask you a question:


Because here is what they DON’T tell you, or, perhaps better put, what a lot of us just gloss OVER; so excited to we get about the idea that we can just think our way rich and to ALL our dreams –

If the dream ain’t in alignment you won’t create it

And if you don’t clear the BLOCKS to you receiving it and already seeing it as DONE you won’t create it.

How can you create something, which deep down is not RIGHT for you or which on a sub-conscious or conscious level you don’t believe you can have, should have, or actually don’t want to have because there is some part of you that thinks it’s going to come at too high of a cost?


You can’t.

Now don’t get me wrong –

Focus is a GREAT thing. In fact, focus and asking for what you want alone WILL get you a long way. Wanna know how to make a million dollars a month, for example? Aim for two and focus focus focus! That’s one approach for sure, and it’s one that HAS served me well. My entire adult life, particularly the 10 years I’ve been growing this online empire, but even before, I’ve actively and regularly pushed my goals UP. Before I even hit ’em I elevate the goal to the next level beyond, and because my gaze is positioned UP that’s ALWAYS where I end up going!

But I do think …

And I do admit …

That before I really understand what I’m trying to share with you here, what I’m about to finally just come out and SAY, I made it a helluva lot harder and more stop-start to GO up, than what I had to.

See here’s the thing –

About making your goal so damn aligned you can’t NOT fly there, about eliminating the reasons not to so effectively that without even really noticing you had to work for it you ARE there –

The thing is that this whole “create your own reality” thing is only EVER a matter of removing internal resistance to flow.

If I see a goal, in my mind’s eye –
And I want the goal –
And I believe the goal is right for me –
But yet I also see or feel or believe there’s a whole bunch of stuff BETWEEN me and the goal, that I have to get through, work through, take time over, then, well, so long as I don’t get tired or overwhelmed or dis-heartened along the way I eventually WILL deal with all the sgtuff and get to the goal.

Of course MOST people don’t have the stick-to-it-ness to do that. They get tired or overwhelmed or dis-heartened or whatEVER, and they give up –

Get distracted –

Pretend they never really wanted it in the first place!

I will say this about myself –  

I’ve definitely been good at STICKING to it along the way, and THAT has served me well.

But here is where I’ve made it so much freaking EASIER on myself, and how I can be so sure of hitting the million dollar a month goal this year.


How do I say this in a way that just GRABS you and you GET it??


You CAN push and pull and force yourself to reach your goals but the reality is that you mostly WON’T achieve it that way, it won’t WORK, and even if it does work? You’ll feel like you sold your soul and maybe your life to get there. Which, since we all ultimately DO come back to values, is a great way to not hold ONTO so-called success once you create it.

Commit now to only selling shit you know you were BORN for. It’s what sells the best anyway …

This leads me straight to my next point:


You can’t flow rapidly into and PAST your goal if there’s a whole bunch of shit you have to deal with to get there. You’ll give up or it will just take forever!

But what if you just removed all obstacles now? Well, I’ll tell you what: If you fully believe your goal can be done and there is zero reason practically, emotionally, belief-wise or otherwise to not get there then you will mentally GO straight there which means that the physical outcomes? Will catch the fuck up VERY quickly. Don’t forget the physical world can ONLY be a reflection of the inner world, so if you’re not seeing what you want IN the physical world then fix the inner world!

Here’s what to do –

Identify all beliefs
Practical obstacles
Spiritual blocks or reasons not to
Random shit you think would stop you
Environment stuff
And EVERYTHING ELSE you can identify

That would serve as a reason for you to not be able to reach your goal at all, or reach it easily.


Throw away

THIS IS POSSIBLE AND IT’S JUST A CHOICE. Stop making it so hard! If you find something along the way that is important enough TO actually hold on to or prioritise ahead of your goal then cool – it just means you needa accept that you want that more than the goal!

Look, we can talk all day about dreaming big and making shit happen, about big and scary and O.M.Gee goals and whether or not it’s POSSIBLE but in the end what is POSSIBLE is precisely what you allow and make possible.

So aim beyond where you think you need to go.
Punch THROUGH the goal.
But choose the goal that is right in the first place, and commit to GETTING there in a way that is awesome not just to getting there SO that life will be awesome. That’s never how it worked!
And then?

Well, it’s simple isn’t it?

If you actually want what you say you want, then simply get rid of and let go of anything that’d stop you.

It’s all very well to want something but in the end you will get what you want MOST. You want to hold on to stuff that tells you it has to be hard, forced, wrong, or take time, that’s your choice.

But it IS a choice.

If you think you have to sell your soul –
Or yourself –
To create success –
That’s precisely what you’ll experience.

If you think it can just flow –
And be so right –
And you already know you’re going BEYOND –
Then that big and badass and OH so awesome goal will soon just be another kickass marker you passed along the way to being all of you.

Get your goals down off a pedestal baby. You were born for this, let it fucking happen!

The thing they don’t tell you about true hustle –

Is it was always actually just about finding the life you were born for –

And refusing to let anything get in the way of it.